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Jessie: What my sis MEANS to say is that the first chapter might be the third chapter, don't know about that yet. This is a flashback from before the three chosen children in our fan fiction were even chosen. This is about 5 new DigiDestined when they battle all Seven Demon Lords and are losing badly when a rebel group of Digimon appeared and help out. Well enough rambling on for me, enjoy people!

A loud crash threw 5 humans back, catching their Digimon as they slammed into the ground a few feet away. They were located on a plain, but it was covered in darkness, the trees all withered away, lakes empty, except for a large one that circled around them, but it was so murky that you couldn't even see into it, and the grass dried up. Their Digimon, who were earlier in Mega forms, were now is their Rookie forms. A tall 5 ft 7, 18 year old brown haired green eyes girl, who was wearing a plain black shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes, was the first one to stand up, a Falcomon in her arms.

"At this rate we're never going to beat them. You all have any plans? Because I'm fresh out of them. Any ideas to say the least?" she said, glancing back at the other 4 kids. Another female, this one a 5 ft 6, 17 year old, black hair and blue eyes with a red tank top, black pants and white tennis shoes, got to her feet, helping up a Commandramon, then looked over towards her.

"Sorry Alyssa, I don't have any. They landed a lot of attacks on our Digimons' Mega forms and ours attacks hardly scratched them. These seven are really tough. This may turn out to really bad." The girl said, narrowing her eyes. A hand was placed on her shoulder and she turned her head slightly to look at Brandon, a slightly taller 5 ft 10, 19 year old, golden brown haired and hazel eyed male who was wearing a blue shirt, blue kaki shorts and black tennis shoes, was looking at her intensely, his Digimon, a Ryudamon, shaking his head, soil and dirt falling off his head.

"C'mon Angel, don't be so negative. Remember, we gotta think positive! Thinking positive is what can determine the outcome of the battle!" he said, smiling a bit. Angel rolled her eyes, then looked over at the other two, a 5 ft 4, 17 year old female, who had blonde hair and green eyes, who was wearing a light green halter top, black bell bottoms and white and black sneakers, who held a Kudamon and the other, a 5 ft 6, 17 year old male who had black hair and green eyes who was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white and silver sneakers, had Leormon in his arms.

"Saraphina, Devon, come on. You guys must have a plan!" Alyssa said, glancing around for the Seven Demon Lords that they were fighting. Saraphina and Devon shook their heads slightly. The group of five glanced at each other then nodded.

"We'll have to think much more harder if we want to beat them. They have the advantage in this battle, because of the shadows and the lake. But that doesn't mean that we can't beat them." Devon said, shrugging. Saraphina shook her head, then looked at Alyssa, who nodded ever so slightly.

"Do you all still have energy left? If we're going to keep on fighting, we all need to have a lot of faith in each other and in you all. I believe we can win if we all work together! Let's go!" Brandon said punching the air with both of his fists. Saraphina laughed then looked over at Devon, who was smirking. Leave it up to Brandon to brighten things up even in the darkest hour. The Digimon stood in front of their partners as they stood back to back. A feminine laugh echoed through the darkened plains, then faded into darkness. It stayed that way for at least an hour or more. The rookie Digimon were fidgeting slightly, not liking the eerie silence that followed. Kudamon was using his Exceeding Light Dash (Zekkou Shou) every so often to give the kids some light to see what their surroundings looked like. After another hour had gone by, they had enough.

"They're hiding in the shadows… again, watching us like a predator would be eyeing its prey before it attacks! Let's go! Digi Evolution! Warp Digivolve activated!" The teens shouted holding up their digivices, called Digi Mods, up towards the dark sky, glowing in a rainbow of colors. The rookie Digimon started to glow with a rainbow glow, then they started to float up towards the sky, now shining with a golden light.

"Ryudamon Warp Digivolve to OwRyumon!"

"Leormon Warp Digivolve to BantyoLeomon!"

"Falcomon Warp Digivolve to Varodurumon!"

"Commandramon Warp Digivolve to Darkdramon!"

"Kudamon Warp Digivolve to Sleipmon!"

The 5 mega Digimon landed back down onto the ground, either roaring or growling. The laughing started back up, echoing through the air once again. Another evil laugh joined the female laugh, but this one was much more deeper and sinister. Angel growled, glancing around.

"Those laughs are getting me really irritated." she snapped. Devon and Alyssa agreed, nodding their heads.

"They're mocking us if you didn't notice Angel! We cant let them get to us! We must stand strong! C'mon, we have to defeat them one at a time. We cant defeat them all at once, since you all know what happened last time when we tried that. That is our plan right now. Defeat the Seven Demon Lords one at a time and save this plain and other lands of the Digital World! If that doesn't work, the we go back to the regular plan. Try to defeat all of them at the same time. And hope that they don't getting defeated like last time." Saraphina said, looking at the others. The grabbed each others hands, forming a circle behind the Mega Digimon, who were acting as a living wall to shield their partners. They were determined to protect them, even if it would cost them their lives.

"My, my… ready to be defeated yet again? Heh. Well this will be fun again." A masculine voice said as a figure floated down from the sky. A soft thud was heard as the figure landed on some dried up grass, crushing them under his feet. A smirk was plastered on his face as his eyes narrowed at the Mega Digimon. One of the Seven Demon Lords, Lucemon, had finally showed himself after what seemed like 3 hours. The winged light and dark angel snapped open his wings, then grinned.

"You all are a determined bunch. Most DigiDestined would have surrendered already, like the last bunch a few years ago!" Lucemon said, then shot towards them. He then disappeared a second later. Sleipmon grunted then stepped out of the group of Digimon. The Royal Knight beast turned his head slightly then reared back on his 6 feet, kicking out as Lucemon reappeared in front of him, smirking, though he got kicked in the chest a few time, sending him backwards a few inches at the least.

"Paradise Lost Punch!" Lucemon started to rapidly punch him, though Sleipmon dealt with it, long enough to get pushed back a few feet. The ending move was a kick from up above him, but Sleipmon was barely able to block it with his shield, though it made his fall to his knees.

"Odin's Breath!" He yelled, as a high powered blizzard came out of the shield. Lucemon jumped backwards off of the shield and flew up into the air, escaping the worse part of the blizzard, though several of his bottom white and black wings had a thin layer of frost on them.

"Starting the fight without us again Lucemon? You know how we HATE when you do that!" The feminine voice rang out, though he could heard the hint of warning seeping into her words. The only female Demon Lord, Lilithmon floated down from the darkened sky, which was filled with black thunderclouds. The purple robe that she was wearing dragged across the ground as she approached the kids, smirking. The other Demon Lords appeared soon after her, surrounding them, though one was missing. They backed up towards the shore of the murky lake, though they soon regretted doing that.

"Alright back to plan B, defeat them all of them and try not to get defeated again." Devon said, sighing.

"Rostrum!" Leviamon roared, shooting out of the water, catching OwRyumon in his mouth and started to chomp down on him. The dragon Digimon roared and tried to twist out of the crocodiles long mouth.

"If your not going to release me, then we have to do it the hard way! Eternal Dragon King Blade!" OwRyumon roared, his two blades that he wielded glowing with a bright color as he slashed and hacked his way out of the Digimons' mouth. As OwRyumon slipped out, growling softly, putting some much needed distance between the crocodile, Darkdramon flew towards Leviamon, smirking ever so slightly. Leviamon let loose a loud roar and shook head long head and snout.

"I'll take it from here OwRyumon! Dark Roar!" Darkdramon released a large pure dark matter energy orb from his mouth and sent it wards the Demon Lord. It smashed into the crocodile Digimons' head, blasting him away from the shore, creating a large splash when he landed far away from them.

"Never turn your back towards your opponents! Nazer Nail!" Lilithmon said, a wild look in her eyes as she used the demonic claws on her decayed right arm to slash at Varodurumon, but was only able to catch her bottom wings' feathers, the deadly acid eating away at her feathers. Varodurumon screeched and narrowed her eyes, flapping her six large wings to put some distance between the enraged demon mistress.

"Aurora Undulation!" Varodurumon released her attack, in the shape of a large spear and shot it down at Lilithmon, who reeled back as it hit her, enveloping her in a bright light. Lucemon saw this and shot towards Lilithmon, ramming BantyoLeomon out of the way as he caught her before he slammed the ground, clutching the female demon lord to his chest, whose skin was smoking slightly because of the light.

"Awww! How cute!" Angel said sarcastically as the humans gripped each others hands tighter, not moving a inch from where they were standing, though they would if a stray attack came their way. BantyoLeomon growled and leapt towards Daemon, who was smirking.

"Lion King Advance!" The lion yelled, his sword was enveloped in flames as he sliced at the demon. Daemon jumped back, the sword cutting through the air where he was at just a second before.

"You have very bad aim, little kitty. Evil Inferno!" Daemon taunted, releasing two steams of fire from his hands, laughing while he was doing that, in which the attack pushed the lion Digimon back a few feet. BantyoLeomon growled then used his attack again, though Daemon took off, lifting up into the air, taunting the lion Digimon once again, making him growl in anger.

"Eternal Dragon King Blade!" Daemon was taken by surprise as he was sliced in half by OwRyumon's attack.

"Never turn your back on us Demon Lord." he chuckled as he smirked slightly.

"How… could… you---" Daemon said as his data slowly disappeared. In its place was a Digiegg, which fell to the ground with a soft thud in a patch of dried up grass, then was swallowed up into the ground. Leviamon let loose a powerful roar as he shot out of the water, landing on the dried up earth a few feet away from the murky lake, making the ground quake, almost knocking the kids and the Digimon who weren't flying, off their feet.

"C'mon you all! We can win! We have faith in you!" The 5 yelled, their Digi Mods glowing with a golden light. Darkdramon roared and shot towards Leviamon, who slowly peeled back his lips in a long toothy smirk.

"You think that you can hurt me you cyborg reject?" The crocodile Digimon laughed, his long and powerful split tails sweeping only inches above the ground, kicking up several large clouds of dust that floated towards Darkdramon, making him glanced around as the dust surrounded him.

"Ugh! Where did he go? I cant see anything in this dust cloud!" Darkdramon growled, trying to clear the air by flapping his wings at a rapid pace, though it didn't work one bit.

"Cauda!" Leviamon hissed from underneath the cyborg dragon. A loud crash came a second later as he slammed his large split tails onto the ground, creating a large fissure underneath the cyborg dragon. A large quantity of water erupted from the fissure, blasting the Mega Digimon away, injuring him slightly as he slammed into the ground a few meters away. Leviamon grinned as he moved in slowly towards Darkdramon, laughing. Darkdramon grunted as he jumped up to his feet, shaking his head.

"You're going to pay for that." Darkdramon said in a deadly voice, the shot towards him, wings flapping rapidly as he smirked. Leviamon growled and lunged towards him, tails smacking the ground hard.


"Giga Stick Lance!" It ended up that Darkdramon was trapped inside Leviamons' mouth. A burst of pain shot down Leviamons' whole entire body. The lance on his right arm pierced through the roof of Leviamons' top jaw. Leviamon let loose a roar as his mouth opened up, as Darkdramon shot out as he chuckled.

"Don't bite off more then you can chew Demon Lord. Dark Roar!" Darkdramon roared as he fired a orb of dark energy mater at the crocodile, hitting him square in the head, blasting him back into the unclean water of the large lake.

"I--- cant--- be---" Leviamon choked out, his data slow disappearing. Once it was gone, the Demon Lords Digiegg flew away, disappearing into the darkness, heading off in an unknown direction. Darkdramon turned around swiftly, hearing something in back of him.

"Gift of Darkness!" A powerful energy blast knocked him out of the sky. It was enough for him to revert back to him rookie form. Commandramon stood up, a little bit shaky from the attack to glare up at the dragon Demon Lord.

"Commandramon, return to the children, I'll deal with him. You did your best!" Sleipmon said, striking out at Belphemon Rage Mode with two of his 6 legs to provide a distraction for the rookie to return to Angel. Angel threw her arms around the rookies neck as he returned and smiled slightly.

"You tried your best, and that's all that matters." she muttered. Commandramon nodded, then narrowed his eyes. Devon's gaze slid across the battle field, looking at the several battles going on in front of them. Their Digimon had defeated 2 of the 7 Demon Lords, but two wasn't going to cut it. They had to destroy all of the Demon Lords to save the Digital World, for now at least. Saraphina looked over at Alyssa, who glanced over at her and nodded.

"Don't worry, we still have faith. So don't lose it. Not now, not ever. We're a team, and nothing is going to change that." she said. The others nodded.

"BiFrost!" Sleipmon said, raising up his holy crossbow and released a flaming arrow at Belphemon. He blocked it with his set of energy claws, laughing. Sleipmon narrowed his eyes then charged at the dragon, his three sets of hooves beating the ground hard, kicking up large patches of dust behind him.

"Odin's Breath!" Sleipmon said, raising his shield, which sent a strong blast of a high powered blizzard towards the dragon Demon Lord.

"Lampranthus!" Belphemon roared, releasing infernal flames from the chains bounded around his body, scorching the already dry ground and grass in front of him, melting the blizzard completely as it continued to head towards Sleipmon. Sleipmon narrowed his eyes and used his strong 6 legs to launch himself high up into the air, escaping the scorching heat of the flames. He landed not even 3 yards away from the dragon, who turned towards him, grinning.

"Never turn your backs of your opponents." Varodurumon screeched as she floated in back of the dragon. The Demon Lord turned his head towards the holy bird Digimon, growling.

"Aurora Undulation!" she screeched, flapping her 6 wings rapidly as she released her holy attack in the shape of a long spear. Knowing that he couldn't avoid the attack in time, Belphemon growled, "Gift of Darkness!" and released a powerful energy blast towards the holy bird Digimon. Both attacks hit their marks, making Varodurumon revert back into Falcomon and made Belphemons' data slowly disappear, as he stood there, roaring. His Digiegg shot off back into the black sky, heading towards the southeast area. Falcomon, knowing that there was nothing she can do, shot off, dodging around her friends Mega forms and flew right into Alyssas' waiting arms, almost making her stumble back because of the weight.

"Crimson Flame!" A old, but powerful voice yelled. OwRyumon and BantyoLeomon headed towards Sleipmon, who was blasted back by a powerful flame.

"Need some help?" OwRyumon asked. Sleipmon nodded sharply. BantyoLeomon flashed a grin at the beast knight Digimon.

"Eternal Dragon King Blade!"

"Lion King Advance!"


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Spoiler: She hated it. The burning sensation, the blinding light. She was a fallen Ophanimon, hated by all, shoved aside by all who were around her, making her corrupt with hatred and anger. She was banished from heaven, thrown aside like a dirty toy or doll, forgotten by everyone. Her looks changed completely, so she became known as the Goddess of Darkness.