Title: So Deeply

Author: Jillian K.

Summary: The nature of love and sacrifice. Draco and Harry are in hiding and the supplies have run out. One Shot H/D Angst and more of that.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy belong to JK Rowling and her publishers. This fic is intended for entertainment purposes only.

So Deeply

A moment's rest had eluded them since their desperate flight four days ago. Potter was adamant that they keep going. Draco was accustomed to follow so he complied meekly. He had always been the one that needed guidance.

Harry Potter was the leader of the resistance and his decisions were not questioned even by his second in command, strategist Ronald Weasley. When the boy who lived ordered everyone to go underground they did so. No one questioned and no one doubted that it was within him to destroy the Dark Lord. It was only a matter of time.

A thorough scan by Potter revealed that at least for the moment they were safe. He and Draco entered the empty building. A condemned notice was affixed to the door which the couple ignored. It was shelter and that was enough.

Potter's knees gave out just as soon as he was inside. The effects of the curse were finally defeating a will of steel. Draco knew that this is why Potter had given the order. He was too weak to continue fighting.

Draco took off his worn but still serviceable cloak and wrapped his lover within its folds. He had been ordered not to use his magic in fear that it would be traced so he made do. It was important to keep Potter warm and fed.

Only a stale roll remained in Draco's backpack along with a thermos of cold tea. Draco soaked the bread in the tea and coaxed it down Potter's throat. His own stomach rumbled in hunger but he ignored it. Only Potter mattered now.

The meager repast was soon gone and the weakened wizard fell asleep. His caretaker wet his lips with the few remaining droplets of tea and set about finding Potter a safer spot. There was a little room where the boiler had been kept so he half-carried half-dragged him there. When he was satisfied that he was as safe as he could make him, Draco left the building. He was in search of Potter's next meal.

Ten days later the color had returned to Potter's face. He awoke to find himself alone but lying on a thick sleeping bag. In a corner of the room he spied bags of imperishable goods and clothes. Bottles of water lined the other corner.

Draco was nowhere to be found. Potter was irritated and confused. Draco knew better than to leave.

Just as soon as he had thought this, his missing lover stepped over the threshold. Potter gasped at the image before him. Draco Malfoy wore a pair of skin tight jeans a thin black shirt that hugged his torso. His blond hair was slicked back and sooty kohl lined his grey eyes. His vulnerable neck bore a mass of purple bruises and reddish bites.

Potter looked at his lover and at the packages and he knew.

Draco lowered his gaze. His face burning in shame.


Months later

When the end came it was neither with a bang nor a whimper but rather with a steady wave of magic and determination. Harry Potter fulfilled his destiny and ended the threat to wizardkind forever.

After the celebrations were over, he made his way to the now restored Grimauld Place. The house was dark but Harry made his way to their bedroom. He knew that he would be there. Waiting as always.

Draco was fast asleep. His softened features revealed the innocence that he still possessed no matter what he believed.

Harry smiled, removed his clothes and climbed into bed. His lover snuggled to him, seeking his warmth instinctively. Harry opened his arms and drew the blond boy to him. Safe at last.

He felt loved.

The End.

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