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All three attack hit their mark, but when the smoke cleared, Barbamon was still standing, laughing. The three Mega Digimon exchanged a confused look. Barbamon let out an evil chuckle, which caught the attention of Lucemon, Beetlzmon and Lilithmon, who were advancing towards the humans, who then stopped and turned to watch the fight, smirking. Then the trio of Mega Digimon looked back towards Barbamon, though he wasn't there now.

"Crimson Flame!" The attack happened so fast that when Sleipmon got up from the ground, who had just saved his Digi-butt by his shield, saw that most of the attack hit both BantyoLeomon and OwRyumon, making them both revert back into their in-training forms, Frimon and KyoKyomon. Now fearing for the two in-training Digimon, he picked both of them up and hide both of them on his back, under his yellow wing like objects, then turned his attention back towards the old wizard Digimon.

"You think you can try to defeat me? Well think again Sleipmon. I will be the one who strikes you down!" Barbamon howled, then ran towards him, wand glowing a deadly red color. Sleipmon backed up a few feet, then forced himself to jump backwards, all the while trying not to let the two in-training Digimon fall off.

"Crimson Flame!" Barbamon said, flames shooting out of the wand, setting fire to the patches of dried up grasses around him. Sleipmon was able to defect most of the flames with his shield. Growling, he charged through the attack, with his shield protecting him slightly and rammed into the Mega Demon Lord, making his attack disappear. The other three Demon Lords narrowed their eyes and started to stalk back towards the two Mega Digimon, wanting to destroy the beast knight Mega before he destroyed another one of the Demon Lords.

"Gah! That was a lucky shot! Crimson Flames!" Barbamon yelled, releasing another flame stream from his wand. Sleipmon laughed and launched himself up and over the old wizard, aiming his holy crossbow at the wizards back.

"BiFrost!" And with that, he released several burning arrows towards his opponent. But that caught the attention of the old wizard, making him turn around, howling as each arrow struck him.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Barbamon yelled, aiming his wand at the beast knight Digimon who landed with a loud thud, preparing to send another Crimson Flame at him, but his data disappeared too quickly for that to happen. His Digiegg shot off the moment it appeared, heading towards the northeast.

"Barbamon! Oh you are so going to pay for that. Double Impact!" Beelzemon yelled, leaping towards Sleipmon, firing his guns rapidly. Sleipmon grunted slightly shielding himself with his holy shield, though when the smoke cleared, he was reverted into his rookie form. Kudamon placed himself between the Mega and Ultimate Demon Lords and the in-training Digimon.

"Exceeding Light Dash!" Kudamon growled, a bright light eliminating from his earring, making the Demon Lords back away slightly, knowing that they hated the light. The kids gasped, then looked over at Falcomon and Commandramon. They both nodded and raced or flew towards them.

"You've gotta help them!" Alyssa yelled, but a hand was placed over her hands and she struggled slightly. Devon rolled his eyes as he forced Alyssa to calm down.

"Scratch Smash!"

"Strike Claw!" Both attacks hit the either Lilithmon and Lucemon, but barely hurt them. The two rookie Digimon halted and backed away a little bit, eyes narrowed at the Mega and Ultimate level Digimon. Kudamon stared up at the three remaining Demon Lords, placing a small hand on either in-training Digimon, indicating that he would give his life to protect both of them.

"This is not good. They're too tired to Digivolve back into their mega forms. Even just to Digivolve into their Champion stage takes a lot of energy out of them! What are we going to do!?" Devon said, holding his head, having released Alyssa a few second before. Several faint footsteps made them turn around to see three figures approaching them from out of the dark haze.

"Thunder Ball!" A ball of thunder slammed into Lilithmons' back, making her whip around, eyes narrowed.

"Not you again! I though we destroyed you and your pathetic group of rebels in our last battle!" Lilithmon spat, venom seeping into each word, eyes narrowed. Beelzemon and Lucemon swiftly turned around to face the wizard Digimon. A NeoDevimon and Mummymon trailed behind him, a light smirk placing its way across both of their mouths.

"DarkWizardmon… This will be the last time you interfere with us!" Lucemon growled. Lilithmon held up her human hand to silence the dark and light angel, who looked down at her, raising an eyebrow. He knew that he couldn't talk back to the only female demon lord of the group. Lucemon growled slightly, narrowing his eyes as the three new arrivals.

"I'll deal with him. You two deal with his pathetic followers." Lilithmon commanded then shot towards DarkWizardmon, who was also called just Dark. Beelzemon and Lucemon both nodded sharply.

"Nazer Nail!" Lilithmon shouted, her Nazer claws on her decayed right arm started to glow as she swiped at him, shooting past him, then twisted around, an enraged expression on her face. The wizard Digimon had used his Magical Game to turn himself invisible, but she had smelled the stench of burning cloth that she had at least injured him to some extent.

"You thought you did, but you didn't make sure." came the voice of the wizard. While Lilithmon turned around in a complete circle, she still couldn't tell exactly where his voice was coming from. She cursed slightly, eye narrowed. NeoDevimon laughed as he just kept of jumping out of the way of the attacks that Beelzemon send at him. Mummymon just used his "Snake Bandage!" attack on the angel Demon Lord, wrapping up his wings, feet and hands. Lucemon struggled, unable to use any of his attacks because of the strong bondage.

"Darkness Claw!" Beelzemon grinned and shot towards NeoDevimon, attacking him with black energy covered claws, sending him flying through the air and into the murky lake. NeoDevimon coughed and stood up, completely drenched, but didn't really care at that moment.

"Stun Claw!" NeoDevimon said, leaping out of the lake and towards Beelzemon, who was aiming at him with his two guns. He ducked as the Demon Lord yelled "Double Impact!", bullets barely missing him by at least an inch. His right claw founds its way to Beelzemon, colliding into his chest.

"Sorry it has to be this way. But its for the good of the Digital World." NeoDevimon said as Beelzemons' data began to disappear.

"No! Beelzemon! You are so dead NeoDevimon!" Lilithmon growled, aiming a harsh glare towards NeoDevimon, who looked over at her. Beelzemons' Digiegg floated up into the air, then shoot off towards the north, disappearing into the clouds. Lucemon smirked as he looked back towards Mummymon, then started to laugh like a manic. Lilithmon growled, cursing under her breath. The one thing she hated about Lucemon was when he laughed like that. If Leviamon and Daemon was there at that moment, they would have agreed to that.

"Ultimate Sacrifice!" Lucemon roared, two orbs of dark and light energy ripping through the bondages as he struggled free, then short them both towards Mummymon, a evil smirk on his face. Mummymon growled and jumped backwards, disappearing into the haze, chuckling as the both orbs slammed into the ground right were he was a few seconds before. Lucemon glanced around, eye narrowing.

"Vision of Terror!" the wizards voice came from behind her, but when she turned around, a white blinding light surrounded her. She shielded herself the best she could with her decayed right arm, growling. A burning sensation spread rapidly through her, making her fall to her knees. She hated it. The burning sensation, the blinding light. She was a fallen Ophanimon, hated by all, shoved aside by all who were around her, making her corrupt with hatred and anger. She was banished from heaven, thrown aside like a dirty toy or doll, forgotten by everyone. Her looks changed completely, so she became known as the Goddess of Darkness. The light disappeared suddenly and she stood up, smoke steaming off her skin that wasn't covered.

"You will pay for that attack! Phantom Pain!" The area around her for 5 feet in every which direction was filled with a bewitching mist of darkness. Lucemon looked over at her and smirked. He know when she was that pissed, she would use that attack no matter how injured she was. She glanced around, then walked out of the circle, though the mist followed her. The darkness mist was still flowing out of the tips of her "Nazer Claws".

"Electric Squall!" Several blasts hit her square in the back, making her stumble forward.

"You little--" she started, but a shout of "Thunder Blast" made her turn her whole body to the side. The last thing she saw was Lucemon flying towards her, yelling, Dark revealing himself and a lighting bolt from his staff shooting right at her. She felt intense pain for just a moment, then nothing. Lilithmons' data disappeared quite quickly. Her Digiegg shot towards Lucemon, but a small portal opened to the human world and it was swallowed up by it.

"No! M'LADY LILITHMON! You… rebels are going to pay for what you done. You all, both you rebels and those blasted kids will DIE!" Lucemon said. The kids had moved a little bit away from the new Digimon and Lucemon. Mummymon appeared in back of them, the knelt down, arms full of either in training or the rookie Digimon.

"Don't worry about him. He has a few… umm… tricks up his sleeves. Oh and here you are." Mummymon said, handing Frimon, KyoKyomon, and Kudamon back to Devon, Brandon and Saraphina. The kids jumped slightly then nodded a thanks to him. NeoDevimon appeared near Angel, making her jump slightly again.

"Don't be scared. We're on your side. One more Demon Lord to go, then you can go home. You can leave Lucemon to us, since your Digimon seem to be running low on energy." NeoDevimon said.

"Ultimate Sacrifice!"

"Lucemon, that attack wont work anymore… You should know that by now! DarkWizardmon Digivolve to BlackNecromon! Dark Meteor!" Black colored meteors rained down around the black armored magician and the fallen angel, smashing into the ground, releasing intense heat that made the angel leap into the sky, cursing, smoke swirling around his lower wings.

"Ugh. Its you again BlackNecromon. Paradise Lost PUNCH!" he growled, disappearing in a flash. BlackNecromon glanced around then smirked.

"Dark Aurora!" BlackNecromon grinned, shoving his armored sword in back of him, shining black energy enveloping the blade and handle completely. Lucemon appeared in back of him, running right into his sword. He coughed and reeled back, as his data started his disappear slowly.

"No… I must not… Ultimate Sacrifice!" Lucemon sent two large orbs of darkness and light at BlackNecromon before completely disappearing, his Digiegg shooting off into an unknown direction. The orbs flew over BlackNecromon's head as he ducked down slightly, turning his head to see them slam into the murky waters' surface. All that resulted in was a large explosion in the murky lake and water raining down on the kids and the small rebel group. BlackNecromon bowered his head slightly, then de-Digivolved back into DarkWizardmon and walked off.

"Well, time for us to leave. I wish you all well. The new group of DigiDestined can take it over from here when they arrive when the Digital World heals itself completely." NeoDevimon said before following the retreating wizard. Mummymon followed in NeoDevimons' footsteps. The darkness disappeared from the plain for the first time in days, The plain was still destroyed, but the Digital World would have to heal itself, since there was nothing that the kids could do. The kids head a soft trotting noise coming from the direction that they were currently facing and saw a Oryxmon approached them, smiling slightly, then bowed her head.

"Thanks you for destroying the Seven Demon Lords. I would have to personally thank the rebel group as well for helping you out after you go back to the human world. The other Digimon are grateful to have you 5 here. But the time has come that you must leave. A new chapter is about to start, and a new team is needed. There is nothing else for you to do. Always remember children, I will always be watching over you five, even as you continue with your lives in the human world." Oryxmon said. A couple of seconds past and the ancient goat Digimon found herself being hugged by all of the humans, their Digimon watching them, smiling slightly.

"We'll miss you!" An echo of voices called out from behind the kids. They released Oryxmon, who stepped back a few steps and turned around towards their Digimon, hugging them. After a few minutes, Oryxmon cleared her throat and sighed.

"Its time young heroes… and heroines. Its time you return to the human world. I wish you all farewell. The new team will take it over from here, weather they arrive here tomorrow or 20 years from here or more." Oryxmon said, then held up her head as the Digimon moved back a few feet, all having sad looks on their faces. The kids waved goodbye as they turned back to Oryxmon. She smiled and the bell around her neck began to rock back and forth, the tolling echoing through the barren landscape. A bright light surrounded them, and the last thing they ever saw of the digital land was Oryxmons' smiling face. The soon found themselves back where they were before they were called into the Digital World.

"What were--- Oh right… we were planning on attending that banquet together and playing there afterwards." Brandon said, picking up his French horn off the dining room table in Angel's house. Devon picked up both his trumpet and Saraphina's clarinet off of their chairs, then handing it to her.

"Alyssa, where did your flute and piccolo go?" Angel asked, glancing around for the two woodwind instruments as she picked her alto saxophone off the sofa where she had last put it. Alyssa held her two instruments up in the air from where she was sitting on the couch.

"I have them, don't worry about it. And cheers for saving the Digital World. That was intense, but fun at the same time! Now the " Alyssa said, looking up at everyone. The group nodded, then high fived each other.

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Spoiler: A Lopmon, who was hiding behind some rocks, leapt up onto Bastemon's shoulder and smiled.

"Hi big kitty!" she said. Bastemon raised a eyebrow then smiled slightly. A Patamon, 10 Gazimon (the cooks for the entire rebel group) Mummymon, Andromon, Leomon, Sangloupmon, Triceramon, MarineAngemon, Z'dGarurumon and DinoTigermon and a several more types of Digimon came out of the different tunnels. The three kids looked from the other Digimon then back at Dark.