it's just a little white lie…


The creamy skin of her forearm rubs against your own, and you shudder involuntarily.

God, you love her.

Your breath escapes a little, and she smiles as she locks her fingers with yours. The inky black color drenches the sky, but doesn't cover the stars tonight. Or rather, the worlds.

"Sora?" Her voice trickles into your ears. You tilt your head and smile at hearing her say your name so beautifully. "Let's go down to the beach, okay? Just like old times."

Of course you go without hesitation. You walk hand-in-hand with her. Her hands are cold. Like ice.

She tugs you to the shore, where the waves splash up against your shoes. You don't really like it when your shoes get wet, but it's okay. It's okay because you're with her.

"Don't go, Sora." Her voice seems so much more earnest than before. She's asking for you to do something you know you can't. No, scratch that. She's pleading for you to do something you know you can't.

Your throat closes up, and you can't respond. The letter said to come. The letter from the king said to come.

"Kairi…" you start.

"Please, Sora, for me," she urges, "I can't live without you." Your heart swells. You love her so much, and she loves you so much. All those fairytales your mom read you as a little boy about true love were right.

But that doesn't stop you from being needed by millions of people all over the worlds.

You shake your head. "I… can't."

You hear a soft sniffle. "I knew you'd say that," she sighs. Her wine-colored locks are picked up in the wind. How pretty. She turns and you see tears leaking from her violet eyes.

She's making this a lot harder than it should be.

"Promise me you'll come back soon." She squeezes your hand.

You know you won't come back anytime soon. The king is making you stay at Disney Castle, so you can be at his disposal when needed. How selfish. For all you know, you'll be there for years. For all you know, you might never see her again.

For all you know, you might die.

But she squeezes your hand again, and you love how soft her fingers feel against you calloused ones.

"Promise?" she repeats with her beautiful voice.

You look up at the shining worlds again, and your mind flicks back to the people depending on you.


But you love her, and she loves you, and you are both so young that you don't think anything of it. So you bend down and give her a small peck on her pink lips.

"I promise."

After all, a little white lie never hurt anybody…



But in three years, only Riku is there to comfort her. She will crumple and smooth, crumple and smooth the letter she received. The one in the bottle? The one with the king's seal?

Yeah, the letter that will announce your death with a hint of sympathy.

And after she waited for years, and prayed for you to come back, all she has is that wrinkled piece of parchment and her salty tears.

Sometimes, those little white lies do hurt.



author's notes: So take this however you want to. It was just a short little drabble. I liked writing it. Hurray for second person. So, I hope you liked and sorry if you didn't. Review, please!