Chapter Nine: Together We Stand

Dean opened his eyes and slowly sat up, he looked around at what was left off the Halliwell manor. His heart started to race; the only movement was the flickering of flames. He slowly rose to his feet wincing slightly. Once he was standing he started to move through the debris, he heard a noise and spun around. Seeing nothing but broken glass, wood and the many other things that were in the manor, he turned back around and continued to walk until he heard another noise.

"Sam!" he yelled "Phoebe, Piper" he walked a little further "Paige."

Hearing nothing in response, Dean started to search for the sisters and Sam. "Sammy?" with no reply panic started to set in. Dean noticed a hand sticking out from under a piece of wood. He walked as fast as he could over to the area then once there he lifted up the large piece of wall and found Sam under it. Sam's eyes were closed and he saw a piece of wood sticking out of his chest.

"Oh my god" Dean collapsed to the ground beside his lifeless brother and placed a hand on the side of Sam's face. "C'mon kiddo open those eyes for me" he pleaded. "Sammy…"


Hearing a familiar voice Dean spun around to see Piper standing there. She had a cut above her eyebrow and was covered in dust. She looked past Dean and saw Sam lying on the ground. "Oh god…"


Piper shook her head with a tear running down her cheek and muttered a 'no'.

"What about Paige?"

"Couldn't find her."

"How do we fix this?"

"We can't" Piper confessed, "you know we can't bring the dead back."

"We'll find a witch that has projection powers then?"

"Projection is a rare gift and…" she trailed off; she didn't quite know what to say. She herself had lost her sisters and she couldn't bring herself to say there was no way to bring them back.


Piper sighed and looked around at the burning rubble "And…" she searched her mind to try and find an answer "we could try a spell or a potion."

Dean stood up, tears glistening in his eyes. He took a deep breath and gave a curt nod.

Piper nodded then started to walk off through the rubble. Dean turned and gave Sam one last look; he took a shaky breath then followed Piper. They were going to fix this. No matter what.


Cole stalked through the Underworld, a smirk on his face. He had defeated the Charmed ones; he could now get Shiloh's powers, the powers that would make him the Source of the Underworld. He walked up to a female demon with long blonde hair and light brown eyes; she wore a long gold dress with tears up the side. She turned to face him, a smile on her face. Her slim fingers stroked a crystal ball

"I see that you survived after all" her smile widened "to bad you're not the only one."

"What do you see oracle?"

"Piper and Dean have survived."

"What about Phoebe?"

"Phoebe, Paige and Sam are no longer with us," she said dryly "But with Piper alive there is a chance she can fix this."

"No" Cole said darkly "she's not powerful enough nor is Dean."

"But still she could figure out something" she looked down at the crystal "the future is unclear. I suggest you kill them while you have the chance."

"No! I need Shiloh's power!"

"I see the Hollow is taking control of you" she stood up "You need to focus."

"I need" his arm shot out and grabbed the oracle by the throat "to get more power."

"Then you will die."


"Why won't this work!?" Dean yelled in frustration.

"Making a potion for time travel is hard" Piper said looking up, tears ran down her cheeks "we're not powerful enough to make one."

"What about a spell?"

"It won't work" Piper confessed, "We can't fix this."

"How can you just say that!?" Dean shouted.

"Believe me, if there was away I would use it. But there's not!" she yelled in a choked voice "There's nothing we can do." Piper closed her eyes then reopened them "I want to bring them back just as much as you do… and I wish I didn't have to say this but there is no way."

"What about finding a witch with projection powers?"

Piper sighed and buried her head in her hands.

"So that's it," Dean said in a whispered tone "They're gone and there's nothing we can do to change it."

Piper looked up with blurry vision "I have an idea" she stood up and walked over to a bookshelf that had all sorts of spell books on it. She rummaged through it until she found what she was looking for. She found a box with the symbol from the Book Of Shadows on it; she sat it on the wooden table and started to go through it.

"What are you looking for?"

"Phoebe copied some of the pages out of the Book Of Shadows" Piper pulled out a piece of paper and sat it on the table. "Do you have a pen?"

Dean looked around then found Piper a pen, he passed it to her and she took it and started to scribble something down. She finished then turned to face Dean, a hint of hope etched on her face. "I'm going take us back in time."

"How? All of the other spells we tried didn't work."

"Because we're not powerful enough" she stepped away from the table "But luckily I know some very powerful witches" she lifted up the piece of paper and started to chant. "Hear these words, hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Bring to me, my sons from another time."

Yellow and white lights swirled around in the centre of the room. Once they disappeared Wyatt and Chris stood there.

"Mum" Wyatt and Chris rushed over to her, each taking their turn to embrace her in a hug.

"We need you two to help us go back in time," Piper said getting straight to the point.

"Don't worry we'll fix it" Wyatt said.

"Yeah we know the perfect witch," Chris added.

"You know what has happened?" Dean asked.

"You tell us that one day we'll be summoned to the past to save aunt Phoebe, Paige and uncle Sam" Wyatt said.

"Who are you?" Dean asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh you don't recognize us?" Wyatt asked Dean, who shook his head "uncle Dean its me Wyatt, and this is Chris" he pointed to Chris, he waved lazily.


"We're from the future" Chris chimed in.

"People we can chat later we need to save Phoebe, Paige and Sam" Piper cut in.

"Then lets do it!" Wyatt said.


"Does the crystal say I will die?" Cole demanded, not loosening up his hold on the oracle's throat.

"I told you the future is unclear."

"Well look harder" he threw the oracle down on the ground.

"Its not that simple" she said lifting herself off the ground "When the crystal ball can't see the future it means that events can go either way."

"So you're saying that Piper and Dean might have a way to bring the other three back."

"Yes or you kill them and stop them" she got to her feet and brushed the dirt off her dress "or get yourself killed and all of this hard work will have been for nothing."

"Then I'll kill them" he smirked "and take their powers."


The yellow and white lights disappeared and there stood a teenage girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked a lot like Paige but her skin was more Sam's colour.

"Mum, uncle Dean meet Shiloh" Wyatt introduced them.

She smiled brightly at them then walked over to them, she embraced Piper and Dean in a quick hug. "Lets go save mum," she said taking their hands "Wyatt, Chris c'mon."

The brothers walked over to her and Chris took her hand and Wyatt walked over to Piper and took hers. Dean watched Wyatt and Chris glance at each other briefly. They seemed so much like him and Sam. At that moment a bright white light flashed in front of him and he had to close his eyes. He felt a strange sensation, almost like a he was under water but he could still breath. The feeling died away and he reopened his eyes and there was his baby brother and Phoebe, both very much alive. Paige, Phoebe, Sam, Piper and himself all stood face to face with Cole. Their arms were stretched out and a bright light shot out and connected with Cole's own beam of power.

"Dean chant this with us" Piper said getting his attention and looked down at a piece of paper with a spell on it.

"Abolio extunca vento externeus" all five of them chanted.

A strange dark shadow came out of the Charmed ones, Sam, Dean and Cole. They dropped their arms and the bright light diappeared, they looked around slightly confused. Then Piper and Dean who had been standing in the dining room, disappeared in a bright blurry light, that zoomed into the ones that were standing in the doorway of the conservatory.

"What happened?" Phoebe asked looking at Piper with a confused expression.

"You and Paide died" she turned to face Cole "You lose again Cole."

"I'll win in the end" he smirked then shirmmered off.

"so we died..." Phoebe mused.

"So how are we alive?" Paige asked.

"Say thanks to your daughter" Piper motioned in the direction of Shiloh, who was slowly moving towards them with Wyatt and Chris following suit.

"Shiloh" Paige walked up to her and gave her a hug "Your so beautiful."

She smiled then looked at Sam "Dad."

Sam walked forwad and embraced her in a hug. He pulled away then turned back to face the others "How did she get here?"

"I summoned them" Piper said "you guys died when the manor exploded and we needed a higher power to save you."

"Speaking of high power" Phoebe chimed in "What about Cole? Did we vanquish him?"

"I don't know" Piper confessed "But like when Paige died this is the new present and we still need to find away to vanquish Cole and we need to do it before he summons the Hollow again."

"Don't worry mum" Chris said "we'll make sure he can't summon the Hollow."

"Be safe" Piper said walking over to him.

"I'll watch out for him" Wyatt said then orbed off.

"Shout if you need us" Shiloh said then she to orbed out with Chris following suit.

"We need to vanquish Cole for good" Phoebe said firmly.

"But how? Nothing is working" Paige said "he's too strong."

"What about the spell you guys were talking about using" Sam said.

"The one we used to vanquish the Source seems like our best option" Phoebe said with a sigh.

"And if it doesn't work?" Dean asked walking over to Phoebe and wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Then I don't know" Phoebe said sadly "but its our best shot and its worth a try."

"Wait wasn't there another spell we used to vanquish the Source."

"Yeah, why?" Phoebe asked.

"I think we should use it" Paige replied "I think that our powers together will be strong enough to vanquish Cole."

"Combine our powers" Phoebe mused.

"I think it might work" Piper agreed "and if it doesn't then at least we have a back up plan."

"Then lets vanquish Cole for good."


"Oracle!" Cole stormed through the Underworld in search of the oracle. He came to a stop at the foot of a rock table, where the oracle lay. Her blonde hair hung over her shoulders and fingers danced over the crystal ball.

"I told you the future was unclear."

"I need the Charmed ones dead so I can get Shiloh's powers!"

"Shiloh is with the Elders how do you plan on getting to her."

"I'm going to take Paige's orbing power and go up there" he replied through gritted teeth "and as you know without whitelighter powers I can't get up to the Elders."

"So why not just kill Paige?"

"Because Sam can project himself back and save her" he muttered.

"Then kill Sam."

"The Charmed ones will find away to bring him back."

"So killing them all is your only option" she said sitting up "To bad you'll most likely die trying."

"What do you see?"

"Nothing" she snapped "the future is divided by two fates, but I don't know which one is to be fulfilled."

"Then I'll summon the Hollow again" he stormed over to another rock table "The Charmed ones won't try again I know it."

"The Hollow will destory you."

"No I won't let it."

"Your a fool" she jumped off the table and walked over to him "This will never work."

"This is my choice oracle."

"You're going to get yourself killed!"

"The only ones dieing today will be the Charmed ones and the brothers."

"If this is your choice, I wish you luck."

"Thank you" he said dryly then chanted "Ado dis min latya. Ado lemo dis ta."

He waited for a second but nothing happened. He turned to face the table where the oracle once was, instead now there was a scorch mark. "Who's there?"

"Hey Cole" Chris walked out with a grin on his face "Nice to finally meet you."

Cole stood silent then Wyatt and Shiloh walked in.

"You won't be able to summon the Hollow" she said, "We've used our magic to block it."

He eyed her then looked to Wyatt.

"Well we'd best be off" Chris said then all three of them orbed off.


"Alright so we need a plan," Paige said sitting down on one of the couches in the conservatory.

"We need to weaken Cole before we vanquish him" Phoebe said "so maybe some potions before we say the spell."

"Cole's strong, its gonna take more then some potions to weaken him." Paige added.

"But it will weaken him" Piper said.

"Yeah but not for long" Paige added.

"Alright I have an idea," Phoebe announced "We're going to all come in with potions and weaken him and-"

"Give him no time to attack" Paige cut in "I like the way you think sis."

"Well good luck" came Wyatt's voice.

All three of them stood and walked over to Wyatt

"Going so soon?" Piper asked.

"We have to" Wyatt replied "This is your fight not ours."

"Well then I guess this is goodbye" she embraced him in a hug "For now."

"Don't worry mum" he smiled.

"But it's my job."

"Hey am I a worry wart like Piper?" Paige asked looking from Piper to Wyatt.

"Nah mum you're pretty good" Shiloh said walking into the conservatory "you too dad" she turned to face Sam who was on her right.

He smiled at her and gave her a hug then headed over to Paige.

"Bye aunt Phoebe" Wyatt said giving her a hug then moving onto Paige "Bye aunt Paige" he then shook Sam's hand "Take care of her uncle Sam."

"Always" he said then turned to see Dean and Chris walk into the room.

"Bye mum" Chris said giving Piper a hug then hugged Paige and Phoebe and shook Sam's hand.

"Good luck" all three of them said.

"Are we going to need it?"

"Nice try" Chris said

The three of them waved goodbye then disappeared in yellow and white lights. The sisters and the brothers stayed quiet for a few seconds then the sound of the clock striking midnight startled them all.

"Man I'd love to curl up into a nice warm bed right about now," Paige said stretching her back.

"Same here" Phoebe said "but we have a demon to vanquish."

"Ok so why don't we go make some potions and-"

"Dean and I'll go" Phoebe interjected "you guys get ready."


"I want to take over the Charmed ones home" Cole announced to a group of demons "But I need your help."

"Going up against the Charmed ones is suicide," yelled a short black haired demon.

"He's right!" agreed a scruffy looking demon.

"The Charmed ones are tired" Cole said coolly "and they're only expecting me."

"And if we do help you" a female demon with long curly black hair said, "what do we get in return?"

"The Charmed ones will be dead what more can any demon want?"

"Power" she said "If I and my clan help we want more power."

"Then that's what you'll get."

"Then we'll help," she said.

"Then we well too" said a dark skinned demon "but like them, we want power."

"If you survive then you'll get it


"Alright that should just about do it" Phoebe placed a vial onto the table. "It should weaken him enough so we can vanquish him."

"Phoebe what if this doesn't work" Dean said picking up one of the potions.

"Then I really don't know" she looked up into his green eyes "We just have to give it our best shot."

"But this is all we're doing. Giving it our best shot and hoping that we don't get killed."

"Dean" Phoebe looked away then looked back at him "I'm scared. We're all scared that this won't work but we haven't got a choice. We have to fight with all that we've got…"

Dean placed a hand on each side of Phoebe's cheek and pressed his lips to hers in a short but passionate kiss. They broke apart and stared deep into each other's eyes until they heard a loud crashing noise from downstairs. They picked up the potions and ran down to the first floor as fast as they could. They stopped on the staircase to see about two dozen demons in the living room.

Phoebe pulled one of the potions from her pocket and tossed it at a blonde haired demon. She blew up and because the potion was so strong the three demons that were near her blew up as well. Phoebe was then tackled from behind and she fell to the ground with a thud but the demon was pulled off of her and Dean helped her back up.

"Thanks" she said then was thrown through the air by an invisible force. She landed on the hard floor and skidded across it and smashed into a small hutch.

"Phoebe!" Dean raced over to her but before he could reach her he came face to face with Cole.

He grabbed Dean by the collar of the shirt and sent him flying backwards into the staircase. He then rounded on Phoebe, who was getting back onto her feet. He walked towards her, and she ended up with her back against the wall. He traced his fingers over her cheek and smiled at her before speaking "Be my queen again Phoebe."

"Go to hell" she levitated into the air and kicked him in the jaw. He fell onto the ground and Phoebe floated back down then raced over to where Dean lay. She helped him to stand then they quickly made their way over to the Paige, Sam and Piper, who were all fending off demons. Fireballs and energy balls were coming in from all directions and the Charmed ones and the brothers were forced into the middle of the room.

After another fifteen agonizing minutes of demon fighting the sisters and the brothers were forced to make a quick escape. With only one place safe from demons they headed to Magic School. They orbed into the library and they all collapsed onto the couches with exhaustion. Leo made his way over to them, with a worried look on his face.

"What's happened?" he asked.

"We're under attack," Piper panted.

"Cole and about two dozen demons took over the manor" Phoebe added "We had to get out of there before we got killed."

"We need to get the book" Paige chimed in.

"Just call for it" Piper said.

Paige placed her hands in front of her then said 'Book Of Shadows' and in a swirl of blue and white lights the book appeared in her hands. "We need to get control of the manor again."

"How?" Sam asked from his spot beside Paige.

"There's a spell to rid evil from the house" she replied "but there's no way it's strong enough to vanquish Cole."

"But it should work on the other demons then we can go back and vanquish Cole."

Sam nodded then Paige started to chant.


"Cole, the Book Of Shadows is not in the attic" the dark skinned demon spoke as he walked into the conservatory.

"Paige must have orbed it to her" he said coolly "never mind. I wouldn't have been able to use it anyway."

"But we don't know where've they've gone" he added "how do we kill them if we don't know where they are."

"Don't worry they'll come back" he said dryly "I just need enough time to harness the powers of the Nexus."

"Cole" a female demon said walking over to him "the Charmed ones destroyed the Nexus."

"They did?"

"Yes" she said with a curt nod "three years ago."

"How come no one told me that earlier?"

"We thought you knew."

"Well you thought wrong."

"Sor-" she never got to finish her sentence as at the moment every demon except for Cole blew up. Leaving scorch marks all over the manor. Cole looked down at the scorch mark then looked up to see the Charmed ones in front of him: with potions in their hands.

"Well that didn't go exactly to plan" he said staring straight at Phoebe "But it was worth a try."

"Yeah sorry about that" Phoebe said sarcastically "we have a habit of ruining demons plans."

"Well-" he was cut off by Sam and Dean throwing potions at him. He spun around to face them but they disappeared in a red light, he quickly spun back around but found that the room was empty.

"Behind you."

He spun back around to face Phoebe and Dean and to his right was Paige he turned to his left and there was Piper and Sam stood in behind of him. They all walked forwards and put a crystal on the ground. A white light shot out of each crystal and joined each other, making a cage. Cole glared at Phoebe then all four crystals were sent flying across the room.

"Knew trick I learnt" he stepped forth and Phoebe and Dean stepped back. "I can't be vanquished Phoebe."

"Don't get to get cocky Cole"

Paige, Piper and Sam threw a potion at him then rushed over to Phoebe and Dean. Cole collapsed on the ground but in a few seconds he was already regaining his strength. It was now or never and if this didn't work they didn't know what would. So in their last hope they chanted…

"Sisters three, brothers two, unite in this hour, With the magic of Good we invoke, Rend this Evil from it's power, end his reign in eternal smoke!"

A scream echoed through the manor and a shock wave forced the sisters and the brothers out through the windows in the conservatory. The glass shattered as they fell through it and they all landed on the ground with a thud. They lay there for a few minutes not sure if they wanted to know if Cole was alive or dead. Finally after another few seconds they all sat up and looked inside the house. Some furniture was overturned and there were smashed objects everywhere but there was also a scorch mark on the carpet where no more then a minute ago Cole had been standing.

They all stood and looked at the scorch mark and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

"So this is really over," Paige mused, "he's gone."

"Like so many others" Phoebe said with a warm smile.


"Now before we toast, Dean and I have an announcement to make" Phoebe said standing up from her seat at the dinning room table. Dean followed suit. "Before the battle with Cole, Dean asked me to marry him… and I said yes."

Bright smiles came from everyone seated at the table and then they congratulated them. Phoebe and Dean then sat back down and they all gave a toast then started on small talk. Then later they were all sitting in the lounge room where they were talking about what the future would hold for them.

"I hope we don't have to deal with a demon like Cole anytime soon" Paige said from her place beside Sam.

"I don't think we'll have too," Phoebe said smiling "I think Cole will be our last."

"But we thought that with Draygin too" Piper added.

"I think that we should just enjoy the time we don't spend fighting demons and only worry about them when they come barging in" Phoebe said.

"Phoebs is right" Paige said smiling "we shouldn't worry. We should just enjoy every moment that we're not fighting demons."

"Then that is what we will do," Piper said with a nod.

"Sounds perfect to me" Sam said kissing Paige on the cheek.

"Couldn't agree more."

"Then lets toast to a demon free future" Phoebe lifted up her cup of hot chocolate.

From that moment on the Charmed ones and the brothers knew that they would no longer have to fight demons. They would have to train and teach their children how to fight demons, but they themselves had a demon free life.

A life each one of them always wanted and now finally had…

The End

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