Remote 2: RERUN

Channel 101- Rerun

Inui leaned away from his data book and paused a moment. He looked over at the infamous remote that sat innocently on a bookshelf. Then he turned back to the data book and finished up his record of the events to the best of his memory.

"As for me, once I checked to see both of my eyes were intact and still in my head, I didn't need to ask anymore questions. I rest assured knowing that power source of the remote has been removed and such an adventure could never happen again."

He looked satisfied and put his pen down.

His eyes once again wandered to the remote.

Then he picked up the pen again.

"Still," he wrote. "I do wonder what might happen if I were to press the button again."

With that, he put the pen down and shut the book.

He leaned back in his chair with a sigh, his eyes wandering back towards the remote. It seemed like only yesterday that he was hopping around to different Universes trying to undo all the mistakes he had caused.

"That's right," he sighed as he leaned forward so all four legs of the chair were on the floor again. "That's because it was."

Inui would have chuckled warmly to himself if not for the fact that he's Inui and therefore that would be way too out of character.

Once again, he discovered his eyes had fallen on the remote.

So, finally, he stood up and strode over to it, examining it carefully. It seemed so harmless; impossible to believe the events that had occurred.

In his attempts to make the most superior television remote control of all time, he somehow created some sort of device that allowed him and thirty other fellow tennis players to transcend Universes. However, there was a problem.

He had no control over which Universe he was going to and, what's worse, it took a considerably long time to collect all the people he had inadvertently involved in his accidental experiment. He didn't know if he was ever going to live it down or if he should just act as though it never even happened.

"It'll work," Inui decided. "I'll just pretend everyone else is crazy."

He looked at the power source sitting right next to the remote.

"Perhaps I should destroy this," Inui said, looking back at the remote as well. "Both of them. That way, I can be sure it will never happen again. There is still the slight chance that someone would reinstall the power source and press the button without realizing the damage that could be done."

Inui picked both of them up and was about to turn around and be on his merry way, but he was instead faced with a very familiar face that he would have preferred to not see.

"Oh…why…hello Akutsu…" Inui said, sounding somewhat nervous. "Why are you here…in my house…?"

"Don't be stupid and just tell me where it is," Akutsu commanded.

"Where what is?"

"You know what I mean!" Akutsu said angrily. "That stupid remote! That thing that made us change Universes!"

"If you're concerned over the potential of it malfunctioning and teleporting us around again, then you really don't have to worry," Inui assured him. "I was actually just on my way to destroy it—"

"Give me that!" Akutsu ordered as he swiped the remote from Inui.

Inui flinched slightly, but decided to not let Akutsu know about the power source in his other hand.

"How does it work?" Akutsu demanded as he pressed random buttons.

"It's the strangest thing," Inui crossed his arms. "For some reason, when we reappeared back in our correct Universe, the remote suddenly stopped working entirely. Isn't that the strangest thing?"

"No," said Akutsu as he turned it over. "It probably just needs new batteries. You got any batteries?"

"Now, Akutsu," Inui sighed. "First of all, I already told you that the remote was entirely broken. Second, it is not powered by batteries. Third, even if it was still functioning and it was powered by batteries, why would I give you batteries so that you can power it up and press the button again?"

"Oh I don't know," said Akutsu. "Because you want to keep all your teeth in your head?"

Inui raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Well, as I said, it is broken," said Inui. "And there's nothing I can do."

"Damn it!" Akutsu said. "Now I'm stuck in this lame Universe?"

Inui frowned. "Why do you want to leave this one?" he asked.

"Because this one is stupid and the future is so much better," Akutsu answered.

"And what if, when you pressed the button, you didn't end up going to the future again?" Inui said. "What if you ended up in one of the other Universes, like the Mary-Sue one? What then?"

"As long as the Universe didn't involve tennis, it would be an improvement," Akutsu said childishly.

"I see," Inui adjusted his glasses. "Well, that being said, I must request that you take your leave in whatever way you came in, please."

"Whatever," said Akutsu as he slammed the remote down on the table. He started to walk away, but then he stopped and turned around. "If you like this Universe so much, then why'd you make that thing in the first place?"

"My intention was not to create a device that would take us to other Universes," Inui answered. "I was actually just trying to make an excellent television remote control."

"Figures," said Akutsu. "What a waste. If you figured out how to work it right, you'd probably be a millionaire."

Akutsu departed and Inui gave a sigh of relief. In mid-sigh, his breath stopped. What had Akutsu just said about a million dollars?

He stared at the doorway where Akutsu had left.

Inui pondered about what he would do with himself if he had that much money. All it would take was a little bit of tweaking in a controlled environment…

He quickly banished the idea from his head. It was best to just destroy the remote and the power source and forget he had ever thought it up.


He prodded the device curiously.

He eyed the power source.

He eyed the remote.

Gently, he lifted the power source up and opened the back of the remote. (Just so you know, the power source is AAA batteries so, yeah, Inui told Akutsu several straight lies to his face.) Click, click… the two batteries fell right into place without even making Inui struggle with the springs.

The remote immediately made a familiar beeping sound. It was the same beeping sound that it normally made whenever it was warning them that a mission was coming or that they had found another person.

Inui shook his head at his temporary lapse in judgment. He put the remote back on the table and decided to shun it. Ignore it.

Of course, in the process of his spontaneous shunning, he crashed into Akutsu again. As it turns out, Akutsu had been lurking the hallway, expecting Inui to go back on his earlier plans, and now he was on the warpath! Akutsu was, not Inui. But you knew that.

"Liar!" Akutsu yelled as he dove for the remote.

"Don't touch it!" Inui commanded as he dove for it as well.

They both missed the remote and landed on the table like oafs, causing the table to break under their weight. Even though this absolutely defies the laws of physics and gravity, the remote shot up into the air in slow motion as the two boys crashed to the floor.

They looked up and watched as the remote fluttered through the air, tumbling around and around in every direction. It was plummeting towards the ground, now, and there was no telling how it would land.

All they could do was hold their breath.

The remote landed, face down, pressing all the buttons at once. It clattered and landed, and everything was still.

Inui exhaled, relieved that it did nothing.

"What?" demanded Akutsu.

"Good thing," said Inui as he sat up.

Of course, his relief was short lived. This would be a pretty short sequel if the remote ended up not working, huh?

The remote made a slight humming sound, and abruptly, it was encircled with white light. Inui knew right away what this meant and, even though he wanted to run and hide, he knew his fate was inevitable. He braced himself for the worst as the light expanded and engulfed both him and Akutsu.

Akutsu let out an eerie and diabolical laugh that seriously creeped Inui out, but he quickly learned that that was the least of his troubles.

When his eyes focused again, he took a moment to glance at his surroundings and try to figure out where he was.


There was a voice below him. He looked down to see Momo crouched down with an angry expression on his face.

"Good afternoon," Inui said.

"And what is this all about?" Momo said as he made a grand sweeping motion with his arm, gesturing around at their location.

Inui turned around and discovered that he was in a cave. A strange cave that had a bizarre familiarity to it. He took a few steps forward and looked up to see an opening to the cave that had light pouring in.

Then he put his hand on his head and realized he was wearing a massive pirate hat.

Then he realized he had no depth perception so he put his hand on his face and found he was wearing a patch.

Then he looked at Momo who was now sitting down looking irritated. Momo was also dressed as a pirate. And, if his memory was loyal to him, Inui knew that they were both dressed the same way they had been the last time they had been jumping around in the Universes. Finally, he recognized where they were.

"We were here when he changed Universes last time," Inui said.

"No shit, Sherlock," Momo said.

Inui looked cross with Momo's foul language.

"What happened?" Momo demanded since he didn't care about Inui's cross expression.

Inui quickly checked his pockets, but the remote wasn't in any of them. Just when he was about to fret foolishly, he spotted it on the ground, still laying in the exact same position it was in when it had flown off the table.

He picked it up. "It's all Akutsu's doing…" Inui said, brushing off the screen. "I can't believe we—"

He stopped dead.

"What is it?" Momo asked.

"It's…the counter…" Inui said. "It's…I don't understand."

"Don't tell me we have to collect thirty people again," Momo whined.

"Worse," Inui said, kneeling down and showing the screen to Momo. "We have to collect fifty."