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Dark Heartless Dragon- Nexas and Malix
Sonic13- Rebecca Thomas

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Chapter Fifteen: Minako the Free Soul

Leah appeared in Feudal Japan to see Idiko and the others.

"So, this is where you went."

She knew that voice and turned around to see Jonas gazing at her from a tree. He leapt off it and landed in front with his two feet. "You followed me, why?" Leah asked. "Well, I didn't want you to get into any trouble without me there. I am your bodyguard," Jonas smiled. Leah smiled back as they saw a blurry figure run past them, golden feathers floating in front of them. Jonas snatched one up and looked at the figure that was gone, but could be seen from afar.

"A chocobo?" she asked.

"Minako," Jonas simply said.


But it was too late, he disappeared into the wind. Leah looked all around to see him nowhere in sight! She muttered and swore to herself, going towards the scene where Idiko stood.

"Iki-chan!" Mimi hugged her old friend tightly.

"Hey Mimi!" Idiko choked.

ZY just gave a simple wave and a small smile. "Well, nice day, huh?" Idiko chuckled. "Another one?" Sango asked, looking at Mimi and ZY. "Oh yeah, this is our friend, Idiko!" Mimi said bubbly. "You were pretty useful in that battle," Miroku smiled. "We could use you on our journey." Idiko had his thinking face on. "I'll think about it."

Jonas still chased the girl and her chocobo as they sped through the forest of trees.

"Minako, Minako, slow down!" Jonas called.

The girl knew that voice as tears floated off her cheek, but still, she and her chocobo ran. "Minako--!" Jonas continued. He slowed down and appeared in front of her with his arms straight out. The golden chocobo screeched to a halt. The young girl got herself off of the chocobo and patted its beak softly as it replied with a satisfied squark.


He looked to see tears flowing down her cheek, for he had finally found his missing friend.

Karakura Town

The Ace Spire (rented gummi ship) landed onto the large outskirts of Karakura Town, as Zerex, Umbra, and Amaterasu came trotting down the ramp. Zerex looked to the side to see some other ship. "They're here," he pointed out. "Let's go see them then," Umbra said, as he started heading towards...anywhere, but Amaterasu grabbed him by the hood of his vest. "Slow down, Umbra. You don't even know where they are!" "She has a point," Zerex said. "Hey, there's someone!" Umbra pointed (and choked). It was her, the girl in black that had rescued Risika and the others when they had entered Karakura Town.

"Let's go ask her!"

The girl had noticed the three and started running away. Zerex sped at her quickly with his dark keyblades out. "Let's go!" Amaterasu sped at the two with her speed as well. Umbra sighed and took out is mecha bow just in case he had to do some damage. He stopped, to sense something. Heartless. Shadows and Soldiers and other heartless appeared around him.

"Uh, Ammi, Zerex, need some help here!" Umbra pulled out his two pistols.

Two figures appeared back to back beside him. "Rebecca and Jason Thomas here to rescue the day!" the girl said, a giant shield in her hand. "I thought I told you to stop that!" Jason whispered. "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!!" Umbra yelled. "Just forget it," Jason said. His keyblades appeared in his hands as the shadows jumped at Umbra. Rebecca knocked them away with a bash. "Dur!" she yelled after. Jason and Umbra felt stronger as if they could take more hits. Umbra shot down a flurry of heartless as Jason sliced and diced them like cheese. Umbra felt a Soldier slash his pistols out of his hands. He dodged the rest of its hits and kicked it away. He took out his bow and readied his bow and arrow, pointing it at one and shot through it.

Amaterasu and Zerex still chased the girl in black to see that she was a bit faster than the both of them so she was always a few steps ahead. Amaterasu turned her head to see that Umbra wasn't there any more! She couldn't stop; she could just find him later anyways! But she was worried about her friend. Today was gonna be a long day indeed.

Radiant Gardens

"Nexas," a male called his twin.

They were at Hollow Bastion, the abandoned castle of Radiant Gardens. Both males were twins and a dangerous duo of Nobodies. They had heard a rumor of a giant, rumored to be of the ANBU. He was strong they heard, but they would take him out together and alone. "You ready Nexas?" the twin repeated his twin's name. "Yeah Malix," answered Nexas. They charged into the castle, Malix with his staff and Nexas with his katana. The dangerous duo were about to kill.

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