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What the hell happened?? Hanabi looked surprised when she saw Neji's expression when he came out of Hinata's room.

Hanabi was about to turn around the corner when she saw Neji coming out of Hinata's room looking…..devastated??

After Neji left, Hanabi went to her sister's door and peeked through the shouji screen….



His footsteps were getting urgent. Turning to his right, he could see her door. Smirking to himself, he took steps forward and pushed open the door.

"You're late," her voice was deep, husky and sultry.

He frowned at her.

She smirked back.

"You're drunk."

Her brown eyes glared at him. "Ha…ha…very funny, Hiashi. Now, I've compiled what you've requested."

Hiashi took a seat in front of her. "Well, it is known throughout the Five Countries about your affinity for sake, Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade cocked her eyebrows up and smirked. "It's a closed-door meeting, Hiashi. There's no need for such formality."

Hiashi looked at her. His pale pearly eyes looked at the scroll before him.

"Is this all?" He asked, unrolling the scroll.


"That's hardly accommodating, Tsunade-sama."

"You gave me very limited information and choice, Hiashi. If you want to blame somebody, blame yourself."

"The Honourable Haruno Sakura of the Estimable Haruno Clan??" Hiashi's eyebrow twitched as he remembered the pink-haired girl who was a friend to his daughter. And of course he remembered her mother. Hiashi trembled.

Tsunade rolled her eyes upward. "She'd like to consider her family……clannish."

I wouldn't be surprised. Hiashi said to himself, remembering how clingy and annoying Sakura's mother, Haruno Rosa was. Coincidently, Haruno Rosa was his obsessive fangirl in their youth. Hiashi shudders in fear. Poor Neji, if Rosa's daughter is his fangirl, it'll be so ironically dramatic.

"The Honourable Yamanaka Ino of the Revered Yamanaka Clan??" His eyebrows raised another notch. Hiashi was basically twitching like mad now, recognizing the picture that comes with the name. Blonde and blue-eyed, Ino is the exact replica of her equally beautiful and vivacious Konoha's Number 1 Gossipper, Yamanaka Hanako.

Another fangirl during my youth. Why is this all coming back to me like a nightmare? But, thank Kami its not my nightmare anymore! Hiashi grinned. Thinking how his nephew is going to fare from all this attention.

Tsunade was pouring herself another cup of sake as Hiashi looked through the list. Wondering why was Hiashi looking rather amused at the list. A few minutes ago, he was like a twitching fish out of water. But now, he's like a pretty much satisfied Cheshire cat with a huge grin on his face.

"I cannot believe that there aren't that many young women from great noble families left. They have more sons than daughters."

Tsunade nodded her head in agreement, downing another cup of sake.

"I thought the Haruno girl was very much besotted with the Uchiha traitor?" Hiashi bemused, looking at the more names. "And the Yamanaka girl, I thought she was dating the Nara boy?"

Tsunade sighed and added, "Not anymore."

"Since when?"

"Since the rumour started."

"What rumour?"

Tsunade blushed slightly.

Hiashi's stoic gaze met her blushing ones.

I hope that its only sake giving her those effects. Hiashi thought to himself, noticing the evident blush on the Hokage's cheeks.

"Err…well…..you see Hiashi, some months ago, I sent Neji, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Lee and Shino on a mission."


"And…..the girls thought it would be fun to play a game of 'truth or dare'," Tsunade paused.

Hiashi sweat dropped. Knowing Tsunade will drop another bomb by the look on her face.


"And…..it so happens that one of the challenge was to sneak peak at your nephew……bathing."

Hiashi froze.

"My feelings exactly!" Tsunade almost laughed out loud when she noticed how much the head of the Hyuuga clan blanched as if all his blood had drained. "And now, he's known as 'the Hyuuga Stud'! I think you ought to be proud of your nephew, Hiashi!"

Like a black cloud over his head, Hiashi couldn't believe he was hearing this. Of all the meandering scandals and rumours, this has amount the worst he has ever heard! This would certainly get out of hand.

Girls peeping on his nephew bathing.

His only nephew.

His twin brother's son……only child.

The Hyuuga Clan's Prodigy.

"Aaaand?" His voice was hoarse…..and deep. Fighting for the words to come out. What else could get any worst??

Tsunade looked at the poor man and sighed, "The girls were….uhh….you can say…were very pleased at how…..well…uhh….endowed your nephew is, Hiashi." She cackled in short laughter. "They were estimating him to be at least eight point five inches long…..before erection. And I called that, very very well endowed. I'm sure he'll make any woman happy." She chuckled at Hiashi's reaction.

Hiashi felt a ton of bricks fell on his head.

Now the girls had even measured his nephew!! For once Hiashi was glad that he had daughters.

Hizashi…..I hoped you're pleased with your son's…..physical achievement…..because it is not amusing to me!! Hiashi sighed, having a feeling that his twin was roaring with laughter up there in heaven.

Hiashi's late twin brother, Hizashi was always the happy-go-lucky one and if he was still alive, he would be laughing out loud and playing jokes about. Hiashi was always the serious one, and victim to Hizashi's pranks.

"That….is…..," Hiashi gulped nervously.

"Well, I can understand your predicament now that the rumours spread around Konoha at how…err….virile of a stud your nephew….makes and it has now been the talks of the village, Hiashi." Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "It also give a boost to the Hyuuga clan at how 'virile' or 'studded' Hyuuga men are that women now are paying attention to the Hyuuga males."

Hiashi felt glued to the chair and was still twitching while Tsunade was teasing him mercilessly.

"I am not surprised considering how 'virile' and 'studded' Hyuuga men are, considering the rumours circulated were…..true and also…..you wouldn't believe the reports I have been receiving on sexual harassment."

Hiashi sweat dropped. Feeling utterly speechless and embarrassed.

"What?" Hiashi looked up at her.

Tsunade was roaring with laughter. "Sexual harassment complaints were filed by Hyuuga men, Hiashi! Complaints on women harassing them! Now, don't you think that is hilarious?"

"Hyuugas are not known to be completely direct to the point in such circumstances, Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade frowned at him while still holding her bottle of sake.

"Now, what did I say about being informal with one another in private, Hiashi?"

Now, it was Hiashi's turn to smirk. "You're older than me, Tsunade-sama. And it is also my duty to respect those who are older. If not, you're my senpai." He said as he got up from his chair.

Tsunade's amber eyes glared at him.

"Thank you very much for the list," Hiashi paused. "I will look into it further with Hinata and her opinion on this matter."

Tsunade was glaring hard at the Hyuuga head and then snorted. "How is Hinata doing?"

"She is doing fine."

"You did not do anything to find somebody for her yet?"

"There is no…..hurry."

"I thought you can't wait to have grandchildren?"

Hiashi twitched again. He didn't know why in heaven's name did he confide in this drunkard of a Hokage, but he felt a brief moment of regret fleeting before him when he first approached her in regards to matchmaking his nephew.

"Why don't you just go and have your drink and stopped bothering me?"

"Why should I?" Tsunade smirked. "Seeing you all worked up and getting you annoyed seemed to me a new past time I should indulged myself in."

Hiashi rolled his eyes upwards in exasperation, blaming himself for asking her opinion at all.

"You're very irritating, Tsunade-sama."

"Oh, but you're very interesting, Hiashi-kun," Tsunade replied seductively as she winked at him. "I wonder how about you."

Hiashi twitched again. Only Kami knows how many times he had to twitch today compared to all the years in his life. All thanks to the sake-loving Godaime Hokage sitting before him……looking like a happily sedated cat that just had a bowl of cream.

"About me what?" Hiashi was controlling his twitching.

Tsunade just had to smile. "Are you as studly as your nephew?"

Hiashi sweat dropped.

"Good day to you, Hokage-sama!!" Hiashi quickly left the Hokage's office with Tsunade roaring with laughter as he slammed the door behind him.


Hyuuga Complex: Main House

"Hey, Nee-chan! You alright?" Hanabi ran to her sister's side, obviously worried about her older sister.

"I'm…..alright, Hanabi-chan," Hinata smiled weakly at her sister.

Hanabi grimaced. "It's that time of the month, ne?"

Hinata could not talk but nodded her head weakly.

"Are you crying, Nee-chan?"

Hinata shook her head.

Hanabi snuggled up against her sister and wrapped her arms around her waist. Hinata felt more comfortable with Hanabi in her arms and cradled the little girl, absorbing all the body heat she could get. At the same time, feeling a little bit emotional, thinking of the times when their mother cradled her in her arms when she was little.

"You know Hanabi-chan," Hinata paused. "Kaa-chan used to snuggle against me like this when she had you."


Hinata sighed. "She would always tell me when you would kick her in the stomach and I get to feel you kicking her!" Hinata giggled, reminiscing back the times she shared with her mother when her mother was in term with Hanabi.

Hanabi's eyes started to water. Eventhough Hanabi was the stronger and tougher than her older sister, she was more high strung when it comes to their late mother. Hanabi has no memory whatsoever concerning their late mother and would always go to Hinata to seek maternal comfort. And because of that, Hanabi was more possessive of her sister and hates sharing. She could easily became jealous of anyone trying court her sister or even hitting on her. She was as dangerous as Neji when it comes to protecting Hinata.

"Ne, Nee-chan," Hanabi asked softly.


"Do you like Neji-niisan?"


"Eehhhh…..answer my question!!"

"Hanabi, you're very loud," Hinata murmured, tickling her sister.


Hinata giggled. Knowing she can't escape from her sister's question, Hinata just had to answer her before Hanabi makes a scene, unknowingly how flustered she was when she answered the question.

"He's our cousin-brother, Hanabi, of course I do like him."

"You're running away from the question, Nee-chan," Hanabi retorted drily.

"What do you expect me to answer?"

"Mou….don't you like him?"

"Of course I do! He's like a brother I never have."

"Okay, let me be more specific," Hanabi sighed. "Do. You. Love. Neji?"

"I think I did answer that question."


"Yes, I did."

"No, you did not."

"Yes, I did, Hanabi-chan. And it's the same question as you asked me previously."

"Nope, Nee-chan." Hanabi shook her head. "Like and love are two different things. And I think Neji-niisan likes you more than you know. Its not hard to see that coz if you're not that overtly dense, I bet you can see that in his eyes. Heck….I always notice the way he looks at you and the way he stares at you."

Hinata raised an eyebrow. "Since when my imouto-chan knows all these things? Where did you learn them?" Hinata was blushing slightly at Hanabi's analysis over their cousin.

Hanabi's eyes widened in shock and pretended to snore.

"Hyuuga Hanabi." Hinata's tone was deadly serious.

zzzzzZZZZZZZ (Hanabi pretend-snoring)

Hinata still raised her one eyebrow. "You never snore in your sleep."

"But Neji-niisan does!" Hanabi retorted hotly. Realising her mistake, Hanabi went back and pretending to sleep-talk.

Hinata sighed and then shook her head resignedly.

"Nevermind, I'll talk to you in the morning," Hinata yawned, give her sister a kiss on the cheek. And knowing Hanabi is not yet asleep, she muttered drily, "And you're not going to escape from me without answering some of my questions tomorrow, i-mou-to-chan."

That's it. My life is officially dead. Tomorrow. Hanabi dreaded the anticipation at the hands of her own sister's interrogation.


The next morning:

Hinata was miffed.

Hanabi have again managed to elude her in the morning. Sneaking out early before dawn without her knowing it. Hinata only managed to sigh as she was preparing her father's morning tea.

Everyone in the kitchen noticed how miffed and irritated she was. Pursing and pouting her lips like a five-year old child, Hinata was awfully predictable. Since the frying pan episode, the head cook quietly hid all the frying pans whenever Hinata enters the kitchen everytime she has that look on her face.

Carrying the tray out of the kitchen, everyone exhaled in relief.

"Oh dear, those monthly cycle really makes Hinata-sama awfully terrifying!" Kikyou said in her shrilly voice.

"Whatever it is, poor Neji-sama would have to bear all the brunt, since he was appointed as her protector and guardian," Kamoku agreed while everyone else nodded their head in agreement, taking a sneak peak at their heiress bearing the tray laden with tea and snacks for her father. All of them shaking their heads and sighed wistfully at their future clan leader.


"Otou-sama," Hinata's soft voice called to her father as she entered his office den.

"Hn." Hiashi put down a scroll and looked at his daughter who just entered the room with a tray laden with a hot pot of jasmine tea and some green tea flavoured mochi.

"Here's your green tea and less sweetened mochi, Otou-sama," Hinata laid the tray beside the table and poured her father a hot cup of green tea.


Hiashi tried to hide his disappointment but to no avail. He likes his mochi to be sweet. Covered in honey or sugared syrup. And all his desserts has to be sweet. But noooooooooo, because a certain nosy Hokage of his village just had informed his daughter about his health problems and was told to control his diet and sugar intake.

Blasted Hokage. Why she had to disrupt his normal activities? Hiashi muttered to himself. Now, all his food are either tasteless or bland and it was Hinata who looked into his food management.

As Hinata was serving her father, Hiashi looked at his daughter and said, "I have here a list of potential suitors for Neji, now, tell me what do you think?"

Hinata stared at her father with her mouth dropped open.

Hiashi raised an eyebrow at his daughter. Hiding his amusement at his daughter's rather surprised expression.

"Ne…Neji…niisan's….suitors?" Her voice croaked, answering her father.

"I have already state that fact earlier on Hinata."

Hinata knelt before her father and received the scroll from him. Gulping nervously, Hinata sighed softly as she read the potential suitors. Her eyebrows went higher and another notch higher and as it gets towards the maximum notch, she looked at her father in surprise…..or rather……speechless.

"What do you think, Hinata?" He asked, taking a sip of his hot tea without looking at his daughter, but revel in secret at the thought that it bothered her a great deal.


"Don't stutter."

"Ha…hai!" Hinata bowed apologetically. "I think…."


"Ne, Neji-niisan," Hanabi began, swinging her feet as she was nibbling a dango off her stick, looking at her cousin trained.

"What is it Hanabi-sama?" Neji asked, lifting the heavy steel weights as his body was covered in sweat. Topless except for his linen training pants, Neji was definitely sexy looking. Hanabi wondered what was it about Neji that got the rest of the kunoichi's sighing after him when she went out for an ice-cream with Konohamaru.

But now she knows. She grins wickedly, taking note of Neji's perfect muscular body. Not too thin and not too bulky, and he had broad shoulders. That'll make her Nee-chan drool when she prepares to 'accidently' spill the beans about Neji's physique.

Going below the belt, Hanabi grinned even further.

Yup…. Hanabi nodded her head solemnly, she could definitely imagine her sister screaming in sheer pleasure on her first night! Hanabi giggled wickedly at the naughty perverted thoughts of Hinata and Neji when they get married and how they would spend the night together!

Nee-chan would definitely need to shop for her trousseau. Everything silk, sheer and sexy!! Yeahh!! Hmmm…..I don't think Neji-niisan liked the idea of wearing men's thong….Urrgghh!!! Hanabi cringed and spat out her dango. Then, she re-think. What if I sell pics of Neji-niisan in thong??? Oohhhh…..the dough I can get out of it!! Hanabi thought more wicked thoughts now.

Then, she tapped her finger on her chin. How in hell am I going to get Neji-niisan to wear a thong?? Aarrgghhh!!! Hanabi clenched her head as if in pain.

She looked at her perfectly toned cousin and sighed.

Ohhh…. I can't wait for their children to come! They will definitely make beautiful Hyuuga babies!! Hinata is born to give birth to broods of children!! And Neji of course, known throughout the whole Konoha kunoichis as the 'Hyuuga Stud' is most definitely as virile as Hinata as fertile! Hanabi giggled and was thinking what else could she do to get these two together. Her plan can never fail!!

"What do you think of Onee-chan?" Hanabi carefully asked her question.

"Why do you want to know?" He asked back, unknowingly that Hanabi was checking his ass.

"Well, nothing." Hanabi replied, looking utterly as innocent as she can but Neji detected something.

"What is it Hanabi-sama? Spill it out or do I have to kaiten you to get some answers?"

Hanabi arched her eyebrows. "Oh nothing, I just wondered if you have any girlfriends coz it seemed that there's some rumour running around about you, Neji-niisan."

"Hn?" He paused. "What rumour?"

"I don't know I should repeat it or not, but I find it rather…..how'd you say? Amusing?"

Neji rolled his eyes upwards in exasperation. Knowing well that trying to get some answers out from Hanabi was like trying to push an elephant into the refrigerator.

"What does it has to do with Hinata-sama?"

Hanabi smirked. "Well, of course it concerns Nee-chan since she cares dearly for you and I'm sure you wouldn't wanna see her hurt, ne, Nii-san?"


Hanabi's pale eyes widened at the sight of Neji dropping the steel weights on the ground.

"WHAT?" Neji demanded. "How can it hurt Hinata-sama!" Neji was furious as he put his hands on Hanabi's small shoulders and shook the little girl.

Hanabi giggled silently to herself. Trying hard to stiffle her laughter.

"Uhmm….well…..it is rumoured among the kunoichis that you….you….err….labelled…as….as….. 'the Hyuuga Stud' and I….I….think you know what do….errr….they mean by….that, ne?" Hanabi grinning guitily as she pointed down Neji's crotch area.

Neji blushed crimson red and quickly turned around so that he won't have to see Hanabi's smirking at him. Right now, what Neji felt he need was slamming his head to the wall. A hard one that is. He can't believe the whole Konoha kunoichi were talking about his infamous appendage which he didn't know to be a curse or a blessing. But one thing he knows for sure is that, he'll make his future wife pretty much the happiest woman on earth.

He smirked at the idea. Hanabi was right for one thing. He is a stud.

Hanabi ignored him as she bit into her dango and looked at him almost innocently.

"I just wanna know if you like her, baka," Hanabi muttered, wiping the dango's syrup from the side of her lips with her sleeve.

"Why does it concern you?"

"You know, being her protector-guardian probably has been making you lax in that department. We all know that Tou-sama is going to marry her off to some low-life sonofabitch that we don't know of and you'd think Nee-chan would be happy with that? And poor Nee-chan, all her life would just be a baby birthing machine to watever bastard Tou-sama chose to bed her." Hanabi paused for a moment. "Either willingly or not, Nee-chan would never submit ever so willingly to anybody, and we all know that, ne?"

Neji went rigid. The thought of some insignificant male taking his cousin by force just enraged him.

Hanabi smirked maliciously.


"Itai! Itai! Itai!" Hanabi yelled in pain as her ear was twisted painfully.

"Hyuuga Hanabi!" Hinata's voice was sharp and penetrating as she twisted her sister's ears. "What did I tell you before? And don't add more fuel to the fire where Neji-niisan is concerned."

Hinata was furious. She knows how devious her baby sister was and knowing exactly what to do whenever Hanabi gets into her plan of action. It almost took her the whole morning trying to locate her devious little sister, until she remembered Hanabi had a small tree house made for her just a little further in the Hyuuga owned forests. She observed Hanabi's activities until Hanabi sneaked into the kitchen, took a plateful of dango and skipped happily over to the Hyuuga training room quietly, with a hidden agenda that Hinata have a bad feeling about.

"Don't think I don't know where were you and what you were up to, Hanabi," Hinata let go of her sister's ear which was red and painful.

Hanabi glared at her sister. Tears threatened to spill. But before that, Hanabi jumped up and stood before her sister and yelled.

Hinata crossed her slender arms across her ample chest and closed her eyes as she listened to her sister ranting.

At the other side of the room, Neji just sweat dropped at the two sisters. I can't believe I'm directly related to them.

"Are you done?" Hinata asked, looking at her sister panting for breath.

Hanabi glared as she put both hands on her knees and tried to inhale as much oxygen as she could.

Hinata smiled. "It's a record, Hanabi-chan." She ruffled her sister's hair. "Now, go to the kitchen and have your proper breakfast. I made you your favourites, its not good to have dango so early in the morning."

Hanabi's eyes softened. And then, her lower lips trembled. She jumped on her sister and Hinata managed to catch the little girl as they both fell on the floor.

Hinata smiled softly as Hanabi's expression softened and cried into her sister's arms.

"Gomen-ne!! Nee-chan!! I called you names….and…and…..I was…so ang…ry at…at….you!! I don't wan…na be…mad at…you!! I have…said….I…I….hated you….bu….but I don't! I truly don't!!" Hanabi wailed.

"Sshhh," Hinata cooed softly, gently stroking her sister's head like a mother would do to comfort her child.

"I…I…have been so…mean to you Nee-chan!! Gomen-ne!! I didn't….mean to make…you angry….bu…but I wan….na you to….be happy!!"

"You know I am happy, Hanabi-chan." Hinata paled a little and was a bit embarrassed at what her sister was trying to do. "I'm happy to be with you, with Otou-sama and with Neji-niisan. Nothing else can make me more happier."

"I know," Hanabi wiped her eyes with her sleeves. "I know you like Naruto-baka, but you know that is….is…..impossible!"

Hinata looked strangely disturbed. True. She knew she would never have a future with Naruto. Knowing how obstinate the Hyuuga Council was at choosing her future husband. Her fate was determined the moment she became the first-born. She knew there is no way out of it. To be heiress does not only mean power……but to be caged like the Branch Family. The only difference is that, her cage was a little larger than theirs. Hinata chuckled at the irony of things surrounded her, but she knew she must be strong, not only for her clan, but for her sister and cousin if she wants to change things.

"Hai, Hanabi-chan," Hinata agreed. "If I do not have a future with Naruto-kun, its alright. As long as the person I marry is willing to be by my side and be my equal, that is more than enough for me to save this family."

Hanabi looked up at her sister questioningly.

"Otou-sama had taken the first step by not marking you with the caged-seal, and even that gave much trouble to him," Hinata said, looking at her cousin and gave him her angelic smile. "And I will make sure no more Hyuuga children will be marked with such seal ever again."

Hanabi smiled weakly. "But you need someone to make you happy, Nee-chan."

"I am more than happy, Hanabi-chan." Hinata forced a smile. Neji knew that smile anywhere, it was one of Hinata's fake smile she uses when she forced herself to smile. And Neji hated it, it was not Hinata's usual sweet smile she shared with people she care, but only to the Hyuuga Council or whenever they meet her around the Hyuuga Compound.

"I know you're forcing it, Nee-chan and I think we have enough self-sacrifice in this family as it is. I don't wanna you to be sad anymore, Nee-chan!" Hanabi wailed. "And I'm sure Neji-niisan can make you…..happier! I know it!! I know the way he looks……at you Nee-chan!! I'm sure of it!!"

It was Neji's turn to blanch……and slowly turning……red.

Oh shit….. Neji muttered darkly to himself. He didn't think anybody would notice how he notices Hinata. But apparently, someone did and of all that someone, it had to be that little brat that gets on his nerves.

Now, two pairs of pale Hyuuga eyes were eyeing him…….


Outside the training room, Hyuuga Hiashi was happily humming himself after he had a wonderful time eavesdropping on the children.

He walked into his bedchamber and turned towards his personal study. At a small corner was a prayer alter and had two name plaques with pictures decorated the rosewood alter.

"Aaahhh….Hizashi, I'm sure you're happy at Neji's choice, I know I would, but it will only take time for them to realise their true feelings, ne?" Hiashi said to the picture of his twin brother as he lighted a joss stick and placed it before the picture.

Then, he lighted another joss stick and placed it before another picture of a dark indigo haired woman with a beautiful shy smile. Hiashi gazed lovingly into the picture and said softly, "My beloved, she is truly your daughter." Then he frowned a little. "And I think I ought to send Hanabi to prepatory lessons, I just don't know where she gets her language. I swear, it must be from your brothers," Hiashi looked slightly irritated, thinking about his estranged brother in-laws.

Hiashi sighed and he stood up, opening the small window, he closed his eyes as he could feel a soft windy breeze gently caresses his slightly withered cheeks. And he swore he could hear a gentle feminine giggle floating in the winds.



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