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Summary: As he goes from his old persona into a new one at the head offices bidding, Shane Helms reflects on the one that got away and just what in the world he can do to get her back.

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Series: Mended Heart Series

Characters: Shane (Gregory) Helms, Stacy Keibler, and appearances by other superstars from previous books in the series.

Authors Note: This is book two in the new series I am creating. I hope to make this one bigger and better then the one before it although my love of both is pretty strong. Thank you for any and all interest in these stories and should you feel the need, please review and let me know what you think but remember that it is not mandatory and I will not show up at your door pissed off at the end of it. Also on a side note, if this couple is going to bother you, stop reading now because it is only going to bother you more as you read because this is a romance novel and they will fall in love. Now that you have been warned, we shall start the next installment of the series.

I'm looking at you through the glass

He slammed his way into the locker room, his heart breaking in what felt like a million pieces all at once. Wasn't it enough that he had to overhaul his entire career up until this point? To do away with the good he had accomplished with marketing and the fans with the Hurricane and now be something that he just didn't have in him to be? Why did she have to come along and drop her bomb at the same time? How much was a man really supposed to handle before he had the breakdown?

Her and her damn letters. He had loved that about her when she had admitted her feelings for him in one but now it was just too much. If she had really loved him the way he had her wouldn't she come to him and tell him she needed time apart? Why all of the head games and the letters. He hadn't seen her since she had dropped the letter off to him, kissed him goodbye and went off to Hollywood to be the next big thing and that alone was paining him more then he could let on.

He ripped the letter out of his bag and allowed himself the painful pleasure of reading her words, as if by reading them it would make it seem like a sweet fairytale. One that hadn't had the ending written yet and he could turn back the clock and change. A choose your own adventure of sorts. Something he desperately wished he could do now.

Flinging himself down on the cold hard bench below he slipped the letter more carefully out of the envelope and sat back, letting the words overtake him and bring him to a place he had long since forgotten existed. A place where only the lonely hearts could go.

Dear Shane,

This is one of the hardest letters for me to write but I see no other way around it. I have taken the job on the ABC show and I will be leaving immediately to fly out and begin my new adventure. I want to be able to say we will stand the test of time but I don't think we can. My past actually dictates that it cannot.

I love you, I have always loved you but my heart is calling me somewhere else, a place where right now, after numerous talks with you, you are not ready to enjoy and to embrace. I will miss you, there will never be a day when I do not think of you but it is better for all of us if we just end this where it is now.

I know this is cold and calculated, ending it in the very letters that made you love me in the first place but I cannot face you with this revelation. Please move on and be happy and forget all of the anger and pain I am about to cause you and your sweet heart.

I am so sorry Shane and I hope one day when we both look back on this, we can be friends.


Cold and calculated was one way of putting what she had done. Stupid and inconsiderate was another. Just what the hell did she think he was going to feel getting a Dear John letter from her ending what he thought was the first relationship of his life where he actually opened himself up enough to love someone.

Well the joke was on him because he was the one that was here alone and she was off in Hollywood living it up. He had seen the magazine articles about the show and about how she was now sort of dating an actor from a WB show. It looked like as much as she loved him, she enjoyed putting the dagger a little deeper more.

What was I thinking falling in love with this woman?

She said she loved you and you believed it.

I was an idiot.

He had been having the same inbound conversations with himself since the day he had gotten the letter and the kiss off from her a week before. He was in the middle of a career overhaul and then this happens. He had been tempted to leave the WWE and walk away for good. But his best friend and fellow North Carolina native wouldn't let him.

Jeff Hardy had gone through much of the same thing when he had walked away from Trish all those years ago, but now they were on the fast track to admitting their feelings, to almost being married. Something Shane had wanted to attain for years and had failed at. He had thought that if his friend could do it, and finally be happy, then so could he. How wrong he was.

What no one knew though, was that the night of the kiss off, he had been waiting to take her out to dinner and it was going to be the night where he laid it all on the line and asked for her hand in marriage. Looking back now, sitting in the locker room alone with his thoughts, he knew that his friends were right when they said it was smart that he found out before he had popped the question. But he also knew deep down that if he had been given the chance to ask her, maybe she wouldn't have walked away from him.

What had gone so wrong? He could have been there with her and her career without the WWE. He would have understood it and made a real effort to make it work. So why did she run and what was she hoping to gain by doing it the way she had?

He heard the voice then, breaking him away from the letter, which was now crunched up in his hands, and the thoughts of the woman he had thought he loved.

"Shane if you want her, you are going to have to fight for her. Sitting here and reading that damn letter is not going to make her leaving you any easier."

He looked up into the eyes of his caring friend and admitted deep inside that Jeff was right. If there was anyone on the roster who could prove that fact to him, it was the man standing before him now. The man that in nine short months was about to become a father.

"How am I supposed to fix this Jeff when she made it clear I do not fit in her world anymore?"

"Go to Hollywood and do whatever it takes to make her see Shane, because if you don't, you are going to do what I did three years ago with Trish and end up worse off then you are now."

Was his friend right? Is that what he needed to do? Go to her, throw the letter in her face and tell her just how he felt and how he would never really give up on her and what they shared? Or would doing that make things even worse and make her run even further away?

There was only one way to find out.