Last time on Yes, He Loves Me…

"What do you want from me?"

"I just wonder why you insist on being alone."

"In my bed. With me…"

Look at the Stars…

Wilson blinked a few times in shock before uttering a response of "Oh…um. Alright, if you don't mind…"

"No. I don't." House said while turning back toward the warmth of his apartment in order to head to the now foreboding bed.

Both changed in silence as they prepared for a shared slumber in closer proximity to one another than they had ever before experienced. Once the lamp had been extinguished, both House and Wilson lay in the bed silently, though neither nearing sleep.

"House?" Wilson whispered.

"Yeah?" House whispered in response.

"Thank you for tonight. This was definitely one of my better Valentine's Days." Wilson confessed.

"Ha. Yeah right." House remarked.

Wilson turned to face house, "Hey no, I'm serious."

"Why? There wasn't that much special about it." House voiced, trying to appear more coldly neutral than simply sad.

"Yes there was…I spent it with you." Wilson whispered that last part, which House was barely sure he heard.

With that, neither spoke for the remainder of the night. During the course of their eventual slumber, House awoke briefly to find Wilson's hand attached to his own and, rather than pull away as was his initial response, House merely drifted back to the best night's sleep he'd had in a long time.

Upon awakening, Wilson noticed that he was cuddled up to House's still sleeping body and immediately retracted further onto his side of the bed so as not to be accused when House woke up. After sitting back and reflecting over the previous day's events, Wilson got up in order to shower and get ready for work. Wilson left the bathroom after he was finished and quietly gazed at House's innocently sleeping form. He left silently without a word wondering what effects last night would have on their present relationship.

By the time House actually rolled into work, Wilson had already met with the board, diagnosed two patients, and completed several updates to his case files and had become overly anxious about how House would react to him. Given their unprecedented close proximity last night, Wilson was completely unable to predict.

"Hey." The simple word uttered jogged Wilson from his desk work.

"Hello, House. Sleep well?" Wilson replied.

House tensed, but too subtly for Wilson to notice and responded "Yeah. Fine. And yourself? Got enough energy for saving the world?"

Wilson rolled his eyes. Typical House…wait. "So…how do you feel?"

"What's with the twenty questions?" House replied, heading for the door.

"….." "Nothing, I just thought…never mind."

"Ok. I'll see you at lunch then." The door clicked shut and the silence that followed was accompanied only by Wilson's confusion and hurt feelings.

"This is Dr. Lisa Cuddy, how can I help you? Ok, your request to transfer the staffing budget will…" Cuddy looked up mid-sentence to see Dr. Wilson entering her office. "I'm sorry, I'll have to continue this discussion at a later time, I have an important meeting to attend. Yes, I apologize, thank you."

Wilson frowned, "I'm sorry to interrupt. I can leave if you're busy."

"I'm always busy. Now is the perfect time, James. What can I do for you?" Cuddy smiled in reply.

"Well…it's about House."

"Of course it is. But do I want to know?"

Wilson gulped, "Can I sit down?"

"Absolutely. Why are you behaving so strangely today?"

"Ok. I don't really know where to start or how or what to even ask..but here it is." Wilson got out at an irregularly fast pace.

"How was your Valentine's day, House?" Cameron inquired.

"Like every other day among human sappiness-but what else did you people expect?" House rhetorically countered.

"Well, we thought it might be possible for there to be someone for everyone and what not…" Chase added.

"And you thought that yesterday's conversation would just…bloop…right out the window. Wow, guess the two of you had a great time last night for you to become a total moron." House said, starting for the door to his office.

Foreman frowned then offered "You're on the defensive. Why?"

They all looked to a halted-in-his-tracks House. House turned in order to retort, "What do I have done that could possibly require defending to you people? Go on about your work…or whatever it is that you perceive resembles it."

"But before you do…how do you know you're in love?"

"Whoa." Cuddy looked across her desk at a squirming Wilson.

"That's about the size of it." Wilson muttered, head now in hands.

"And he just acts as if nothing ever happened? Typical, actually." Cuddy said, more to herself than to Wilson.

Wilson looked up and said "Maybe I should let it go, just continue on with whatever we had before."

"No. You did the right thing. You should do what you feel makes you both happy." Cuddy sagely comforted.

Having gotten all he thinks he could, Wilson gets up to leave Cuddy to her work, but before he exits her office he whispers "All I want is to make House happy."

House found Wilson in his usual place in the hospital cafeteria, and he limped over to where he was sitting. Wilson looked up only to watch as House grabbed his tray of food and promptly disposed of it. "Hey, that was my lunch, House!"

"Come on. I'm taking you out for lunch." House said as he grabbed Wilson by the arm, gently but still insistent, and proceeded towards the hospital door.

"I don't have time for that House. Some of us actually do have to work around here you know."

"I'm just trying to do something nice for you Wilson, can't you just appreciate that?"

"No. Besides, since when do you care about what anyone wants other than yourself?" Wilson said sternly before walking back to his clinic duty.

House, left standing, found himself wondering what had gone so wrong. For the rest of the day, House stared out the window of his office. His employees actually took the hint and left him alone, given the direction the previous conversation had taken. He sat there until he saw his friend, from across the balcony, heading into his office. House went out onto his balcony to catch Wilson's eye.

Wilson spotted House's movement and looked up to acknowledge him. He went out onto his office's balcony and crossed his arms pensively staring at his friend. Neither spoke for a decent amount of time, until House said simply "I'm sorry. You know, for your lunch."

"Yeah. I'm fine."

After more silence, Wilson sighed and turned to leave. House remained rooted to where he was standing but called out "Wait."

Wilson turned back "What?"

"….Walk with me."

Wilson gazed at House's face though noting the seriousness of the offer still said "It's getting cold tonight."

House quickly retorted "I don't care. Walk with me. Just once around the park."

Sighing, but resigning, "Alright. Just once."

They met in the park outside the hospital and began the walk around the large greenery.

"I know I'm not easy." House started.

"Ha. That's putting it mildly." Wilson said in return.

"I am trying." House said finally.

"Trying for what?" Wilson asked, honestly not knowing.

House stopped. The birds were quieting down, the sun beginning its descent, and a gentle winter breeze blew between the two men. Wilson just stood there, waiting for a response.


"Oh. Could have fooled me." Wilson whispered, tears forming in his eyes which were heavy from fatigue, his heart heavy from hurt.

"Look, Wilson, I'm…sorry. I'm just not sure this is the way it should be."

The first tear fell onto Wilson's cheek, the lump in his throat growing exponentially with seconds. "I…I should go." Wilson hurried past House who then pulled against his leave, turning Wilson to face him.

Brown eyes met blue, and House was overcome by the depth of Wilson's feelings clearly on display for him to cast aside. Instead, his hand moved, hesitantly, behind Wilson's head, hair between fingers. He then tentatively moved his lips to Wilson's cheek and ever so gently brushed them against the tear that was seated on his face. Wilson gasped and his arms went around House's body pulling him near. Their eyes closed and House and Wilson stayed warm, Wilson's head nestled at the base of House's neck and they both remained there. Long after the Sun gave way to the night.

House whispered, "I'm not going anywhere."

…"I know." Was the only reply.