A brief note at the beginning of this one – there is another writer - Star Trek Freak who is writing Left Behind : Stargate Command (SG1). I got the wonderful idea to do a parallel story in Atlantis and asked if it would be okay from ST Freak to do so – STF agreed and we've decided to intertwine our stories. I hope you enjoy our efforts.

WARNING : Strong Christian theme.

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Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 1 – All through the House

"How can you believe that religious crap!" Rodney threw a disbelieving glare at Zelinka. "It's all a bunch of nonsense!" The two were working late in McKay's lab on some new piece of technology that had been brought back by Sheppard's team.

"How can deciding where to spend eternity be nonsense!" Radek shot back. "It's the most important decision I've made in my life!"

"I don't believe you!" McKay's expression echoed his disbelieving tone. "Everyone knows the Bible is just a book filled with morality tales and myths!"

"Rodney!" Zelinka slammed his hand on the desk, startling them both. He winced slightly but went on, "Where do you think I've gotten my inspiration for all the times I've saved your life?"

Satirically he replied. "You're naturally brilliant?"

"No. I prayed to God and asked."

"Humfp." He looked smugly at the other scientist. "Just means I'm smarter than you are."

"Just means you're more arrogant." Zelinka muttered something in his own language.

Rodney mocked. "What was that?"

Radek sighed. "Did you know," he said in an almost resigned quiet voice. "That I was not Dr. Weir's first choice?"

McKay stared at Zelinka startled and surprised. "No."

"She'd asked Dr. Gates."

"Are you talking about Dr. Susanna Gates?" Zelinka nodded. "Why that woman is positively brilliant!" Rodney sounded jealous.

"Dr. Gates – she had a personal situation come up and turned down the job two weeks before the expedition was supposed to leave." Radek took a deep breath. "She personally called Dr. Weir and recommended me." He put a hand on his chest. "Me, Rodney. I wasn't even the second name on the list, or the third. I don't honestly know where I was, but Susanna, she told Elizabeth I was the best choice and urged her to offer me the job."

"I had no idea." Rodney almost reached out and touched Zelinka.

"I prayed, Rodney. I will admit my faith has not been as strong as it is now, but I prayed so hard to be allowed to come." Tears formed in the corner of his eye. "God answered that prayer when Dr. Weir called and asked me to join the Atlantis Expedition."

McKay snorted. "Coincidence. I'll bet your name was farther up on the list than you know."

"That's not the way God works," Zelinka replied. "He moves in ways that opens doors we are not aware of, even when we see nothing happening."

"Yeah, right."

"You know what my most fervent prayer is, Rodney?" McKay raised his eyebrows as if to dare the other to continue. "It is for God to humble you so you can hear His voice." Radek rose, he needed to check on another aspect of what they were working on in a neighboring lab. "I had hoped the near miss with your ascension was that moment, but since you've reverted to your normal self, I guess I have to keep praying."

McKay shook his head in shock. Radek was crazy to believe all that God stuff. Still, his eyes followed the other as Zelinka left the room. In an odd way he was also touched since Radek seem to care enough about him to pray for him. Even if he didn't believe and had no intention of every surrendering to some mysterious 'higher power'. Hell, he hadn't even been able to ascend, he liked living too much.


"Corporal Henry!" Dr. Weir called.

Corporal Lawrence 'Larry' Henry paused in the hallway before entering the cafeteria. He normally came on duty around four AM to set up the breakfast brunch for those who went to work early, or for those who had been up all night. He ran a hand through his mop of unruly dull brown hair, wondering why the Atlantis' leader wanted to talk to him.

Dr. Weir hurried up to him a somewhat awkward package in her arms. "The Deadalus just unloaded and since I know you start early, I thought I'd deliver this myself." She extended the box toward him. "Reverend?" she questioned with a smile.

Larry smiled uneasily in return and took the box. "Before I enlisted in the National Guard, I was the associate pastor in a small church in Colorado Springs."

"Are you the one leading these Bible Studies I keep hearing about?" She looked polished and presentable like always and he wondered how she managed it with all her duties.

"Me, and a couple of others." He glanced at the return address and had to force himself not to tear up. It was from his sister.

"I noticed it was from Susanna Gates. That wouldn't be Dr. Susanna Gates, would it?" She stared at him expectedly.

"It is. She's my sister."

"Dr. Susanna Gates is your sister? Why didn't she come to Atlantis?" Weir demanded then immediately apologized. "I'm sorry. That really isn't any of my business."

He prayed a quick prayer asking if it was okay to tell her. He got a 'go ahead' and motioned her inside. "Let me make some coffee and I'll explain." Silently he kicked himself. Weir usually drank tea or bottled water.

Weir nodded and the two went into the cathedral like room. Tables were strewn about, some close to the ornate stain glass windows, others in the center of the room. She noticed the chess game board already set up with the pieces sitting beside it.

"I know there's always someone who plays. I want to have it ready for them," he explained at her quizzical glance. "Please, sit down. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Corporal Henry hurried into the area they'd set up as the kitchen. He tossed the cinnamon rolls in that he'd made last night, into the oven, and went back into the main room to start up the large coffee machine. He turned on the double burner already filled with water, for those who preferred tea, and set up the creamer, sugar, and everything else that was needed, including hot cocoa and apple cider.

He smiled at Elizabeth as he went back into the kitchen taking out the platter of fruit and setting it down on the long table he used for the buffets. It was his duty to keep the expedition feed and he found he enjoyed the calling of feeding people. Larry still found it amazing that as he took care of people's physical needs, how it opened their heart to hear the Lord's word. He went to the beverage table, grabbed a mug, filled it with hot water, selected a tea bag, and poured himself some coffee. Sitting down across from Dr. Weir, he offered her the filled mug and tea bag.

"Thank you," she dumped the bag in the steaming water.

Larry sipped his coffee. "I think you know Susanna lost her husband a couple of months before you asked her to become part of the expedition."

"I did."

"She thought of going to Atlantis as way to start a new life with no reminders around." He took another swig. "I told her that was a mistake, but, well, she has a mind of her own."

"Many people try to escape their grief by moving to a new place." She removed the bag and sipped her tea.

"Gary is with God, and I know that helped. She thought that coming here was her life's calling."

"All she told me was that she wasn't going and she had her reasons. She surprised me. Dr. Gates had been very excited."

"Susanna found out she was pregnant."

Her attractive face reflected her shock. "I had no idea."

Larry wondered why the guy Weir had left behind, hadn't waited. But then, since they'd left with no idea if they'd ever return, he really couldn't blame the man for wanting someone else in his life. Someone on Earth and not out in the Pegasus galaxy.

"Guess you can understand why leaving Earth wasn't so attractive." He put his mug down. "Our folks and younger sister live close by. She wanted to be with family."

"Under those circumstances, I don't blame her. Though I am surprised you came." Her pretty eyes expressed her curiosity. "Weren't you excited at becoming an Uncle?"

"Very." He chuckled. "I almost didn't come. Susanna and I had been happy to find out we were going together. We'd be family for each other, but my sister," he shrugged. "She encouraged to me to come anyway."

In ways he couldn't really express to an unbeliever. Susanna had told him, 'Look, even though we won't be together, you've always wanted to travel in space and to another planets.' She'd laughed. 'You grew up watching shows like Star Trek and Firefly, you couldn't wait to enter the space program.' He'd been turned down as an astronaut though and had, had a hard time adjusting to another vocation.

God had called him to be a preacher, but he still felt the pull on his heart to travel in space, despite the fact there didn't seem to be a way for that to happen. But then, the Stargate program had been classified, and Larry hadn't known until Susanna called in a few favors to get him assigned to Atlantis. 'Everyone needs cooks, and you're one of the best.' She'd smirked, 'And a weekend warrior. That counted in your favor. Besides,' and she'd earnestly pressed this on him. 'I get the clear impression there are some souls there that need to hear God's word. Who knows? Maybe some of those aliens we keep hearing about will want to know Christ.'

On that last point, she'd been correct. Many from Teyla's village had accepted Christ while they lived in the city, and one of his deacons flew to the mainland on a regular basis to encourage and teach them. Their number had grown. Belief in the ancestors just didn't fill the void in their lives, nor assure them of eternal life, even if the Wraith fed on them.

"She must love you very much."

Weir's comment drew his mind back to the present. "Susanna knew I'd always wanted to see other planets. She didn't want me to give up on my dream for her." He picked up his coffee and took a drink. "Our family is like that. We encourage each other."

Elizabeth glanced down and he sensed she had another question she wanted to ask but was unsure how.

"Dr. Weir? Something else?" He could seem the sweet scent of the rolls cooking and knew he'd have to check on them soon.

"I guess I'm just curious why she suggested Zelinka." She pushed her now empty cup away. "I know that's probably not something you can answer."

"Oddly enough, I can." He set down his mug. The coffee had gotten cold. "She met Radek at some conference. I forget which one. They'd met because of her presentation and he had 'thousands of questions' as she put it. During the night, they started talking about God because she always prays for inspiration." He raised a hand before Weir could interrupt. "Hear me out. Before morning she led Radek to Christ. They formed a bond after that and kept in touch. When she decided not to go because of her baby, she asked God who to recommend."

"And God told her to call me and suggest Zelinka?" He could understand her skeptical tone.

"Tell me," He caught her eye. "Have you every regretted it?" She shook her head. "Well, now I think you can understand how Radek has the strength to put up with Rodney McKay. Anyone else would have gone back to Earth on the Deadalus."

He left her to think about his statement as he checked on the rolls. They were almost ready. When he got a break later he'd open the package from his sister. He was sure it would contain the latest Christian CD's and DVD's, plus letters and pictures of the family. Larry missed them all. He sneaked at glance at Dr. Weir. She was still sitting at the table, her face thoughtful. He said a prayer for her salvation and hustled around to finish getting breakfast ready.


Dr. Carson Beckett, his PA Lucy Connors and Laura Cadman stood around the bed of a sick child that had been brought over from the main land. He had some sort of infection Beckett had been unable to treat and with the threat of the young boy dying, Carson did the only thing he knew to do, pray. The three held hands and each silently entreated God for guidance on what to do and how to save the child's life.

Manik's body had rejected all the antibiotics Dr. Beckett had in his infirmary. He didn't have any idea on what to do the next. The boy's body couldn't fight what was wrong and all readings indicated the child would die. Carson didn't know how he'd face the family if Manik did.

Lucy lifted her head. "I'm going to talk to Larry."

"Aye, we could use more ta pray."

The pretty blonde shook her head. "No. I need to see what he has in his kitchen stock."

"What?" Carson frowned. "What are you talkin' about, Lucy?"

"One of the things I studied was natural medicine."

"I don't know," Carson began.

"Look, Manik's going to die if we don't try something. His body can't take the drugs. I think between prayer and natural medicine, he may have a chance." She placed her thin hand on Dr. Beckett's arm. "Just trust God and me." She hurried off.

"It'll be okay, Carson," Laura assured him, smiling sweetly. "God gave her the idea."

"I know." He sighed. "I'm just so used ta trusting medicines and my knowledge to treat people."

"And now God." She put an arm around him. "How many have you saved because you finally realized you couldn't do it all yourself?"

"More than I can count." He pulled her to him and kissed the top of her head. "Thanks for comin', love."

"I should thank you," she replied, tucking a piece of red hair behind her ear. "I would never have accepted Christ if you hadn't insisted we go to that Bible study."

"Aye." He smiled fondly at the memory. Laura had fought him about it. Carson hadn't been a Christian before he'd come to Atlantis. In fact, in light of the teachings of the Catholic Church he'd been brought up in, he hadn't honestly been interested in anything religious. But the direct talks he'd had with Corporal Henry who answered so many of his questions, and the amazing healing abilities of Lucy Connors, who had joined his staff after the Deadalus' first trip, he'd slowly began to realize his need for God. Particularly with the circumstances he now found himself in. His medical knowledge just wasn't enough and even the information stored in the Ancients' database wasn't always helpful.

The boy stirred muttering. Carson reached out and spoke softly to Manik trying to comfort him.

"Where's his parents?"

"I think his father had to go back to the mainland. His aunt is over there." She pointed with her chin.

"Why don't you go sit with her and assure we're doin' all we cain."

Laura kissed Carson's cheek and hurried over. She sat down with the frightened woman, took her hand, and when Dr. Beckett looked over again, Cadman was praying with the woman.

"Good, lass," Carson praised.

"I'm back." Lucy appeared with a plastic container filled with a few items.

"What do you have there?"

She put the items on a stand. "Cayenne pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, garlic and honey."

"I can't administer any of those through this." He indicated the intravenous tube.

Lucy winked, her blue eyes lighting up. "You don't need to." She took a glass and mixed the vinegar with some water and added honey. "It'll have a bit of a sweet sour taste." Gently she woke Manik and had him drink the concoction. He made a face but drank it down. "Now, we wait and pray. I don't want to try the other two yet. Cayenne pepper can hurt his stomach and in his weakened condition, I don't know if his heart can take it."

"Why's that?" Dr. Beckett didn't mind expressing his ignorance of natural medicine.

"It's also a stimulant. I wouldn't ever suggest using it with a heart patient. Garlic either if they're on a blood thinner. Dangerous combination."

"You're a wonder, Lucy." He offered her a smile.

"I had to learn this type of medicine. Had a cousin who was allergic to medication and just about drove her doctor to hysterics because there didn't seem to be anything he could do."

"I'll have ta remember ta have you teach me."

"I'd be delighted." She laid her hand on the boy's arm. "Now, I'm going to pray to the ultimate physician."

Carson put his hand on the child's arm, too. "Aye. We both are."


On the table in the back of the kitchen, Larry opened the box Susanna has sent him. Inside he found CD's from artists like Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James and Michael W. Smith. There were even several of Celtic Worships songs. The DVD's she'd sent were more varied. Some were Christian, others secular and he was delighted she'd sent all six Star Wars movies, not to mention the Back to the Future trilogy. He'd have to be sure and tell Colonel Sheppard about them. John loved those movies.

Also, there was a photo album. He'd have to look at that in his quarters and several letters. Not being able to wait until later, he checked to make sure the buffet was still full and the coffee fresh. A few of the tables were occupied and two scientists were playing a game of chess. Ronon Dex was eating a hearty breakfast and John Sheppard hadn't yet gotten himself a plate, though he had a steaming cup of coffee sitting on the table before him.

Larry ducked back to the kitchen and opened the letter from Susanna first. Her handwriting had always been awful so he wasn't surprised she'd typed hers.

Hi Larry,

I hope my letter finds you well and happy. Your nephew David is growing so fast and I can't believe he's about to turn two. He has been such a joy in my life and I am so thankful and humbled that God has allowed me to become a parent. I've shown him pictures of you and told him that you're far away doing our Heavenly Father's work and that someday, I hope the two of you get to meet.

Mom and dad are well. Mom is healthy and hardy, though I've noticed she's beginning to slow down. Her flower gardens are beautiful as always and she's added some of those resin cats in her front yard. The ivy has finally covered the mailbox and it's just gorgeous. Dad is doing okay, but still fighting his doctor on the proper treatment of heart disease. I just wish he'd consign himself to a low fat diet, but you know dad. Meat and potatoes saturated with butter and a heaping piece of cake for dessert.

Jeanie has been going to New Life church. She really loves it there and hopes to audition for the dance ministry. Our sister knows she might not get in the first time, but she's going to keep trying. She really feels called to dance before our Lord. Remember all the times we used to tease her about dancing when we put Christian music on? I still can hear telling us that if it was mentioned in the Bible as a good thing, then how come all those conservative, boring religions didn't do it? After all, they say they believe it's the Word of God, so why not practice what they preach?

In all honesty, I think she has a point. My dear brother, I have no idea how to express what I see going on here. There was a sneak attack on Israel and that reporter, Buck Williams, was right in the middle of it. I was terrified when I heard about it. The first thing I did was open my Bible and go searching through for it. I found the reference in Daniel. And it made me stop and think. Are we closer to the End Days than we know? The delivery of that nation was miraculous as they couldn't launch their planes, but their enemy was dropped out of the sky.

Truthfully Larry, I almost wish I had come with you. Our world is suddenly a very frightening place and I fear for my son. I know it's silly to be afraid. After all, when Jesus returns, I'll be one of those who go with Him, just as my son, Jeanie, our parents, and you will. Have you ever wondered what Heaven will be like? I know I have. I asked at the Christian bookstore and found out there's a book called '90 Minutes in Heaven'. I had them order it for me since they were out of stock. I'll send it to you when I'm finished.

I love you, Larry, and I hope that you have brought many to know the Lord. I think our time is short and God is trying to save as many of as He can from the days ahead. I've been listening to KLOVE and they're reporting that thousands are coming to Him all over the world. The word that is being used is Harvest. What I wouldn't give to find out what is happening on other planets.

Sorry this is so short. I put David down for a nap so I could finish my work on an article I'm doing for one of those scientific journals and to write you this letter. I'll be doing a presentation at the high school to encourage young people to go into science and I need to work on that, too.

I hope your life in Atlantis is all you hoped it would be,


"Oh, it is," he said with a smile. He'd have to sit down and write a response back, but he had a few weeks before it had to be done. The Deadalus wouldn't be leaving for at least two months.


Despite what Lucy had tried, Manik died in the morning. He had been awake for a few minutes and Carson had asked him if he knew Christ.

"I've heard some of the other kids talk about Him," the child weakly answered.

"Son, He's just waitin' with outstretched arms ta welcome you." Beckett had swallowed hard.

"I cain introduce you, if you want."

The boy nodded and Carson had told Manik how to accept the Lord as his personal savior. The child died with a smile and had told his aunt, "I see Jesus standing at the gate. I'm in Heaven!"

His aunt had also accepted the Lord and thanked Carson, Lucy and Laura for all they'd done. She promised to tell the boy's father, too, so they all could be together when the time came.

"That was a victory, Carson," Lucy told him as he sat at his desk, head resting on his hands.

"I know. It's just so difficult to loose someone that young."

"From what I've heard," the nurse came to stand beside him, her hand resting on his shoulder. "He'll grow up in Heaven."

"And one day, his aunt at least will see him again," Laura reminded him. She stood with her hand on his other shoulder.

"What would I do without the two of you," Carson breathed.

"How about I go get us some breakfast and let Reverend Henry know what's happened," Lucy offered.

"You might be needed here," Laura countered. "I'll go. I'm off duty today."

"Thanks," they both told her. The redhead hurried out.

"Thank you for all you did." Carson raised his head. "I was serious about wantin' to know more about natural medicine."

"And I'll teach you." Lucy removed her hand. "But right now, we both need some food and rest."

"Aye," he agreed. "And some Bible study time with prayer."


Laura walked into the cafeteria looking for Larry. She didn't see him at the buffet table so she snuck into the kitchen. She found him near the back, reading a letter. Contents of a box were strewn all over the table.

"Presents from home?"

Larry jumped. "Hi, Laura."

"Hi." She quickly told him what had happened in the infirmary.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but glad for the victories won." He put the letter aside and rose. "How's Carson and Lucy?"

"Tired. Hungry. You have tray I can borrow?"

"Certainly." He opened a cupboard and handed her a large cookie tray. "Just make sure you bring it back."

"I will. Thanks."

She started to leave but his expression stopped her. "What's wrong?"

"Susanna has always had an interest in End Times stuff. One of the old prophecies came about and she told me about it."

"Kind of a problem isn't it? Being out here and not getting news until weeks later."

"Yeah. That's why we need to always be prepared."

"Anything I should share with Carson and Lucy?"

"Just tell them there was an attack on Israel and God fulfilled his promised and delivered them."

"I'll bet there are those who would say it was alien intervention."

"But we know better?" He winked with a knowing smile. "Don't we?"

"Yeah. We do."


Dr. Weir came around as Larry was setting up lunch. She checked the room and asked, "Is everything ready?"

He knew what she was talking about and nodded. "Rodney will never know."

"I really want to thank you for helping with this. I know Dr. McKay can be difficult."

"No more so than most of the scientists. I don't take what they say personally."

"I'm glad." She turned to leave. "Does being a pastor help you with them?"

"Yes and no. I'm not doing anything any other Christian who wished to serve God would do."

"I never saw Christianity from that perspective."

"Many don't." He saw McKay and Zelinka enter. "You have a good day, Dr. Weir."

"You, too." She walked away.

Larry finished setting up and went back to the kitchen. There were a few more letters left for him to read. He also needed to hide the chocolate cake mixes before McKay found them or happened to stumble on them. It would ruin the surprise.