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Chapter Eleven

Serenity had been asleep for over two days. She'd wake up from time to time just to lay there not saying a thing, but tears would run down her face and then she would close her eyes and go back to sleep. Doctor Phillips was getting concerned because he didn't know if she'd ever come out of the nightmare her mind was in and he wanted her to get better. One day Marik went into the room and sat down beside her and he whispered "I wish I could take all the terrible dreams away from you and then you could wake up and smile and never remember any of this at all."

Joey and Seto came into the room and they heard what he had said and Joey clung to Seto and they both cried because they had both blamed him for what had happened when he was a victim just like she was. Shadi came into the room and what he saw made him smile and he left to get the others. When they entered the room they saw it too. There was a aura of light surrounding the bed and bathing both Serenity and Marik in its glow. Doctor Phillips whispered "what's happening?"

Ishizu then told him "it's their combined strengths coming together to help them both heal and all we can do is to wait and see if they are strong enough to withstand the terror that is trying to stop them." They all just stood there waiting and praying that what was happening inside that light was going to be able to help bring them back to their loved ones.

Then all of a sudden both Serenity's and Marik's bodies started levitating off the bed and Shadi, Ishizu, Yami and Bakura grabbed hands and they reached out to Seto, Joey and Doctor Phillips who also held their hands and then Shadi started chanting and soon the others joined him and there was the strangest feeling in the room. It seemed to bathe them in a tranquil feeling and then all of a sudden there was a flash of light and what seemed like a dark threatening cloud lifted away from Serenity and Marik and it was banished by the brilliant light and then their bodies settled back down on the bed and Serenity sat up and reached out to Marik who held her and she smiled at the others and she whispered "it's over, it's finally over."

Joey ran to his sister and he held her and Marik in his arms and with tears running down his face he whispered "thank you for bringing her back to us." Tears were flowing down each of their faces as they thanked whom ever heard their prayers and brought them both back to them. Serenity then looked around the room and she said "I remember everything, but with all your love I also know that it was never my fault and that I am going to be alright now that I have your love to show me the way.

So what started out a terrible nightmare, finally ended with Serenity getting back from the brink of nowhere to coming home with a new strength to be able to over come anything that will ever come her way. She did this with the help from Marik who thought he was the one who made all this happening to understanding that he too was a victim and together they defeated what was trying to keep them down in the depths of hell.


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