A/N: I've been in to Resident Evil 4 for about a year and a bit now and I absaloutley adore it. I claimed Leon over at the community 10whores on and wrote this during my withdrawl because my PS2 is broken. Prompt was: Look to the sky. Please RnR! ♥

Disclaimer: Resident Evil 4 and all of its characters/settings are owned by Capcom. The only thing that is mine is the actual happenings in the story. Thank you.
The full moon was peering out from behind the island watchtower when Leon eventually escaped the laboratory, stumbling over one of the dead soldiers that was sprawled across the doorway. He quickly looked back into the dimly-lit building, his eyes moving from the shattered windows to the bloody footprints on the once white floor and smiled bitterly. He just needed to find his way back to America and then all of this would cease to exist. Long forgotten, like a small child's nightmare and like the incident at Raccoon city.

"Ah, who am I kidding?" The agent hissed as he pulled his blood-crusted shirt over his head, dumping it on the floor by his feet. The truth was, no one would forget it. Even if he tried to, people would keep digging it up whenever they saw him. They would make money out of him as they had before, selling their 'stories' to the press when they could never imagine the horrors he had suffered and witnessed and how maddening it was for him to prepare for his own death time and time again...

Leon's breath caught in his throat as he felt two long and powerful arms wrap themselves around his bare torso, fingers digging into his soft flesh. He struggled against the monster's grasp, managing to pull half of his body away from it before he was once more dragged back, his arm pinned painfully by his side.

The regenerator's saliva slid down what was once a chin and onto the top of the man's head as it's hissing became more and more erratic. It continued to pull him closer and closer until he was held against its chest like the embrace of a possessive lover. His fighting didn't cease when the monster started caressing his chest, drawing it's face towards the flesh between his neck and his shoulder.

He was still kicking and yelling when the monster tore straight into the veins and muscles of his neck and shoulder, shaking its head from side to side relentlessly, tissue and pieces of chipped bone flying into the air. It only stopped when it had completely sucked him dry, raising its blood-splattered face to look to the sky.

At least he didn't have to worry about remembering anything anymore.