Title: True Love Defies Time (1/3)

Author: DisasterousLetdown

Pairing: Legolas, Aragorn

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Before Arwen, there was another elf that claimed Aragorn's heart. By chance they happen to meet again. Has their love been strong enough to stand the test of time, and will they get the happy ending they have longed for?

Disclaimer: All Known Characters belong Tolkien, I'm just borrowing them.

True Love Defies Time

Chap. One

Aragorn sits beside the fire that they have had the pleasure of building for once; the light from the flames dancing across his face. All his companions are huddled around the fire, save for the elf, who is taking the first watch. Aragorn isn't sure how it happened, but their conversation has turned to the subject of first loves. Boromir has already graced them with his tale, and now it is Aragorn's turn.

Now, everyone would assume that his first and only love is Arwen, but that is far from the truth. Sure, he loves Arwen and has for most of his life, but there was another elf who stole his heart at just the age of sixteen years. Their meeting had been brief, but definitely had a strong and lasting impact on young Estel. Often he wonders about the elf that got away; wondering what would happen were they to meet again.

For many a year Aragorn had waited in anticipation; hoping the elf he fell in love with would return to him. Many times he wanted to find the elf, but their meeting had been brief, and in that time he never learned the beautiful creature's name. He had asked Elrond about the beautiful stranger, but his step father refused to give him any information. Still, he had hoped that one day the breathtaking being of light would return, but as the years passed by he learned to accept the fact that his elf had left for good.

Around that time is when he became attracted to Arwen. He realized that he needed to move on with his life, and so he courted Elrond's beautiful daughter. Now he is betrothed to her, and is proud to be so, but he can never forget the one that got away. No matter how much he may love Arwen, he has accepted the fact that he will forever be in love with the elf that ran away with his heart.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say that there be no need for Aragorn to tell his story." Boromir says to the group; smirking at Aragorn teasingly. "We already know that his precious elf maiden is all he has ever had eyes for."

Aragorn actually blushes at these words and shifts his eyes to the ground beneath his feet. "To be truthful... Arwen isn't my first love."

The hobbits' eyes widen in curiosity, while Frodo scoots closer. "Tell us the story, please Strider."

"Well I met this beautiful elf in Rivendell when I was sixteen years of age. I had stumbled upon him on the bridge, and almost immediately I was drawn to him." As Aragorn tells them his story his companions listen intently with soft smiles on their faces. "We talked well into the night and didn't leave one another's side until the dawn's first light."

"You were really fond of this elf, weren't you?" Boromir asks as he studies Aragorn's facial expressions.

"I have never met a more beautiful elf." Aragorn confesses; a deep blush coloring his cheeks. "He had both humor and heart. He enjoyed teasing me, but coming from him I not mind it. I truly enjoyed his company, and he seemed to enjoy mine as well."

"What was his name?" Pippin asks; intrigue clear in his eyes.

"I never learned it." Aragorn replies solemnly, yet tries to shrug it off as unimportant. "I guess I never thought to ask; too caught up in his presence I suppose. I had just wanted to spend as much time with him as was possible, and later I was glad I did because I was only given that one night with him. Even though I had only known him for a few short hours, which was all it took for I fell deeply in love with him. Unfortunately, he left early that morning while I was resting, I never saw him again."

"That must have been awful for you." Sam's voice is full of sympathy and sorrow.

A dazed expression comes over Aragorn's face; a clear indication that he is reminiscing. "Though I find it difficult to recall his face after all this time, I shall never forget the things I loved most about him. Never shall I forget how his blonde hair was pulled into a tight bun. I will always remember simply for the fact that I adored his hair. I was positive that it had to be as soft as the finest silk, as well as incredibly long. What I loved the most, however, were his bright ocean blue eyes. Those beautiful eyes had captivated me; they possessed the brightest light and a fierce passion. Never before had I seen eyes such as his, and I never have again."

"He truly sounds beautiful." Gandalf finally speaks; silently thinking that this elf sounds strikingly familiar. "Do you suppose you would recognize this elf were you to lay eyes upon him again?"

"I like to believe so." Aragorn replies; a wistful smile gracing his features. "A part of me will always be in love with him so I surely hope I would know him if I were blessed enough to see him again. Yes, indeed, I could surely pick him out of a crowded room."

Gandalf nods his head slowly; amusement filling him at the revelation he has uncovered. "I'm sorry it didn't work between the two of you, it would seem at times that lost love is the most brutal hardship in life."

"Was he aware of your feelings?" Gimli is the one to ask this; showing that he is paying attention.

"Nay, the chance never presented itself." Aragorn replies sadly; trying his best to smile.

"If your elf was around, would you choose to spend your life with him or with your elf maiden?" Boromir asks, and the others show that they would like to know this answer as well.

Aragorn takes a moment to contemplate this, and soon a mournful smile forms on his lips. "I love Arwen." He responds, and the others nod their heads in understanding. "But she does not compare to him."

Gandalf smiles when he hears this, and gives Aragorn's shoulder a friendly pat. For a moment they all thought he chose Arwen, but find themselves happy to hear that he chooses this mystery man.

It is the way in which he speaks of this stranger; it is obvious that he is in love with him. Frodo thinks to himself. I only wish this stranger was around, Strider deserves to be happy. They should be together, but fate seemingly had other plans. It just isn't fair; love as strong as that should never be separated.

"It is your turn to take watch master dwarf." Legolas suddenly appears; startling all within the group.

"That be alright Legolas, I will take his watch." Gandalf stands, sending Legolas a mysterious smile on his way past him.

Legolas watches the old wizard disappear into the darkness, a frown fixed on his face. He simply shrugs off this odd behavior and moves to take Gandalf's abandoned seat.

Aragorn watches the elf seat himself next to him silently. Try as he might, he just cannot figure the elf out. To Aragorn, he seems like an odd being, and slightly snobbish. The elf has been near silent throughout most of the journey, staying to himself and hardly participating in any of the conversations. Most likely thinks he is better than us because he is an elf, and a prince at that. Aragorn thinks bitterly to himself.

He isn't exactly sure why he feels this way towards the elf, but something just doesn't sit well with him when it comes to Legolas. He knows that the others aren't too fond of the elf prince either though, so that helps him not to feel too guilty about his dislike. Legolas is an enigma though, everyone would agree with this. At first glance he would appear as emotionless as a stone, but upon closer inspection you can see that he could possibly have a good heart hidden beneath that solid stone exterior. None are too fond of the stand-offish elf though because they have tried to make friends with him, but Legolas blows off all their attempts, whether the elf realizes it or not.

Slowly Legolas turns his golden head, his long blonde hair falling over his shoulder, and smiles softly at Aragorn. Aragorn is quite surprised by this, but tries not to allow it to show. Instead, he smiles the best that he can at the elf he sees as arrogant, and goes back to intently studying the dancing flames in front of him. He senses Legolas shift closer, however, and returns his gaze to the elf in annoyance.

The others have noticed the surprising scene in front of them and are now watching the two curiously.

"What do you want?" Aragorn snaps; flinching at the sound of his cold tone of voice.

"Forgive me, I hadn't meant to irritate you." Legolas' polite, melodic voice slips through the air.

"Apology accepted." Aragorn says; hoping this conversation is over.

"It is just that it has been many a year since we had a decent conversation and I was hoping to catch up on each other's lives." Legolas says softly; feeling uncomfortable now. My presence is unwelcome; I should not bother him further. Legolas thinks sadly in silence.

Aragorn's eyes snap up to the elf suspiciously; trying to figure out what he is up to. "Do I know you?"

Legolas' eyes widen in shock; frowning at the man unpleasantly. "Are you joking?"

Aragorn's expression says that he is not, and Legolas sighs. "It has been many years since we saw one another, and we really didn't know each other for long. Shouldn't come as a surprise that you don't remember me."

"Get to the point elf." Gimli's gruff voice interrupts. "How do you know Aragorn?"

Legolas glares at Gimli before turning back to Aragorn once more. "We met in Rivendell many a year ago; I met you on my last night there. I was admiring you beautiful home from the bridge when you came across me. We had a lovely conversation that lasted 'til the morning light. I left that morning though, and we never met again. It is alright that you don't remember me, I really should not have expected you to."

A stunned silence engulfs the small group and Legolas finds himself shifting in discomfort. Frodo has a smile on his face though, with excitement in his eyes. Realization has finally dawned on the remaining members of the fellowship, and soon they are smiling happily as well. Legolas doesn't understand their reactions and has the distinct urge to flee, but, being the proud and graceful elf that he is, he remains where he is.

Aragorn hasn't recovered from the shock to his system, but does feel anger rushing through his blood. "What kind of game are you playing elf?" Aragorn asks; spitting out the last word cruelly. "Did you hear my conversation with the fellowship and think it would be fun to play with my heart? Could you not resist the temptation to mock me?"

Legolas' expression is one of confusion and puzzlement; a deep frown playing on his lips. "What conversation? What do you speak of Estel?"

Aragorn's eyes widen when he hears this word pass through the elf's lips. Very few know of this name, and the only ones who are aware of it were around when he was younger. This is so surreal to Aragorn; could Legolas be speaking the truth?

Almost hesitantly, Aragorn leans forward and stares into Legolas' bright ocean blue eyes searchingly and gasps aloud. Legolas watches the man who is directly in front of him a bit warily; an awkward feeling settling in his stomach. He doesn't particularly enjoy this feeling and is beginning to regret approaching Aragorn. Maybe it was a mistake.

"It's really you." Aragorn whispers; fighting the tears of joy that desperately want to fill his eyes.

"Oh my." Frodo whispers, the rest of the fellowship feeling the same way. This is wonderful! Please let them have the happy ending they so deserve, they have waited long enough for it.

"I... I never forgot about you Legolas." Aragorn says softly; having to refrain himself from touching the beautiful elf beside him. "I just never knew your name, and I didn't recognize you when you joined the fellowship."

Legolas smiles that adoring smile of his and nods his head in understanding. "It is good to see you again Mellon-nin, I am just regretful for how long it has been. Life seems to have treated you the way you deserve; I trust that you are doing well?"

"I most certainly am Legolas." Aragorn replies with a wide smile. Especially now that we have been reunited!

"I am most relieved to hear that." Legolas responds honestly; unable to stop grinning like a fool.


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