TITLE; The Night I Met You

AUTHOR; Jessa the Fangirl


PAIRING; Charlie & Claire

SUMMARY; Charlie never believed in love at first sight... until now. (Just a little blurb from Charlie's POV of PB&J's first meeting.)

DISCLAIMER; Charlie and Claire belong to Lost and ABC. I'm abusing them for my own enjoyment, they are not mine. I just think they're damn adorable.

- -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

Charlie had never understood what it meant to be "in love". All through his childhood, his parents were constantly fighting. When Charlie asked his mum why she even stayed with his father, she told him that one day he'd understand. One day, she said, he'd meet the girl of his dreams. Someone he couldn't contemplate living without. Even at seven years old, this sounded like a load of bolloks to Charlie but he nodded like the loving, obedient son he was and tried to block out their endless yelling matches.

No, love was a mystery to Charlie. It was remarkable how he could write so many songs about love when he was certain he had yet to be in it. Sure, there had been girls he'd felt strongly about but not to the point where it was clearly love. He always figured, the way people went on about it, that if it took you over, you'd know it.

Love was the furthest thing from his mind when he it finally found him. As if the day hadn't been ground-breaking enough, what with the plane crash and all. When he saw her there for the first time, sitting by the fire, alone and vunerable to the dangers of the night, it hit him like a sledgehammer in the skull. It came rushing on so fast and so intense, he felt weak. Suddenly every love song he'd ever heard made complete and utter sense to him. Before he'd only been able to listen to the chords and the lyrics, finding them beautiful but not really comprehending the meaning behind them; the stories and emotions hidden beneath the melody.

She was perfect and so blissfully unaware of it. Her voice was sweet and the way her gaze flickered down shyly every so often made his heart skip beats. He thought her laugh and smile would be able to lighten the deepest of corners and the darkest of days. If he hadn't been rushing to quell the anxiousness in her glittering eyes by offering his opinion on their pending rescue, Charlie was sure that just being there with her would soon make him forget they'd ever been in a plane crash.

Unlike most other people he'd met in a long time, she really listened to him, her features reflecting her take on his words with such honesty. Talking to her, joking with her came so naturally, like they'd known each other forever.

Every little giggle he got from her felt like a triumph. Every smile made him feel like he had a purpose again -- to make her happy. To protect her from things that would hurt her or make her cry. He vowed to himself, mere moments after meeting her, that no matter how long they were stranded in this place, be it days, weeks or months, he would take care of her. He had to.

Because now he knew what it felt like to love someone.

\ THE END //