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-Summer, six hundred years prior to the Sengoku Jidai

"Come on Cassayah, your slowing us down!" Sesshomaru stopped and yelled to his best friend, the silver haired inugirl who trailed behind by several yards.

"As if that's anything new" his other best friend, Lord Siam blew his own unruly silver hair out of his face, annoying by how it always fell out of the leather thong with the slightest exertion.

"Shut up Siam you human turd." Sesshomaru gave the other eight year old a shove "You are the one who made her carry all the packs."

"Oh relax Sesshomy you booger snot, the little inugirl insists she is able to keep up with us. I simply gave her the chance to prove herself."

"Bah Siam, you lazy liar. You saw the chance to make someone else carry our packs." Sesshomaru grinned and shook his head, awed and disgusted at the same time by his friends powers of manipulation.

"Well, that too." Siam hefted his heavy water bag to his mouth and drank deeply, then spit a small amount at the young Inu lord standing next to him.

"Stop it baka." Sesshomaru thumped him hard on the back of the head then turned to acknowledge the arrival of the pretty little inugirl that they were waiting for.

"That's it" Cassayah dropped the packs "I don't care what you say LORD Siam the lazy loafer, I am not carrying your pack another ..."

She was cut off when she was blasted in the side of the head by a stream of water from the mouth of one Lord Siam.

"That's it" Cassayah narrowed her eyes at Siam "I've had just about enough of you for one day you lousy excuse for a shit eating weasel yokai!"

Sesshomaru covered his mouth, struggling not to laugh. He had learned the hard way that getting in between arguments between Cassayah and Siam could be potentially dangerous to your health. It was hard though, Siam had a way with practical jokes, and Cassayah had a way with her sharp tongue and this summer she had discovered the joys of profanity.

He was too late at any rate. Cassayah turn her head just in time to catch his snickering in her direction.

"And just what are you laughing at Sesshow me your stinky shit stained Mokomoko-sama?"

"Cassayah, that's disgusting." Siam looked at her with disgust and the beginning of grudging respect. "True, but disgusting."

"You two are just about as funny as a burr up the back of my fundoshi" Sesshomaru shook his head.

"Hey look, there's the spring" Cassayah pointed

Siam took off at a dead run "Last one in has to clean the shit off Sesshomy's Mokomoko-sama!"

"Yuck, I'm not touching that nasty thing!"Cassayah took off right on the inuboy's heels.

"Baka...I didn't even BRING Mokomoko-sama!"


-Chapter I

-Evil Smile

- Summer, Sengoku Jidai
They had been traveling all morning and most of the afternoon, the absence of chattering lead to plenty of time to become absorbed into his memories. Let it not be said that he wasn't one for order, even his memories seemed to be coming in chronological order, starting with his first. The day that he first laid eyes on the two silver haired trouble makers who had given him a childhood, the two who along with him had for a time been known as the terrible trio.

Young Master Siam lived in the neighboring plantation, Westbrooke, to the west of castle Inu no Tashio. The same age as Master Sesshomaru, affectionately known as Sesshomy, they were seventy the year that they met, roughly ten in human child years. Master Siam was strong and brave, a rich young yokai aristocrat, with the trademark flashing golden eyes and hair of moonlight. Master Siam was also blessed with the most darling dimples and dashing cleft in his chin. Even as a lad he made the young ladies swoon at his promise.

There was a rumor that since Master Sesshomaru was so serious and staid, through some fluke the charm and social graces that were meant for Master Sesshomaru had been gifted to his best friend Master Siam, for the young Inulad could charm the venom out of a cobra yokai. What few adult yokai knew was that at heart, young Siam was a rebel in waiting, even at that tender young age. He could work a con with the best of them, and he wasn't above conning the youngest of the terrible trio into doing the dirty work, even though she was smaller, a year younger and a inugirl.

Young Miss Cassayah lived at SakuraPasse plantation to the east of castle Inu no Tashio. Cassayah was breathtakingly beautiful, hair of moonlight and eyes that sparkled silver, her markings were emerald green and the same pale silver as her hair. The Inu no Tashio had sought her father out because he hoped to come to an understanding between the families for a mating agreement, or at least to breed an heir with Sesshomaru. Cassayah's father however had passed when she was very small and her mother strongly believed that the inugirl should be allowed to make her own choices. She did however agree to allow the children to be playmates, and hence, the last of the terrible trio was in place. She was shy at first and quiet, very demure. That didn't last long.

Over the next two hundred years they formed a bond that was closer than family, tighter than blood.

Until the upstarts moved in to the south and destroyed everything. Until that bitch came...

Well, she had certainly paid for her part in destroying Cassayah. As had the other...

Sesshomaru had seen to it that they both paid.

Sesshomaru realized suddenly that he was smiling evilly and that he was being watched, of course it just had to be by the halfbreed of all people.

InuYasha winced at memory of the evil smile that had spread across Sesshomaru's face a moment before.

His part in this venture had been made clear to him by Kagome, find out Sesshomaru's secret pain and help him deal with it.

If it was Sesshomaru's pain, why did InuYasha get the feeling it had the power to hurt him as well?

What the hell had he been thinking letting Kagome talk him into this?

"I love you Kagome...I sure as hell hope I see you again."


Cassayah Chapter II Preview

The story REALLY Begins!

When InuYasha wakes Sesshomaru

from a nightmare, he begins to tell InuYasha Cassayah's tragic story.

-Mokomoko-sama-The Fluff