Power Mentors

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I have to create a character, and I'm sure I will eventually, I'll take credit for that, but Power Rangers and all that comes with them is not mine and never will be.

Summary: After the death of Zordon, the Rangers get back together to have an impromptu memorial. After, they make a decision that will impact the rest of their lives. Later on, this story will be more comical. I enjoy writing comedy better than angst, but I needed to get it out in the first chapter. There will be some romance as it will include various couple including, but not limited to: Kim/Tommy, Trini/Jason, and Kira/Trent.

Chapter One: Zordon's Death

Tommy Oliver hadn't wanted to find out, not really no matter what he had thought before now. In his heart, he wanted to believe that the odd feeling of pain that was mixed with absolute joy that the world was safe from evil was simply a feeling of an era ending. However, when T.J. had given him the call, any hopes of that vanished and he was left with the painful truth: Zordon, his mentor, teacher, and symbol of ultimate good, was dead.

He ran a hand through his hair let out the breath he hadn't even noticed he was holding. It was a lot to take in, though T.J. had done his best to make it as painless as possible and he had agreed to tell some of the other Rangers. T.J. offered to let the second generation of power rangers know, but Tommy wouldn't let him tell the original Rangers. That was something he needed to do as he knew them better than any other Ranger. He managed to keep himself from truly accepting it as he didn't want to break down, not now when he had a job to do. He pulled himself out of the chair he was sitting in and over to the phone. He dialed up the first person on his list: Jason and waited for the former Red Ranger to answer the phone. He was both happy to hear his friend's voice yet pained that he had to do this when he heard the "Hello?" come from the other end.

"Jason?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy! Hey Bro!" Jason answered, sounding far more cheerful than his friend. He heard Tommy sigh on the other end.

"We need to talk…"

After detailing everything that T.J. had told him, Tommy paused and waited for Jason to say something. When he didn't hear anything after a bit, he got a little worried. "Jason?"

"He's dead," Jason answered, trying to absorb the news. Like Tommy, he'd had that feeling of pain as well. He was guessing that all the former rangers had it. After a few seconds, he continued. "Do the others know?"

"Just you so far. T.J. said he'd take care of Adam, Kat, Justin, Rocky, Aisha, and Tanya, but I felt I needed to let the rest of you know," Tommy answered. Jason was quiet on the other line for a moment and Tommy was really starting to worry that his best friend was cracking under the news.

"Are you in Angel Grove?" Jason asked finally.

"Yeah. After everything happened, I figured it was a good idea to come back for a while. Most of the former students and others who lived here are too. I mean, this is where it all began and if there was going to be more trouble, it would be here. I think everyone just wants to see if it's really over," Tommy answered. The newscast had hit as soon as possible after the final battle took place. Everyone on earth knew who the current power rangers had been and that they were not supposed to be attacked any longer.

"We're all coming back," Jason said. "Other than Billy. We haven't heard from him. Why don't you call Trini and Zack and I'll call Kimberly. We'll figure out how to get a hold of Billy later. We can meet up at the Command Center."

"Power Chamber," Tommy said without really thinking about it as he'd been around for the destruction of their first base.

"Power Chamber," Jason answered quickly.

Tommy quickly agreed and called the other two to let them know. He didn't even remember the phone calls really, other than the one with Jason, as he was mostly on autopilot. He certainly didn't remember the drive to Angel Grove or the trek to the ruined Power Chamber. However, once he saw the charred ruins, he knew he'd arrived. He hadn't seen any of the other's cars around where he parked him and assumed that he was the first one there. Once inside the ruins, however, he saw that a familiar man was already there.


"Greetings, Tommy." The former blue ranger was just standing in front of the empty and broken tube, not really paying attention to his friend's presence. He looked nearly the same with his hair still sandy colored and a blue outfit. Tommy wasn't sure what to call it as it hadn't been made on earth, but it was definitely blue. Like Tommy, he looked older and Tommy hadn't even noticed until that moment that he was wearing a white and green outfit, with a bit of red in the mix. Old habits were hard to break. Billy continued. "I already know."

Tommy didn't bother to ask how, he really didn't care. Instead he joined his friend in just staring at everything. He had been around for the first destruction of the Command Center, as had Billy, and both knew it hadn't felt like this. Nothing they'd felt before truly felt like this. They'd felt fear before, but never a mind-numbing tragedy. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, not realizing anyone else had entered as he'd been lost in his thoughts. He whipped his head around and saw Jason staring back at him. Like Billy, the man looked older, wearing red and gold. The two of them forced a smile and gave a quick hug. Tommy motioned over toward the other man in the room. "Billy's back."

Jason's smile became slightly brighter and he walked over to the genius. "It's good to see you," he said.

"My aspirations to see you under superior circumstances seems to be ruined, but it is good to see you both," Billy answered. The other two nodded in agreement, but said nothing else. Their attention had moved from the tube for the moment and they were just staring at each other, as if trying to force the others to change the outcome.

"So it's true. He's gone." Zack Taylor slowly entered, not at all in his normal humor-filled state. He smiled a bit at the other three and they did quickly exchange greetings to each other, but they all sounded hollow, even the slightly more ecstatic greeting toward Billy. Jason noticed it first.

"It's not that I'm not happy to see you guys," he said quickly. "I just…"

"It feels like part of us was ripped apart. I know," Tommy said. He paused before adding "We all know."

"We all feel it." Trini's quiet voice seemed deafening as she entered, wrapping her arms around Billy, the closest friend to her. Then she move on to Jason, then Zack and finally Tommy in turn. Like the others, she looked like an adult instead of the teenager they had last seen, wearing a yellow outfit. She gave them a weak smile and looked, with the others, in the direction of the broken center, specifically where the tube lay. Jason walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. All were silent and they heard the final member enter.

Kimberly Hart headed over to where the others were. "Hey," was all she said which was answered with other quiet greetings. She took a place next to Trini and she felt Tommy wrap her up in a half-hug. After that, she started crying and Trini quickly followed. Zack felt the tears fall down his face as well and Billy took off his glasses and began to let himself feel the full brunt of what was going on. Tommy and Jason looked at each other as Jason moved himself to hold Trini and both noticed the tears threatening the other's face. Finally, they let them fall, quietly. All that could be heard in the destructed building were the heartbreaking sobbing of the six original power rangers, breaking down for the first time over the loss of their leader.

Kimberly took a cookie from the basket Trini had brought. After they were finished crying, they'd been left hungry and thirsty. Although adults, each of them felt younger than they had in a long time and yet old at the same time. They were sitting in silence so far, each of them quietly enjoying the junk food before them. They'd swept the debris into a pile on the opposite side of the Chamber and they had laid down the blanket that the food rested on. The 19 and 20 year old men and women were facing away from the tube as they tried to adjust. None of them wanted to leave, not yet, but they didn't want to keep looking at the reminder of what was lost. Finally, Kimberly spoke up. "What now?"

It was the question that they'd all been dreading. 'What now?' meant they needed to talk about a future without a Zordon or Alpha. While they had been assured that all evil was gone, they all knew that they agreed that that held true for present evil and not future evil. Jason sighed. "There isn't much we can do. After all, everything is destroyed and it's not like we know where more morphers are."

They were silent for a moment before Billy spoke up. "Perhaps, but maybe we could reconstruct several more. Lest this occurs again."

"Maybe you could," Zack scoffed, but Jason shook his head.

"No, we need to make sure there are as many as possible in case something else goes wrong. Billy's right, we can try to rebuild them. We'll try to make as many as we can," he said.

"Who's gonna wear them?" They all looked over at Kimberly. "I mean, we're young now, but…"

"We won't be young forever," Trini finished. The boys looked more unhappy about this, but Jason shrugged, taking to heart the words of their female companions. It may not have been the answer they wanted to hear, but it was a practical thought.

"We'll have to find others. Look, we're not doing this to relive our glory days. We're doing this because we're the eldest, the first, and we have to be responsible for it or no one else will," he said. "Billy, you're the obvious choice for this. Do you think you can start on Aquitar?"

"Affirmative," he answered.

"Trini, can you try here? I understand if you can't, but…"

"I'll give it my best shot, Jason," came her response.

Tommy raised his hand, almost shyly. "I'm willing to try too. I'm going for a PhD, so I might be able to figure it out."

Jason nodded. No one made a joke about it, though it surprised all of them. "No matter what, we eventually will have to be this future's mentors. We'll have to keep in touch. Billy, Kimberly, Tommy, you okay with that?"

"Affimative," Billy said. "A better communication system is already in effect."

Tommy looked at Kimberly and they both nodded. The pain of their former relationship, the Letter, the lack of calls, was forgotten. They'd eventually have to talk it out, but none of that seemed important anymore. Not as important as this past week and the future that they were all creating.

"Good. For Zordon," Jason stated, putting his hand in. The others set theirs on top.

"For Zordon."

Author's Note: I did some math and way too much research to find out how old the rangers would have been from when the series started to the death of Zordon. My findings were rather irksome for me when I realized that by going by the timetables set in the series, the original Rangers would have been a mere 14 years old when the series began. That is, of course, taking into account that none of the Rangers were moved up a year, a possibility for Jason and maybe Tommy considering I could not find a birth date for him. The series began in 1993 and they graduated in 1997. I fudged the dates so that they were 16 when the series began. Meaning when they got the news, it was late '98 and the rangers would have been 19 or 20. As I said, far too much research. However, if someone has done more than me, I would request that you let me know if I'm wrong so that I may fix it. Thanks!

I also do plan to continue this, so the next chapter should be up soon enough. I know where I want it to go. This will have the Dino Thunder team in it as well as I enjoyed the show immensely and it goes with my plot.