Back and proud

Summary – Laputa is once more in danger, Pazu and Sheeta are back with Dola and the gang…with other friends, too. Meet Miri and Reny, two best friends who just love sugar. But, they think they can save Laputa…even if they just learned how to read a chapter of a book. (Some Sheeta + Pazu romance!)



"CRAP, I'M GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN!" A young girl with short blonde hair and a pink dress and matching pink hat came rushing down wooden stairs to quickly eat her French toast before leaving her house.

Name - Miri

Age - thirteen

Favorite things to do – Eat, Sleep, eat, sleep, and run around like a chicken on drugs

Miri ate her breakfast, nearly choking on her French toast, and grabbed her sketch pad that she always carried around. She rushed out of the door and closed it.

"Once more, the little sweet heart Miri is going to be late for that sketching club meeting again…I'm the vice president of the club and I'm never ever on time! I can imagine the President of the club saying 'Sheesh, Miri, you don't deserve to be in staff meetings because you're always tardied!' Oh, shut up, it's not always my fault! I mean, seriously, dudes! Fruit Loops!" Miri complained as she sprinted to a small cabin.

"It's about time she arrived." A young girl with medium red hair and a brown tank top with a matching brown skirt said as she saw her best friend come rushing to the cabin.

Name – Reny

Age – Thirteen

Favorite thing to do – Draw, eat, sleep, and make funny sound effects when things get silent

"Sorry I'm late, y'alls!" Miri said as she opened the cabin door.

"You overslept again, didn't you? If you did me too!" Reny said patting her friend on the shoulder.

"Yay, we're pathetic!"

"The pathetic warriors!"

The two best friends did a funky dance while everyone else in the sketch club stared wondering "Why the hell are they even in the club when they don't do anything at all?"


The sketch club was assigned to draw a picture outside to see what they saw in the sky. They had to pick different areas with a partner, though. Of course, the two "pathetic warriors" decided to go to a grassy area where things were really clear.

"Let's see who's better!" Reny said. Miri glared at her friend/adversary with an evil grin on her face.

"You're on!"

The two girls began sketching, or just scribbling with crappy pencils, as they began their art work.

Two minutes later…

"I'm done!" Reny said as she showed a big, black blob of pencil with puffy circles and what looked like a bird, which actually looked like a crooked triangle.

"That's nothing! Compare that piece of turd to my wonderful art masterpiece!" Miri held up a picture…that looked exactly the same, but instead of a bird, there was a flying grenade exploding.

"You lose, Miri! There aren't any grenades in the air!" Reny exclaimed.

"Believe in your soul then one will appear eventually!" Miri said putting her hand on her heart. "My heart guides my path…"

"Shut up with that cheesy crap! I won, loser idiot!" Reny said.

"Fine, I'll have a rematch! I'll draw that orange spec in the air!" Miri pointed at a tiny orange spec in the middle of the blue skies.

"Hey…where did that spec come from?" Reny wondered. (A/N By the way, Reny has more sane in her than Miri)

"Your mom…" Miri said.

"Shut up, Miri."

The orange spec, somehow, was coming closer to the girls in the field.

"It's coming toward us……WE'RE GOING TO DIEEEEE!" Miri went berserk.

"Idiot, we are not going to die!" Reny said smacking her friend on the head. After the big smack, Miri noticed that the orange spec wasn't just a random dot; it was a kite…with two people in it.

"Hey, they're people in there!" Reny noticed.

"I was going to say that…" Miri sighed disappointed. Then, out of no where, the kite landed on the ground on top of the girls.

"Pazu…! We've landed on people!" A female voice said.

"The wind was too strong…we should help them! C'mon, Sheeta!"

"P-Pazu…is that yoooooooooooooou?" Miri looked up at her friend from the village they lived in.

"Oh my God, you ain't eaten by hens going through puberty!" Miri continued, still in pain from the kite crashing on her (Reny is still knocked out).

To be continued…

NO FLAMES, thank you!