Full Moons and Diplomats

Warnings: GRAPHIC YAOI SEX. I don't know how to make that clearer. If you are offended by this, then why are you here?! Shoo!

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Naruto jumped when he finally sensed the presence that seemed to materialize behind him.

"Ah! Gaara!" The sand shinobi was standing there calmly, regarding Naruto with a mixture of calculation and confusion. Or at least it seemed that way. His eyes were as blank as they ever were when he wasn't, well, talking to the sand.

Wait. Wasn't it... Gaara's door... he was knocking on?

"What the- why are you out here? You're supposed to be in there!!" Naruto squawked.

Gaara quirked his head inquisitively. "I was on the roof."

"You- why were you on the roof?"

"... is there any point to spending the night in a bed?"

Naruto colored, remembering a bit belatedly Gaara's insomnia. Stupid, stupid, stupid! And after Tsunade had just reminded him the night before!

Luckily, he was Uzumaki Naruto, and Uzumaki Naruto did not care about little things like social blunders. "Oh. Right."

"Is there any particular reason you're here?"

"Well... I wanted to see if you'd like to do anything."

"...Not really."

"Aww, come on. You can't just sit here all day!"

Gaara's gaze told him that yes, he could.

"Don't tell me you were actually planning on it!"

"Actually, I was planning on sitting in a tree."

Naruto stared, flabbergasted. This boy seriously needed to learn how to actually enjoy himself. "No. Come on. There's a market today. It's gonna be fun! You can't miss it!"

Gaara's eyes widened fractionally at him, almost apprehensive. Probably at the thought of that much fun. Psh. Party pooper.

"Well, come on!"

The redhead didn't move.

Naruto rolled his eyes and grabbed the Kazekage's thin wrist. The sudden shock of heat that ran through him was unexpected, but he supposed it had to do with Gaara being another jinchuuriki.

Gaara let himself be dragged until they got to the top of the stairs, then twisted out of Naruto's grasp. Naruto glanced behind him briefly as he half-skipped down the stairs; the boy was indeed still following him, though taking the stairs much slower. Naruto jumped down the last few stairs and landed with a thump, then turned to watch impatiently. Could he go any slower? Weren't they supposed to be ninja?

It did give him a chance to observe that for once, Gaara looked slightly less than perfectly groomed. His hair was messier than usual, his clothes rumpled (probably from spending the night outside) and the lines around his eyes seemed somehow more pronounced.

Naruto snapped his eyes away when Gaara made it to the bottom of the stairs and turned that unnerving gaze on him. Oh, crap. Had he been staring? Then again, not like that was unusual for him.

Naruto lead the way (read; bounced his way) out of the building and through a maze of alleyways. Gaara kept drifting closer and then dropping back sharply. Naruto wondered if that was how he always spaced himself when he was walking with somebody. It seemed kind of odd, as far as Naruto was concerned. He didn't fall behind people unless he got distracted by something.

...Okay, so he fell behind all the time. But he always hurried to catch up, rather than seeming to try to put distance between him and his companion.

Augh. Too much thinking. Over-analyzation caused Naruto's brain to shut down.

They entered the first street that showed signs of the market; shops had set up stalls next to their doors to display their special wares. Naruto stared around him, even though this was a monthly market- with everything on sale, it was a perfect opportunity for a thrift-minded shinobi like himself. As people began shoving past them, Gaara was suddenly nearly attached to Naruto's elbow. The blonde could practically feel his dark glower at the crowds without even turning to look.

Naruto stopped to look at a book display, but snorted in derision when he caught sight of the newest Icha Icha book in the second most prominent place. Konoha really was full of perverts.

"What?" Gaara's quiet question caught him off guard.

"Oh, um... er, nothing." Naruto was fairly certain that Gaara did not know of things such as Icha Icha, permanent sex-hair or no. He hurried past the books. They turned a corner and were confronted by the craft alley, which was even more crowded than the last. Gaara was suddenly actually attached to his elbow.

Heat surged through him at Gaara's touch, then receded into a nagging, growing need. Gaara's hand was fisted in his sleeve almost like an insecure child, his uneven, nervous breath brushing over Naruto's neck. What the hell was wrong with him? It felt like he was reacting to something- the Sand nin's closeness? But why?

It only got worse through the hour or so they spent wandering through the market. Gaara seemed twitchy as well- not the way he had been when Naruto had first met him, but something was obviously bothering him.

They reached the edge of the market, where the people began to thin out. Instead of relaxing (Naruto had figured that the nervousness he sensed was from the press of people in the maze of the market) Gaara actually seemed to tense more. He drew away abruptly.

Huh. Well, if this day wasn't turning out weird, Naruto didn't know what was weird. He looked sideways at the young Kage. Gaara was flushed, drawn in on himself. If he listened, Naruto could hear the sand in the gourd moving. Was Gaara sick? Distressed?

...More importantly, was there actually anything he could do about it? Probably not. So... subject change!

"Hey, I know what we can do! Let's go to Ichiraku's! Have you been there?"

Gaara shook his head almost imperceptibly.

"You have to try it!" Naruto bounced off, checked that Gaara was following, then wove his way towards Ichiraku Ramen. Even if he did get a little direction confused every now and then, if there was one navigation skill Naruto was proud of, it was the knowledge of the fastest route to Ichiraku's from any place in Konoha.

"Hello, Naruto!" the man at Ichiraku's greeted them as Naruto ducked under the flaps, Gaara following much more hesitantly. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Gaara!"

"Nice to meet you."

Gaara nodded in reply.

"Now, what'll you be having today?"

"Mmmm... dunno. What d'you like, Gaara?"

The redhead looked at him blankly. "I haven't tried this before."

"Oh, right... Miso then! You can never go wrong with the basics." Naruto cheered. "Two miso ramen, please!"

"Coming right up!"

When two steaming bowls of ramen were set in front of them, Naruto was so excited he promptly forgot about the surrounding world. It was a common symptom of his ramen-mania. He pulled the chopsticks apart with an evil chuckle and an 'Itadakimasu!'

It wasn't until halfway through slurping up the beautiful noodly joy that he got distracted by watching Gaara. The redhead was going much slower than anyone Naruto had ever seen eating ramen. Obviously he had no education in the art. Then again... it was almost art, the way he was going about it.

He'd wrap the noodles around the chopsticks and place it in his mouth carefully, then take a bite of vegetable from the toppings. Naruto arrived at two conclusions.

One: Gaara ate more daintily than a girl.

Two: It was really fucking sexy.

Wait. Shock. Where the hell had that second conclusion come from? Continue eating, pretend it hadn't occurred to him. Naruto finished his ramen at his usual nausea-inducing speed and held up his chopsticks.

"Seconds, please!"

"Of course!" More noodles were added to the broth in his bowl. Gaara was giving him an odd look. Naruto was slightly unnerved by the unreadableness of the pale green eyes, but he shrugged it off as he always did. Gaara was just hard to interpret.

Then one of the noodles slipped off Gaara's chopsticks, and he looked like it had committed a personal offense. Naruto nearly choked to keep from laughing- until Gaara glared at him. Then he really did burst out laughing. He wasn't quite sure what was so funny- it might be that it was Gaara, jinchuuriki and Kazekage, getting flustered over a noodle.

"You kill the entire ramen-eating process." Naruto finally commented after his third bowl. Gaara looked over the rim of the bowl- he was drinking the broth- then set it down.

"How so?"

"Well, for one, you've- god, you've left half your noodles in there! What are you, anorexic?"

Gaara shrugged. "Food is less abundant in Suna." he explained.

Psh. Well, no wonder he was so thin. You couldn't tell just looking at him, due to the bulk of the gourd and loose clothing, but his wrist had been so thin in Naruto's grasp; delicate, like you could snap it just like that.

Except for the fact that if you tried that, the sand would pry you off him and probably crush your arm (if not all of you) for the offense.

Naruto shivered, realizing that he was examining Gaara's body as the boy swirled his chopsticks in the food he plainly was not planning to eat any more of. The way the sash of the gourd hugged along his torso, the bend of his neck as he hunched over the counter just a bit. The way the pale skin shifted as he moved on his seat.

What. The. Hell.

The deep rumble of Kyuubi surprised him. The demon didn't often try to stir from its prison, but now it was thrashing, intent on something. Gaara. Green eyes glanced over to him, wide, then flashed away, a sudden hitch in his breathing. Naruto felt Kyuubi's influence beginning to flood him, and tried to fight it back. What was up with that? Kyuubi had only ever come out before in times of life-threatening situations.

Naruto quickly paid for their meal and thanked the owner. Gaara followed him, meticulously keeping a three-foot distance between them. Naruto didn't know whether to be frustrated or grateful for this; he wanted to reach out and grab that wrist again, to feel the delicate skin and bones underneath, to follow it up and find more of the soft skin, to find out if it would be as easy to bruise that slim throat as it looked like it would, and if the sand would let him.

'What is this?!' he raged at Kyuubi. The creature rarely answered him if he talked to it, and when it did, the tone was always aggravated or condescending. Never low and heated as it was when it replied,

'He's in heat. He's just begging for us to take him. What the fuck are you waiting for?'

Naruto was shocked speechless. Kyuubi also never cursed like that. 'In heat?' What was that supposed to mean?

And when had they wound up at the entrance to his apartment?

"So... ah... is there anything else you wanna see for the day?"

Gaara shrugged. "I should stop bothering you. I can find my way back."

"You're not just gonna go back and sit on your own, are you? Come on in." Naruto huffed. "Come in, we can hang out or play a board game or something." He dutifully ignored Kyuubi's whispers.

"No, no, really." Gaara's eyes were wide, with a touch of the glassy look they acquired whenever he had turned scary in the past.

"I can't just leave you alone all day!" Naruto protested, catching hold of Gaara's wrist again as he turned to go.

Bad move. The same heat he'd felt on contact before was there, but now the raging compressed fire of Kyuubi's chakra flooded through his veins and obliterated any remnants of his common sense that had been arguing against Kyuubi's suggestion to jump Gaara.


Shock paralyzed Gaara's system for a moment when Naruto grabbed his wrist- the blonde's hand was like a little furnace sending spears of heat through his body. No no no no, no touching, he couldn't bear touching right now after being so close all day, he was going to lose control soon and how embarrassing would that be?

Then he was spun around, obviously heading for a collision with the wall behind him; the sand exploded from the gourd to slow and cushion until the actual impact was just a tap and the sand slid away so he could feel the scratch of brick reverberating through the gourd.

It took him a moment to process that it was Naruto who had twirled him into a wall, a moment that occupied all the muddled time he had before lips descended on his. His eyes flew up to meet the violently red, slitted eyes currently narrowed at him.

Naruto's tongue found its way easily into his mouth, hot and wet and invading. Touch alone overwhelmed Gaara; he had no idea how to deal with this. His wrist was still being help pinned to his side; he used his other hand to cling to Naruto's shirt sleeve, whatever words he was trying to say coming out as incoherent moaning that merely caused Naruto's mouth to move more decisively over his.

Friction took the heat that his body was already consumed by and pooled it between his legs. Gaara trembled with the intensity of the feeling. This was more than just the sand willing to touch him, this was not just his body's frustrations realizing themselves as arousal. There was somebody touching him, somebody close to him, reacting to him, kissing him. Not just his sibling's hesitant touches, not just the nervous brushes or clueless caresses of those who didn't recognize his condition.

Naruto's free hand came up, tangling in his hair, tilting his head to the side to open a wider pathway. His tongue coaxed Gaara's into reaction, even if Gaara was still too lost, too overwhelmed to control it himself.

Finally Naruto broke the kiss, and Gaara choked on the air he so desperately needed. His fist tightened in Naruto's shirt as he coughed, trying to get control of his body again. It was all such a very new experience.

"Are you okay? Hey!" Naruto's voice was worried; when Gaara finally gained the air to stop spasming and look up, his eyes were blue again, just a hint of the slit pupil and the darkened whisker marks remaining. "Are you all right?"

Gaara nodded.

"Then... is it okay if I do that again?"

He groaned. "Oh, fuck yes." He didn't usually curse, but the predatory smile that lit up the blonde's face was worth it.

Naruto tugged him through the door of the building, but they only made it up one flight of stairs before Naruto was kissing him again, pressing him against the railing so he would have been bent over it if not for the gourd. Gaara was half-hard and aching the sand swirling around his feet and up his legs, but it seemed to sense that he didn't want its attention right now.

Gaara had recovered enough of his wits to return the favor, unable to wait longer than halfway up the next flight of stairs. They pressed together as Naruto bent over the railing, hardness meeting hardness through their clothes, and Gaara didn't know how they were going to last until they got to wherever they were going.

Naruto pounced again halfway down the third-floor hall, fingers working at something on his chest just as furiously as his mouth was working against Gaara's. The gourd slid to the ground with a thump and Gaara slid through a cushion of sand until he was pressed against the wall. Naruto's hands were fiddling with his pans and even though he knew he ought to care because they were still in the hall, he didn't, not with the blonde sucking his tongue into his mouth and rubbing against it. He bucked against the half touch and Naruto growled into the kiss.

A door banged open next to them, startling Naruto away from him. Gaara whined softly and tightened his grip on Naruto's sleeves; he didn't think he could bear it if contact was cut off. He barely processed an old man staring wide-eyed at them before Naruto's body pressed him against the wall and kissed him again, growling in a vaguely possessive way. The door was shut as suddenly as it had opened.

"Jerk." Naruto glared at the door. He dragged Gaara by the hand this time, up one more flight of stairs, Gaara dragging the gourd behind him. He wasn't quite sure where they were going until Naruto pressed him up against a door, nipping at Gaara's lip in a way that made him melt.

The door flew open behind him, and only the sand prevented the sudden fall, cushioning them onto the floor with Naruto on top of him. Naruto pushed his shirt up with no consideration for the open door- the sand pushed it closed with a click.

Then Naruto's tongue ran from his navel up to his nipple, and Gaara arched and cried out as though he'd been hit. The line of Naruto's tongue felt like it had been set on fire, driving all reason from his head and leaving only the blind need. The sand swirled around them both, its caress against his skin cool, familiar, soothing.

On Naruto, though, it was the opposite effect, if the violent shudder and moans were any indication.

"Ah, gods..." he groaned, arching against the sand's touch and into Gaara. Gaara writhed under the pressure- he was too close to take this much more, finally getting what he'd been trying not to want all day.

Naruto was tugging his pants down, leaving Gaara momentarily feeling extremely exposed. The sand always seeped into his clothes; he had never actually been undressed when aroused. Naruto's mouth engulfing him in slick, wet heat drove any mental discomfort away immediately.

"Nnn–ahh!" Sensation concentrated in his groin, drawing up tight and flaring as the blonde's tongue flickered uncertainly around his shaft. Gaara thrust up instinctively, felt Naruto's throat clenching around him for one elongated moment, then he was pushed back down, a keening sound coming from his throat at being denied release. The fingerprint ridges of Naruto's thumb against the tip of his cock caught him between pleasure and pain, it was so intense. Gaara arched almost impossibly, breath laboring, trembling. So, so, close... Naruto's fist wrapped around his cock, slid up and down once, and squeezed. Gaara's voice was frozen even as his mouth opened in a silent scream, ecstasy hung immobile for what seemed forever but was over much too soon. Semen splattered both of them, warm and stick and for once not simply absorbed by the sand .

Shukaku thrashed in his mind, her heat spreading immediately through his body, unsatisfied. Naruto's skin was hot against his, his blue eyes slit pupilled and darkened with lust still.

Clothes were lost on the way to the bed, tossed indiscriminately into corners of the small room. They didn't actually make ti to the bed, skin against skin and Shukaku's heat bringing Gaara to arousal again. They ended up on a tangle of the blankets and sand, Naruto's hands roaming across Gaara's body and seeming to light every place he touched, kissing him again, roughly; there were fangs in his mouth now, and they pricked Gaara's tongue and he moaned into the kiss, the taste of his own blood making him go harder, pressed against Naruto.

Naruto put two fingers in his mouth, then slid them, ticking past his balls, and pushed one into him. Then another, and his body was reacting to the touch in a way Gaara hadn't known it should, making him whimper and raise his hips and ask for more. Naruto's grin was feral, and somehow in the midst of the daze and the arousal hot and insistent between his legs, Gaara knew that this was why Naruto reacted when nobody else did, the strange workings of the sealed demons, and Kyuubi wanted Shukaku as much as Shukaku wanted- well, anybody, but with Kyuubi she actually submitted.

Ponderings of demonic possession were blasted away; Gaara arched into the taut body above him, stunned he hadn't come, the feeling was so intense, but then it was gone.

"Ahh, again, Na -- " He wasn't quite sure what gibberish he was trying to communicate, but fingertips reached there again- "Aaah! Oh gods-" how could he not have come? The arousal coiled tighter, his length throbbing where it rubbed lightly against Naruto's stomach. This was different from anything before, this was more.

Searing pain- oh gods what? he wasn't ready!- but Naruto could not wait, and neither could Gaara's body, once again reacting to the unfamiliar sensation of pain in a way he would not expect it to, slamming back to meet him.

"Oh- nng, fucking hell..." Naruto lay against Gaara, apparently trying to control himself- Gaara felt no such compulsion, and undulated to rub himself as much as he could against the blonde. This prompted a strangled moan from Naruto, and then Gaara could feel the burning friction as he began to move.

That sensation again- he couldn't even try to analyze, to describe it, just feel it, the pleasure so intense it sent him driving back to find more, to meet the next thrust and again... Ragged moans escalated, his body tightening and contracting into one mass of feeling. The pace increased, seeming to stay inside longer, little brushes of bright, fleeting pleasure that made him twitch each time, pressing back, longing for, needing release.

"Gah- gaara!" His name in Naruto's voice, Naruto snapping into him one last time and flooding his insides hot and slick and the sand flowed and swirled its silky touch around him just enough to push him finally over that edge. He came harder than he ever had, blanking out and arching, Naruto's name indistinct in the scream.

He came back down to Naruto's eyes still red, still gazing at him both as a predator and possessor. His body was still afire, completely oversensitized, somehow- inexplicably- wanting more.

Shukaku raged, her need unfulfilled- of course. Gaara, unlike the cats back in Suna, could not bear kittens. Her fertility was not being used and therefore could not abate, but for once, Gaara could not complain.


Kyuubi would not abate. Passion, need, possession froze him. He still wanted Gaara (right after he'd come?!), but what if he hurt him? Had already hurt him? Desire pulsed from behind Kyuubi's gate. What the hell had set Kyuubi off as the instigator of this whole thing, anyway?

Gaara growled, low, moving himself against Naruto as his sand scurried across Naruto's back, over his chest and thighs and each little grain a spark of chakra that sent his flaring into overdrive. Naruto groaned as he felt himself begin to harden again inside Gaara. The redhead's only response was to rock onto him, making Naruto half-close his eyes in pleasure at the sensations to his half-hardened cock.

He pushed his hips forward experimentally. Gaara moaned and arched into him. Naruto could feel him growing hard, the hot silky stiffness rubbing through the mess of cum already there. He tightened on naruto as well, drawing him easily to full erection again. Naruto pulled up and thrust, sliding on his own previous cum. Gaara leaned up and kissed him open-mouthed, inviting him to taste and battle- Gaara's tongue moved against his and his mouth seemed to radiate heat.

"Aaahnnn-nn!" Gaara had shifted again to pursue the kiss, and the twist of him around Naruto's cock was too much to handle- he began the rhythm of thrusts without breaking the kiss, letting his hands, which had been distracted with holding himself up last time, wander over the pale, flushed body beneath him, caressing the sides and massaging the shoulders and brushing his fingers across the nipples- this last one startled a cry from Gaara and a pistioning of hips against his, hurried, desperate.

Naruto sped up on instinct, hands latching onto Gaara's slim hips as the other boy's fingernails dug into his arms, writhing against him. Heat flashed through his system- the sand swirling around them again. He could feel himself beginning to pulse, on the edge. Gaara swelled against him, and came, shuddering, clenching onto Naruto, gripping all the length of his cock, his yell coherent this time- a flash of diamond-star yellow in a plane of black in his eyes. Naruto managed two more hard thrusts before he came as well, the concentration of heat exploding into the fragments of his consciousness for a moment.

They lay for a moment before Naruto pulled out carefully, Gaara's hands limp on his arms, which each bore the five half-moon marks of Gaara's nails. Gaara sat on the bed while Naruto went for towels to clean themselves up a little- but by the time he got back, he could feel already by Kyuubi's tug that they weren't going to get clean.

Why was Kyuubi responding to this, creating irrational need where there had been before simply vague want? Yellow diamond on black flashed in his memory. Of course. Shukaku must have something to do with this.

Green eyes glittered at him from within the prison lines of black.


Today was complaint day. Tsunade hated it, even to the point where she would welcome that the treaty talks were to resume today. After all, with that as an excuse, maybe she could get rid of some of the more useless and inane of the complaints. She only hoped the Kazekage would be forgiving of the unavoidable interruptions. He had seemed pretty all right with it before .

The elders had had their grubby little old hands on the treaty for nearly four days before they god back to Tsunade. She was almost caught up on her work. Almost. She had chosen to get totally caught up on sleep instead.

Another civilian had banged through her door and was, surprise surprise, complaining. Tsunade wished Shizune would screen these people more rigorously. Honestly, you did not need to come to the Hokage for things like this!

"And you have to do something about these ninja brats, making out and feeling each other up next to people's doors, absolutely no shame at all... It's that Naruto kid, that's who it is, him and that little– "

Gaara's quiet knock preceded the door creaking open.

"Ah! Kazekage-sama!" Tsunade exclaimed. The old man stared at the redhead, became very pale, and suddenly left.

Huh. Well, hello, good fortune, Tsunade though. Thy name is somehow... Gaara.


A/N: Well. It's finished. No, I'm sorry, there will not be any more. It's a two-shot and that's that. I'm lazy, and that's all the inspiration I have for this.

The main thing was my annoyance with the fact that Kyuubi is always used in heat, but never Shukaku. Oh, and the ever-disturbing concept of demonic gender, because only females go into heat. (I hate when that fact is ignored.)

Happy readings. Hope you enjoyed it!