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Megaman Legends: Love Heist

Legends Arc One: Elysium Rescue Arc

By Traingham

How does one give life to a legend? Is it through wondrous story telling or is it through the valiant deeds of a man or woman? More importantly, are most of the legends that we hear true or are they simply tales meant to inspire that which we call bravery and honor? Some tales hold some truth and some still have yet to reach a conclusion or so some would hope. The Legend that we are about to immerse ourselves in is one that many are quite familiar with. Whether the legend piques anyone's interest or not, it is one that is not forgotten by this historian. Not at all...

This is the Legend of a enigmatic young man named Megaman Trigger, a Purifier Unit who was once under the command of the "EDEN" and the Mother units, Mistress Sera and Mistress Yuna. His purpose was to eliminate abhorrent units, however, at some point he was able to break free of his limits and stretch far beyond it to fulfill the wish of a very close friend. The request that he was asked to carry out violated the very foundation of the world he lived in and so he was declared a "Maverick" or an irregular by some terms; the very thing he was made to destroy. His efforts to fulfill the wish requested of him was so extreme that he even dared to face off against Mistress Sera. Their fateful battle for supremacy over each other was long and arduous, however, it ended in a stalemate.

Mistress Yuna stopped the battle before it could cause any more damage to the balance of their world and so the beginning of the legend had merely begun. Trigger was severely damaged to the point of possible fatality. Due to the extreme nature of the injuries he incurred he had to find some way to repair the damage he sustained in his duel with the mother unit, Sera and find a way to escape from the world that he had turned against before it could get a hold of him again. He sealed his most precious memories away in another data drive by the name of...Data, a robotic monkey made to deceive others with it's appearance and he sealed himself in a state of dormancy within one of the many deep ruins on Terra to be reborn.

A family of diggers in the Nino Ruins found him. The man who found him was Barrel Caskett who had a grand daughter whom went by the name of Roll Caskett. Trigger had been reborn in a form much differrent from his original vessel and his memory was completely lost, only to be found in his mysterious companion Data but we'll get to that part much later. With time Trigger had become a part of the Caskett family and he shared a deep friendship with Roll Caskett whom began to develop feelings for him as they continued to work with each other on the digs they went on. Digs were basically the excavation of ancient ruins, which were almost always guarded by mechanical entities called "Reaverbots". These machines were from a lost civilization back in Trigger's old world but to the new generation of "Carbons" (Human beings) they were simply guardians of the large refractors that resided within the enormous labyrinth-like ruins.

The story progressed with the rumors of a most coveted treasure called the "Mother Lode". A treasure said to be so legendary that pirates and common diggers alike all succumbed to the dangers that stood in their path to have it within their grasps. Roll Caskett lost her parents to an unfortunate accident some time before she met Trigger when they set off for the "Mother Lode" so it became a goal she was determined to reach in tribute to them. Trigger wished to help her in whatever way he could so they formed their own Digger team and went on fearsome adventures until it lead them to an accident that stranded their Flutter on the island of Kattleox. During their long stay Trigger met an engineering prodigy named, Tron Bonne on his exploration of the city on the island whom was part of an infamous Pirate family naturally called, "The Bonnes".

Trigger gained her interest after a few mishaps, however, it seemed that they were destined to forge a rivalry with each other as she was a threat to the quaint city and he was determined to protect it from those who wanted to pillage it of it's riches. He fought many battles against her as she pitted him against her destructive machines as well as her younger brother, Bon Bonne and many times he was the victor but she refused to give in despite her developing feelings of fondness for the young hero.

Her brother Teisel Bonne was infuriated to find out that Trigger was foiling their plans and eventually a personal war broke out between the dastardly pirates and the Casketts. They also shared a common interest in the Mother Lode, which was rumored to be somewhere deep in one of the ruins in Kattleox so they clashed with each other numerous times in search of the legendary treasure. Many revelations were made and Trigger slowly regained his lost memories with each plunge he made in to the dark ruins until he finally met a mysterious character from his past.

He discovered Megaman Juno, a Bureaucratic Model from the same system Trigger had come from, in the final ruins on the island and immediately he was thrusted in to a final battle for the lives of all the carbons who inhabited the island. In an epic duel only read about in legends, Trigger finally suppressed the threat of "Carbon Reinitialization", a program meant to wipe out all life on the island...but for only so long. He left the island of Kattelox only to find himself heading towards another adventure that would lead him to more shocking revelations and more people from his past.

After the true location of the "Mother Lode" was discovered in the deep depth of the Forbidden island, Mistress Yuna and Mistress Sera made another appearance after many years and Trigger was tricked in to finding the four keys the opened the pathway to the titanic world of Elysium, a colony deep in the cold reaches of space where the young hero supposedly lived before his whole rebellion against the master system had begun. Fate lead him to engage Mistress Sera in one final epic battle on Elysium and the world was safe from the "Carbon Reinitialization" once again, however, this is where the new chapter begins...

Trigger was stranded on the colony in space with both of the mother units and the "Elder System", a system far more powerful than even the "EDEN" had showed signs of reactivation down on Terra. The Bonnes and the Casketts finally joined forces to bring the legendary hero back but it seemed that the two geniuses of both families, Tron and Roll weren't getting along and that only served to set them back in their rescue attempt quite a few more times than anyone would expect. Both girls had some intense feelings for the "Blue Boy" and the flames of a new war were beginning with matters of the heart. The concern of whether Megaman Trigger would ever be brought back was what both girls held in high regard but unbeknownst to the young hero, his return to Earth would probably be a return he'd willingly push back to a later date...

Welcome to the world of Megaman Legends...

Welcome to Love Heist...

[Episode One: To set side Differences...]

The Pirate engineering prodigy, Tron Bonne laid against the green grass of a hillside facing the launch site where she and Roll Caskett tested all of their rescue shuttles. So far all of their attempts to engineer a fully capable shuttle had been in vain and it was beginning to tick her off quite a bit. It was bad enough that she had to team up with that blonde, Roll, but at this rate she was never going to see Megaman again. Not that she was that eager to see him, mind you. Her two brothers always found a moment in every day to look her square in the eyes and ask her whether that was true or not, especially Teisel who she swore was unable to sit still knowing that they were on a mission to save the source of their money problems. Yes, the memories that she had of Megaman Voulnut were not so much pleasant as they were pulse pounding and unsettling to her mind whenever she chose to look back on her past confrontations with the young man, which was quite often, although one could argue that one of the reasons she held the blue bomber within her heart so fondly was because he made her feel so alive. Still, she wouldn't admit the feelings she felt for the "Blue Boy" wonder, even if someone placed a gun against her head and that was the flat truth.

Tron was the stubborn type and it goes without saying that the stubborn types are hard to move or persuade. Whenever she set her mind to something it was almost impossible to veer her away from the course she had laid out for herself regardless of the consequences that might have awaited her decisions. She considered Roll her greatest rival when it came to engineering and unfortunately she was not about to cooperate with that blonde so easily. Her "Rivalry", however, was not the only reason she had such a bitter resentment against the other engineering prodigy. The other reason stemmed from her obvious fondness for Megaman. It was clear that Roll also had similar feelings for the young hero and that posed a problem indeed, because there was only one of him and two of them...pretty self explanatory. Where as Tron would most likely take her leave of the Casketts when the rescue mission was successful, Megaman wasn't going anywhere and, least of all, anywhere with her. His home was with the Casketts and since he lived together with Roll...well, once again, self explanatory.

"Ms. Tron!" Came the high-pitched voice of one of her faithful servbots, the usual cheerful expression present on its adorable face. It was one out of the forty-one that the engineering genius had built, each capable of showing a variety of emotions and uniqueness in their personalities. It might have been a surprise to anyone that they were the main force of offense in the Bonne army, commandeering the air, sea, and land forces that assisted in their many operations in the past. Many a city and village had been brought to their knees by the crippling might that the diminutive robots held at their disposal.

"What do you want?" She asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice. She seriously wasn't in the mood to be bothered right now and that was especially so if the servbot's purpose was to deliver a message from Roll, which was something of a commonality these days. She was tempted to order all of them to ignore the blonde to make things easier on herself. "It isn't another message from "HER" is it?" Her eyes narrowed on the small bot as she spoke, but it was either oblivious to the silent warning or simply too naive to detect the warning signs that were coming from the young pirate.

"By "HER" you mean Ms. Roll?" The servbot cocked it's head to the side, indicating the latter.

"Who else?" She quipped sarcastically.

"No." It shook its head. "It's Mr. Teisel who's calling, Ms. Tron."

"...Swell..."She muttered under her breath as she got back to her feet, brushing the grass off her pants more out of reflex than for the sake of appearances. She still had soot and oil smudging the sides of her cheeks and forehead from the last failed project. She had taken to keeping a fire extinguisher nearby whenever she worked on the rescue vessels as her hair had a tendency to catch fire. The first time it happened Roll ignored it and kept on working as though it was a plain sight to her...which it technically was. Sure, she kept on insisting that it was hardly the case whenever she happened to bring it up, but Tron knew better than to believe the words of that crafty little fox. "Don't tell me it has anything to do with the cappuccino machine again."

"Yes, Ms. Tron." The servbot replied as it followed her down the hill toward the work site. "It is that again! How did you know?"

"Call it intuition." Tron replied with a grin before she heard a familiar squeak in the distance. The grin on her face instantly twisted in to a scowl, knowing exactly who it was coming her way. Only Data could make such an ear-bleeding squeak. It probably did not require any noting that she did not like her conversations with the cybernetic monkey. "Oh no..." She ran a hand down her face when Data hopped into the line of her sight, disappearing beneath the tall blades of grass whenever it landed on the ground.

"EEP, EEP! Ms. Tron!" Came the monkey's high-pitched voice. Watching it come ever closer, Tron prepared to whip around on her heel and put some real umph into her run before it could utter another word to her.

"NO!" Tron bellowed, shaking a fist at the source of her irritation. "Leave me the hell alone!" She nodded to her servbot to give it the signal to run and made a mad dash past the robotic monkey with the short bot following not far behind.

"But Ms. Tron! Listen to me!" Data pleaded. "It's for the sake of Megaman!"

"I don't need Roll's or your help got it?" She blew a raspberry at the monkey and continued running into the distance.

"Why won't you just swallow up your pride already?" Data cried out, finally having it with Tron and Roll's attitude. "I know how to bring Megaman back and you're still turning me down? How could you be so stuck up?"

"I'll bring him back MY way and if you and that blonde have any protests then leave em' where they count!" Data finally stopped pursuing the pirate when he heard those words, shocked that she would even say such a thing when he basically told her that he had the solution they had been searching for. He tore his gaze away from Tron's receding form and looked to the Flutter docked in the distance and the small red and yellow figure moved along its roof, undoubtedly Roll pacing back and forth again.

"Roll will probably listen to me!" Data said, confident that his words would reach her ears.

Roll would do anything to bring Megaman back! Surely her resentment against Tron would not get in the way of her conscience, right?

Haha... so wrong...

[Meanwhile up in Elysium...]

There was something about hanging around on a platform floating in the center of what one would call...empty space that could have a person slowly slip in to madness, however, this was not the case when we were referring to two Mother units and a purifier model; Those two mother units being Sera and Yuna and that one purifier unit being Megaman or Trigger by those who were a bit more familiar with his past life. Regardless of whatever they were, sitting cross-legged beside a lifeless gargantuan shell of a titanic golem was kind of unsettling. Sera wasn't too comfortable with it either despite the fact that it was her old body. It appeared that ever since Megaman had defeated her, her mind had suddenly become occupied with foreign feelings that were far from present before.

For me to have feelings is unimaginable in itself. Sera thought with a curious smile on her lips, which technically weren't her own since she was currently occupying Yuna's old body. Said mistress was also not within a body that was her own. Yuna had taken control of Matilda Caskett's body, who, for those whom were unaware, was Roll Caskett's mother. It didn't take much of a genius to realize that things were going to get pretty screwy when they got back to Terra...ahem...if they got back to Terra.

"It sure is taking Roll a long time." Megaman mused as he rocked back and forth with his legs brought up to his chest. His eyes were darting left and right as the thought of throwing himself off the floating platform had suddenly become quite tempting. "I don't think I can take much more of this waiting."

"Nonsense, Trigger. Calm yourself." Yuna told him as she placed a comforting hand on the purifier unit's shoulder. "I think all that time you spent on Terra is getting to you. Sera and I aren't cracking down the least bit and you already seem to be teetering on the edge of sanity."

"How did you get in here anyway?" Megaman asked suspiciously. "If you got in then we can get out, right?"

"...Well...no." Yuna answered after taking some time to think about her reply. "Sera?" She called to the other mother unit.

"Yes Yuna?" Sera asked, swiveling her eyes toward her sister.

"Do you see any way to leave this place?"

"I do, however, it may take some time." Sera stood up quickly and walked over to her former shell which towered over them with its eyes closed. "We will have to restore my old body so I can make use of it again. I twisted the dimensional rip with my abilities to seal Trigger here with me just in case I happened to fail in my engagement with him."

"You were successful." Megaman quipped, pulling off his helmet. He shook his head to let his hair feather all over his face and sighed. "When were you planning on telling us this anyway? It's been six days already."

"Has it?" Yuna questioned with an innocent smile. "I hadn't noticed."

"Neither did I." Sera agreed.

"...Are you two serious?" Megaman was horrified. "Oh god." Megaman looked out in to the deep star filled depths of nothingness that surrounded them. Why was all of this so much harder for him to cope with then it was for them? "Roll...Tron..." The hero knew he was desperate for someone if his rival came to mind. "Help me..."His last words sounded like a strangled plea.

"What was that Trigger?" Sera inquired.

"Oh, nothing." Megaman replied with a weak chuckle. He may have been losing his mind, but he wasn't about to stir the anger of a mother unit. Fighting Sera in her former body was hard enough. He could only wonder what she was capable of now that she was in control of Yuna's body. In fact now that he had all this time alone with the two mother unit's he might as well get reacquainted with them. His memories about his past life with them were still very blurry when he tried to think back to it. "I'm...sorry."

"Excuse me?" Sera turned her attention back to Megaman.

"I said that I'm sorry." Megaman apologized.

"For what?" Sera cocked her head to the side.

"For all of the trouble I've caused you." He bowed his head slightly before looking back at her. "I still don't quite remember what went on between us before I sealed myself in Terra, but I'm sorry for everything I've done."

"Don't be." Sera told him. "The Master asked you to do it. You had no choice, but to obey anything that he asked of you. It was only natural." She rested her head against the cold surface of her old shell. "I should be apologizing for not taking the time to understand your motives. I took action against you without hearing you or the Master out."

Both of them stared at each other for a long time before turning away from each other. Sera had no idea what she felt when her eyes met Megaman's, but it was seriously disturbing her. Something in the back of her mind tempted her to steal another glance at the purifier model and yet at the same time something else just wouldn't allow her to. It was all so confusing for her. Megaman on the other hand had experienced this feeling before with Tron and Roll. For him to be experiencing this awkwardness again simply because he was staring in to Sera's eyes vexed him.

"Well, look at the both of you." Yuna said cheerfully. She had to admit that the show that had ended moments ago in front of her was kind of cute. "And to think that you two had been enemies for so long. Just one apology and the both of you are blushing just looking at each other."

"W-what?" Sera touched her skin and realized it was giving off a warm sensation. "I don't understand what's going on. My temperature is rising."

"It's called embarrassment." Yuna clarified for her.

"Embarrassment? Why would I feel embarrassed?"

"Don't ask me." Yuna shrugged her shoulders with a grin. "Now as for your idea..."She trailed off to let her fellow unit continue. Sera nodded and went on saying, "In order for me to regain control over my former vessel it must be restored to it's original form."

"But how do we do that?" Megaman asked, crossing his arms inquisitively. "It's no longer functional right?"

"That is correct, Trigger." Sera replied, regarding him intensely. "That is why I require your help now."

"...What could I possibly do?"

"I need you to transfer your essence." Sera explained, eliciting a gasp from Yuna.

"You can't be serious." The gentle mother unit chided her sister, horrified that she would even consider such a method. "That might kill him."

"If you do it then there is a chance that we may lose you forever." Sera told Yuna. "That is something that we can't risk with the odd behavior of the "Elder system" down below in Terra. I would risk destroying your shell as well if I did it, however, since Trigger is a purifier model with an advanced regeneration program he is the only candidate for the transfer process." Seras turned to Megaman with a stoic mask. "You understand, correct?"

"...Yeah." Megaman replied dejectedly. "But I'll lose all of my memory again."

"Nonsense." Sera told him with a shake of her head. "You have all of your memory stored in that separate data drive, don't you?" She was referring to Data.

"Data only has my memories from my past life. I'll lose everything I remember about Roll and the others if I shut down again...I'll forget all about Kattleox and even Tron...I'll lose everything that I've ever loved about Terra. My adventures and all of the people I've met; the friends I've made." Megaman held his left hand against his chest with a shuddering sigh. "...I'll just be empty again."

"Megaman..." Yuna was at a loss for words. She turned back to Sera and asked, "There must be some other way...right?" To her dismay Sera shook her head in response and replied, "As much as I regret to say it, this is the only way. Even if your friends do make it to Elysium we are trapped in this dimension unless I regain complete control over my former self."

"I understand..." Megaman whispered. He fought the stinging sensation in his eyes. Was he truly going to cry? "...As long as I get to see them one last time. I'm willing to make the sacrifice." Roll, Grandpa, Data, Tron, Teisel...we've come so far haven't we? We've had times when everything seemed lost but we always somehow made it through by setting aside our differences and working as a unit. Sometimes...it just takes a particular measure of bravery to ensure a good outcome...so...

"I am glad to have met you Trigger." Sera suddenly said.

"Well then...let's get on with it." A wry grin made it's way across Megaman's lips. "We can't leave everyone waiting can we?"

[Back to the Casketts and Bonnes...]

Roll clutched her red hat in her hand as she looked down at the rocket engine she was preparing below from the top of the flutter. She was sitting on the ledge of the ship with her legs dangling in the air. She made a habit of coming here every afternoon to look up toward the sky where Elysium was quite visible late at night. She had no idea why she couldn't see it before when she and Megaman came to this island for their first key. The colony actually looked remarkable at night with it's brilliant blinking lights. Whoever came up with the blue print for the station must have been a true engineering genius. She could never picture herself coming up with something so monstrous.

"I wonder...did the same person build the reaverbots?" Roll mused as she fell back to lay against the deck. She folded her hands behind her head and crossed her legs. "What are you doing right now Megaman? These past days have been hard to get through without you and yet...look at us. Me and Tron still can't even make a capable spacecraft to bring you back." She heard some loud scuffling in the grass below but she ignored it. "I hate this loneliness...Grandpa and Bluecher come everyday to check our progress and Tron is here with her family, but I still feel so lonely. I don't know what happened to my mother or my father." She looked to the side and her lips curled in to a bitter scowl. "I don't even know who that imposter is or what she's doing walking around with my mother's body."

"ROLL!" Data's voice called from below, but the blonde engineer wasn't paying any mind to anything else but her thoughts.

"If only you could hear me Megaman."

"ROLL! IT'S ME, DATA! COME ON! I SEE YOUR LEGS FROM HERE!" The mechanical monkey cried out.

"Hmm?" Roll propped herself up on her elbows when she finally heard the monkey. When she heard Data again she sat up straight and looked down below to see the monkey waiting for her. "What is it, Data?"

"I really need to talk to you!"

"About what?" Roll closed one of her eyes in irritation and crossed her arms. "This better not have anything to do with your ideas-"


"...Because I'm not listening to you or that horrible girl!" Roll finished, narrowing her eyes imperceptibly. Tron was someone she didn't really get along with. Ever since Megaman had his first confrontation with her in the city of Kattleox she immediately took a dislike for her, but her real resentment towards the pirate didn't start until Megaman started bringing up her name in their conversations at dinner. It was suddenly, "Ms. Tron this and Ms Tron that". "It would be great if Ms. Tron changed her ways" or "Ms. Tron isn't really that bad a person." It started to tick her off even more when Megaman suddenly dropped the "Ms." and simply started to call her Tron.

What was so great about Tron anyway? She was a shameless pirate that would do anything for money. Besides the girl made a few attempts on Megaman's life whenever he got in her way to protect a town or city from her mischief making. Roll couldn't keep count of how many times she felt helpless behind her communicator when she heard explosions coming from the young hero's side or how she used to cringe when she heard Megaman cry out from being shot or rammed or even impaled. It wasn't something she wanted to get accustomed to but she had to because Megaman would always throw himself in the way of danger if it meant helping others or stopping a disaster from happening.


"GIVE IT UP ALREADY!" Roll screamed as she slammed her hands over her ears. "Go bother Tron or something!"

"I already tried with her!" Data retorted.

"Well good luck!" Roll muttered coldly before hearing the hiss of a door opening inside the flutter. Her eyes widened in horror when she realized that Tron might have returned to the flutter. That could only mean that she was planning on crashing in Megaman's room for the night again. "Darn it! Not again!" Roll got back to her feet and opened the hatch to enter the cockpit of the flutter. She closed the hatch over her while she descended the ladder and entered the main hall just in time to hear the light click from Tron locking the door. Judging by the trail of water leading to Megaman's room the lovely pirate must have showered earlier.

"How did she get in without me hearing her?" Roll clenched her fist angrily. "I shouldn't expect any different from a pirate."

"Hey, I heard that!" Tron yelled from within Megaman's room.

"Come out of there already!" Roll demanded now that she knew she had Tron's attention. "This is Megaman's room! Take grandpa's instead!"

"Nuh-uh." Was Tron's simply reply.

"Why not!" Roll growled.

"Cause he isn't around to take it back from me, so there."

"He would be around if you just cooperated with me a little more!"

"I've seen what you're capable of." Tron retorted. "You're ideas aren't going to bring him back!"

"And yours will?"

"Well, if you just listened to me instead of being so closed minded!" Tron barked back.

"You're one to talk!" Roll started to pound her fist against the door. "Now get out of there! Don't you have a place to sleep with your brothers?"

"They're at Sulphur bottom with Bluecher!" Both girls stopped arguing when the door behind roll suddenly hissed open to reveal Data. The blonde engineer was surprised to see the monkey actually enter the Flutter without any assistance.

"How did you..." Roll trailed off when she saw the crimson glow in Data's eyes. The definitely was something new and she didn't like the looks of it either. "...Um, Data? Are you alright?"

"Instead of fighting with each other it's about time you set aside your differences for once!" The monkey snapped. Roll stopped leaning against Megaman's door when Tron finally opened it to hear Data out. She was clad in her pajamas, which Roll realized wasn't exactly much seeing as how the pirate seemed to be comfortable in just her lingerie. Roll inwardly took note of how much more developed she was in the chest area compared to her rival.

"...Well?" Tron snapped at her when she caught the blonde looking.

"N-nothing." Roll said with a light snicker, though her eyes narrowed somewhat when they lingered upon the other young woman's shapely hips, a major difference from her own, which were a little on the steep side.

"What's so funny, huh?" Tron demanded as a furious blush crept up on her face.

"HEY!" Data called both girls' attention. "Look, I don't care about your problems with each other but it's apparent that you both want Megaman to come back." Data set his sights on Roll. "And that you want to see your mother again even if she isn't herself anymore."


"But if you want Megaman back then you're going to have to cooperate and listen to me for a change!"

"Is that so?" Tron sounded skeptical.

"That's right!" Data snapped at her angrily, causing her to flinch in fright.

[We turn to the other Bonnes at Sulphur Bottom...]


Teisel turned away from the book he was reading to face his brother who was sitting cross-legged on the floor in all of his mechanical glory. Bon Bonne was the youngest of the Bonnes, however, he was the giant of the family due to the robotic suit that he always wore. To others who heard the young Bon talk, they would believe that he only spoke gibberish, but to his siblings he spoke a language they could understand quite clearly.

"What was that, Bon?" Teisel asked, narrowing his eyes in concentration. "I didn't get that last part. I was too busy focusing on this poor excuse for a book." The oldest of the Bonnes was referring to the "How to become a Great Digger" book written by Barrel Caskett. Mind you, Barrel was an excellent Digger in his days before retirement.

"Babuuuu!" Bon said again, sounding a little peeved the second time.

"I'm sorry, Bon. Don't take it too personally." Teisel apologized with a grin. "You know what...I feel the exact same way. Without that Blue Boy around things have gotten pretty boring." He took a moment to realize the irony of being in the room they were currently occupying. "Not to mention a bit weird. We should be looting everything in this ship right now, not waiting for a miracle!"


"I'm talking about our sister Tron and that Roll girl that hangs around Megaman. So far from what number 23 tells me, they've just been arguing." Teisel tossed aside the book and rested his chin in one hand in deep thought. "If this keeps up Megaman will never come back!"

"Babuuu Babu?"

"Well of course we wouldn't have any trouble if Megaman wasn't around, but where is the excitement in that?" Teisel stood up from the rather uncomfortable bed he was sitting on and placed a hand on his hip while he raised the other up in the hair clenched in to a fist. "That's it Bon! We're going to talk some sense in to Tron!"

"Babuu?" The young Bon stood up reluctantly. If there was one thing he wasn't willing to do right now, it was incurring the wrath of his older sister. Tron could get pretty nasty whenever she was in a bad mood. Megaman was lucky that he didn't meet her on one of her "special days" as Teisel saw fit to call it. All hell would break loose if that ever happened.

"Heh...you're nervous too, huh?" Teisel said, his voice wavering somewhat. Before both Bonnes could take another step the phone suddenly rang loudly, making the both of the flinch. "Only one person call us!" Teisel felt a bead of sweat threatening to trail down his forehead. "Well...we can't have her waiting forever..." He picked the phone up from the reciever and slowly lifted it to his ear. "Um...Hello?"

"Hey there Teisel!" Tron greeted him.

"...You sound kind of different today." Teisel said with a relieved sigh. Then again the way she greeted him sounded a little too happy. She didn't make good on her declaration to stuff Roll in to a plastic bag...did she? "D-Did you finally make a break through?"

"...Not exactly.." Tron replied.

"What do you mean, not exactly?" Teisel started to feel a doom feeling in the pit of his stomach. Maybe his thoughts weren't too far off.

"Well, Roll and I are heading to Nino island."

Well at least Roll was still alive...wait a second...

"You're heading where?"



Tron held the phone away from her ear to avoid a busted ear drum as her brother responded in a booming voice. Her brother sure could get really loud whenever he got pretty excited, which happened to be most of the time due to his goofy disposition. She looked ahead to view the Flutter flying ahead of her and quickly ordered, "HEY, let's hustle guys! She's getting farther away from us!"

"Yes, Ms Tron!" came the reply of all the servbots on deck. Tron nodded in satisfaction when her "kids" put a little more pep in their step and turned back to the conversation with Teisel. " We're going to Nino Island."

"What for?" Teisel asked, "Why didn't you tell me and Bon so we could come tag along? We need to gather zenny to rebuild the Gessellchaft you know!"

"I know, I know but I'm going alone on this one. Let's just say it's a girls only dig, huh?" Tron said with a chuckle.

"T-this isn't funny, Tron!" Teisel stammered. "You can get hurt down there without the support!"

"Come on, Teisel! How long have you known me?"

Teisel paused, "...Is that a rhetorical question?"

"I can take care of myself!" A haughty expression washed across Tron's lovely face. "Besides, I've got the Gustaff ready to go. It's improved since my last fight with Megaman!"

"...That's just swell Tron, I mean it, but you still haven't told me why you're going to Nino Ruins! Have you already forgotten about Megaman's situation up there?"

"NEVER!" Tron suddenly screamed.

...There was silence on the other side...

"Um...cool." Teisel sounded pretty startled. "I'll catch ya later!" With that final exchange he hung up. Tron simply looked at the phone for a moment feeling a little perturbed before handing it over to number 27.

"Thanks." Tron muttered.

"You are welcome, Ms. Tron!" He replied before running off to do his own thing. Just at the pirate was about to do a deck check; number 40 ran to her side. "Ms. Tron, Ms. Tron!" He called her name excitedly.

"What is it now?"

"About the alterations being done to number 42's rooming quarters..." The servbot trailed off.

"What about it?" Tron asked.

"Now this question is important!"

"Ok. Ask me already!" Tron said quickly." Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?" She tapped her fingers on the armrest of her commanding chair impatiently. This had better be good if he didn't want to end up under the command of number 38 again.

"Do you think he'd like the color blue?" number 40 asked innocently. A pregnant silence followed as Tron simply stared back at the servbot without even bothering blinking. That was it. He was definitely going to be under number 38 again. She should have never given him that accursed design magazine. He's been nothing but a nuisance since the day he finished reading through it.

"You've got to be kiddin-"

"Ms. Tron!" Number 11 called her attention. Tron glared at number 40 for a moment as she mouthed the word, "I'll deal with you later", before turning her attention to him. "We have sight of Nino island! We will be landing with Ms. Roll's Flutter shortly!"

"Affirmative." Tron stood up from her commanding chair and left the cockpit to prepare her Gustaff. Nino wasn't exactly a place Tron wanted to come back to, but it was for Megaman's sake so she was willing to take that chance. She had been there before on a not so memorable pillaging with Teisel and Glyde when they were still in their temporary alliance. Then again the people over there weren't able to get a look at her face since she strolled in there with her machine anyway, which reminded her...how were they going to get the Gustaff back in there unnoticed?

[Nino Island...]

Roll stretched as she exited the flutter with Data keeping up with her. Almost immediately the Guildmaster and his ever-present guild assistant, Johnny, greeted her. They saw the flutter docking at the ship docks and were very eager to meet her and Megaman, but the blue boy was nowhere to be seen. Then to make matters worse, a rather unfriendly looking ship decided to dock beside the flutter...Tron's ship of course...

"Who is that?" Johnny asked Roll. "That skull ornament on the front of the ship seemed awfully familiar, in a fear arousing sort of way."

"I was thinking the same thing." The Guildmaster agreed. Roll saw the suspicion building in their eyes and tried to crush it quickly. These guys were pretty quick to shoot before asking any questions. Her and Megaman found that out the hard way the first time they tried to dock at this island. if it could actually be called an island if not some large fortress in the middle of the ocean.

"Th-that's my new partner!" Roll explained with a nervous laugh. Her laughs started to falter when one of Tron's servbots started to request orders from her making both of the men in front of her raise their eyebrows rather suspiciously. The three watched as Tron started snapping out orders to her "kids" and moments later an enormous metal case was rolled out from the pirate ship. It was just about big enough to store a Gustaff, not that anyone could really tell of course.

"C'mon! Let's get moving!" Tron ordered number 7 and 16.

"Yes, Ms. Tron!" Both of them replied, pushing the metal case forward on the small wheels that squeaked loudly under the combat mech's weight. The female pirate cringed when the loud squeaks rattled the inside of her ears painfully. Roll and the two men covered their ears to spare themselves of the madness before it would make them deaf.

"AHEM!" The Guildmaster cleared his throat loudly over the loud groans from the rolling case. "WELCOME TO NINO ISLAND!" He greeted Tron.


"WELCOME TO NINO ISLAND!" Johnny joined along with the old guildmaster the second time.

"WHAT?" Tron cried out.

"HUH?" Roll started to get confused.









[At the Guildmaster's office...]

The Guildmaster wringed his hands behind his back as he stared at Roll and Tron who were standing side by side in front of him. Why in the world would these girls want to go back in to the ruins? After Megaman managed to clear it out and take the key, reaverbots started to form an even deeper concentrated defense in the flooded halls. That wasn't the only reason he was feeling very hesitant about letting them enter again though. The other reason stemmed from how suspicious Tron seemed as she ordered her servbots to push that annoying squeaking container around. Just what was she keeping inside that thing anyway that it was putting so much force on the small wheels that rolled it around?

"What are you looking to gain in there, Ms. Caskett?" The Guildmaster asked, emphasizing the word "There" like it was painful enough to even think about the ruins. "Megaman already retrieved the key hasn't he? There's nothing else in there, but dangerous reaverbots. You'll be killed in there!"

"Look, old man!" Tron called his attention rudely, snapping a finger at him much like she would at a yapping dog. "I can handle myself in there, alright? I don't need Megaman around to protect me!"

"Tron..." Roll hissed at her temporary partner. "Don't be so rude..."

"Just stand there and look..." Tron narrowed her eyes at Roll for a moment as she searched for a word to say. She wouldn't go so far as to call her rival engineer "pretty". "...like you usually do." Tron turned away from her returned her attention to the Guildmaster. "We really need to gain access to the ruins, sir." She threw in the "sir" to make herself sound a little more respectable.

"...Hmm..." The old man scratched his chin. "Where is Megaman anyway?"

"Well...that's sort of complicated." Roll said sadly as she down caste her eyes. Tron felt that Roll was going to make this too long and simply decided to get straight to the point.

"Megaman is stranded on a satellite deep in space and we need to go rescue him!" Tron crossed her arms impatiently, glaring back at the old man. "Okay? Do you need any more clarification then that? Because, if you do we're going to be stuck here for a while listening to her-" Tron jabbed a thumb over towards Roll, "-talk."

"Well, well!" The Guildmaster laughed with a toothy grin. "You sure seem very anxious to see him again aren't you?"

"H-huh?" A blush blossomed on the pirate's face.

"I won't go any further on the matter than that." The Guildmaster said with an understanding nod. He saw the look on Roll's face and chuckled. "And I'm sure that you share the same sentiments don't you, Ms. Caskett?"

"W-well...I, er..." Roll twiddled her thumbs behind her back where nobody could see them as a blush crept up on her face as well. She shook off the embarrassment before Tron could and decided to take charge of the conversation's direction before it could veer off course from their objective. "P-please sir, enough of that. We must access the ruins immediately."

"Very well." The old man submitted to their wishes. "We owe everything to Megaman."



"Well that took long enough." Tron grumbled, walking to the ledge of the access tunnel with Roll. Johnny managed to get a hold of a crane from the mechanic so they could lower the steel container holding the Gustaff in to the Ruins without a hitch.

"At least we managed to get access without too much trouble." Roll said with a sigh. "We can be thankful for that." Roll's eyes lit up when she remembered something. "By the way, you know that the ruins are submerged in water right?"

"Doesn't take a genius to know that." Tron replied, placing her hands on her hips before she turned her head to call to a few of her servbots.

"Yes Ms. Tron?" Numbers 1, 2, 10, 14, 24 and 28 ran to their mother to receive their orders.

"Are you guys all equipped?"

"Yes, Ms. Tron!" The servbots replied.

"Great! Then let's get this job done!" Tron pumped her fist in the air to get them pumped up.

"Alright!" #24 cheered.

"A new mission!" #28 jumped up and down.

"I won't disappoint you!" #1 declared.

"You can depend on me!" #2 cried out excitedly. Tron clasped her hands delightedly at their excitement and turned her attention to Roll and Data.

"We'll spot you." Roll gave her a thumbs up. "Data says he knows the coordinates of the parts we're looking for."

"The parts?" Tron questioned curiously.

"The parts of Megaman's escape shuttle!" Data clarified for her. "He used one to escape from Elysium after he failed to shut down Eden the first time. It should be buried in the chamber that he kept himself hidden in before Barrel found us."

"Found you?" Tron started to feel a bit confused.

"It's a long story." Roll said with a nod of her head. "Well, then...good luck!"

"That's something that I don't need!" Tron assured Roll with a cocky smirk before turning away from her to approach the ladder leading down to the ruins. She heard the dull clank of the container finally hitting the bottom. "Let's get going guys!"

"Yes, Ms. Tron!"

"I'm depending on you!" The pirate called out to Roll as she began her descent.

"Don't worry about that! I've got ya covered!" Roll watched as Tron finally disappeared in to the darkness below and she felt a bit of nausea overtake her. "...This isn't going to be easy."

To Be Continued...

Man, it's really a shame that there aren't that many "Legends" fics out there. Oh well, the most I can do is try to change that even if I'm just contributing one more fic to the few. Anyway this is just the beginning so naturally the heat hasn't picked up just yet but I assure you that I'll try to build up on that very quickly, and as for the pairings, I'll try to make things interesting!

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