Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers. That would be the property of Hasbro. All I own is too much free time.


Hey, let's go play Flight of the BUMBLEBEE

Oh, don't be a HOT SHOT

And please stop swearing a BLUESTREAK

Cuz I don't have an IRONHIDE

Watch that SLUDGE!

Don't SNARL at me

We can't be on SPRINGER now can we?

Let's hurry cause I've got to go BRAINSTORM

With my bud and get the SCOOP

Now, don't shout DOUBLECROSS

Just put on some JAZZ

Stop saying VROOM

So we can go for a real JOYRIDE

Get on the FREEWAY

Hey, do you like the BACKSTREET Boys or RED HOTs?

Let's go to the METROPLEX


I have to admire the way you SIDESWIPE people


Don't look at me CROSSWISE

Oh, last night was a BLURR

But today I'm on OVERLOAD

Don't have a BREAKDOWN

You need an OVERHAUL you know that?


I was bored what can I say? Surfing around on Wiki, I found a list of Autobots and just went down it and picked out names. This was the result. I think a few are just toys and a few are from the various shows, but the all caps words are the names.