The name Huashan is borrowed from the book 'Two Queens of Loch Rin'

The name Huashan is borrowed from the book 'Two Queens of Loch Rin'. It wasn't a very good book, interesting concept but poorly carried out.  But I liked the name a lot.

I do not own Inu Yasha's story, but Huashan is MY character.  If anyone wants to use him, they must ask me for permission.

The Meaning of Forever
By Rashaka


       Huashan walked toward the building slowly.  He nervously ran a hand through his short, spiky black hair.  He shouldn't have cut it.  He liked it long.  But then again, it'd grow back to his waist again in 5 months or so anyway.  Demon blood was highly regenerative.  And this blood came from two demons with a history of being insanely stubborn.  If his hair had been longer, at least he could have satisfied his nervousness by play with the white streak from his right temple.  Maybe this was for the best, nervous habits were bad things to develop, after all.  But damn, if he'd ever had a day where he had a right to be nervous, this was it.  He was finally going to meet her.  His grandmother.  The legendary priestess he'd been told of as a child, and then the confused young woman whose diaries he'd learned to read three centuries later.  He'd had to learn ENGLISH to read the bloody thing… and that was only after he finally figured out what the damn language was.  What on earth possessed his grandmother to write her diary in English?  She must have valued her privacy to the extreme.

      Huashan stopped on the porch to the family residence portion of the shrine.  This was it.  The moment of truth.  He was 383 years old, and he was about to meet his 18 year old grandmother.  At least he'd made the right choice in holding back his aging until now.  He needed to be young, or this situation would be too uncomfortable.  She'd connect to a 20-year-old a lot easier than a strange man in his early thirties or something.  The poor thing didn't need any more stress after nine months of being separated from her husband and her child.  But he was here to help mend that.  He couldn't return Kaede to her… but maybe, just maybe, he could give her Inuyasha again.

       He raised his hand to knock on the cherry colored wood, but before he could make a sound it pulled inward, and he was left to stare into a pair of startling gray eyes.