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Chapter One

Serenity was going to turn sixteen when someone had broken into their home and from the look of the place there was a terrible struggle and Serenity was nowhere to be found. Police looked everywhere, but they didn't find her at all and after about three weeks they sort of called off the search. Joey never quit looking for his sister and after awhile, he started thinking that she would never be found. He never expected to be told that she has been found…..

Yami, Bakura and Marik were going home after their weekly game of Poker with some of the uncivilized people that they knew.

As they walked down an alley way they always used as a short cut, they noticed what looked like some kind of animal in the dumpster looking for food.

It didn't look like a normal animal it was to big to be a cat or dog. They cautiously walked towards the animal and then it turned it's head and they saw that it was a person or what use to be a person.

The creature jumped down out of the dumpster but it landed wrong and hurt its right leg and screamed in pain.

Bakura was the fastest of the trio and he got to the creature before it could get away. Grabbing the creature and holding it on the ground till Yami and Marik could get to them.

"Hell, it's a girl" Marik said.

"She seems out of her mind, Yami said. The poor thing had been tortured over and over again till there was almost no human being left inside of her."

"Who is it I wonder?" Marik said.

The girl creature tried to bite Bakura so that he would let go and he lightly slapped her in the face. "Stop biting" he said and the girl creature settled down.

Then as Yami got a better look at her he closed his eyes and said, "Oh Ra, its Serenity Wheeler."

"What you mean she's Joey's sister?" Marik said.

"Yes, she's been missing for over two months and everyone thought she was dead." Yami said.

"As far as I can see, she still is dead." Bakura.

"Who ever did this to her did to good of job" Marik said.

"We need to get her somewhere safe where she can get medical attention" Bakura said.

Yami contacted Yugi and told him to call Kaiba and let him know that "Yami is calling in that favor that Seto owes him."

Have Kaiba call Marik's Cell Phone and he will know what to do."

The wild child was still trying to get away and finally Bakura had to hit her and knock her out.

Kaiba finally called and when Yami explained to him what was going on, Seto nearly fainted.

"Bring her to Kaiba Corp. Hospital and I'll be waiting with a select team to treat her." Seto said.

When they got there, no one knew what to do.

"God, who did this to her? Faust the doctor on duty asked. "Bring her in her and I'll start the examination" he said.

What he discovered, was that she was suffering from some kind of mind control, but he didn't know just what kind also she had been tortured and raped severely and what was worse, she was sodomized. Her left arm had been broken and allowed to heal without any cast and she was pregnant.

Marik call Ishizu and "asked her to come to the Hospital and not to ask any questions" and from the tone of his voice she knew that something was terribly wrong.

When she got there and she saw the reason why Marik called Ishizu nearly passed out.

"We are going to need Shadi for this one she said and she closed her eyes and with the help from the three Yami's she was able to contact Shadi and told him that they needed his help and for him to come ASAP."

All we can do now is wait and let the Doctors keep her sedated so she doesn't hurt herself or anyone else.

"Now tell me what lead up to you're finding this poor soul" Ishizu said.

Yami told her and as she listened tears flowed down her face. "We have to keep this quiet until we can figure out who has her under their control and why" she told them.

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