Chap. Three

The battle over Middle Earth has been fought and the good guys have won. Even when things seemed dire and impossible none of them ever gave up. They all fought long and hard; fought for something they all hold dear. Many lives were lost; friends and family alike. The fellowship had lost Gandalf in the mines of Moria but were miraculously given him back later on in the quest. Unfortunately, they lost Boromir as well, only he was never returned to them.

Aragorn is thankful for the fact that no one else was hurt or lost, and is especially thankful for the fact that he and Legolas survived. He doesn't know what he would have done if he lost Legolas because now that he has found him, he knows he can't live without him. He refuses to live without his elf again.

He has done what Legolas has asked of him; is still contemplating his decision, in fact. He knows he has a prior commitment to Arwen, and it kills him to think of the pain this would cause her. She has always been very good to him. She was there for him whenever he needed her, was there with a smile to cheer him up whenever he was feeling down, and she opened her heart to him with no hesitancy. She is even willing to give up her immortality for him. She deserves someone who will love her unconditionally, someone who will only have room in his heart for her. She deserves better than Aragorn and he knows this.

Then there is Legolas. He has had the chance to get to know the blonde elf better; the quest having given them much time together. He realized that there was more to Legolas that he knew previously. He had loved this elf for most of his life but his time on the quest was when he really got to know him. Legolas is a true warrior but has a strong passion for nature. Being with him would definitely be different from being with a lady. Though, that is expected since he is a male.

The point is that being with Legolas wouldn't exactly be like he has always dreamed it would be. He always had this certain image of Legolas in his mind, but has found that he is quite different from said image. He isn't sure that life with Legolas is what he is looking for, or if in time it will turn out to be what he wants, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with the elf anymore.

The only thing that proves to be a problem is he truly does love Arwen, only she is sailing on the sea right now. Or, at least, that is what he talked her into doing. A deep place in his heart says that she stayed behind for him; she is stubborn like that. If that is the case, he doesn't want to hurt her by choosing Legolas. He knows that by everything she has done for him, staying in middle earth and giving up her immortality, leaving her would be the worst kind of betrayal.

He loves Legolas with his whole heart and soul but can he hurt her like that? Can he be selfish for once in his life, even though it isn't in his nature to do so?

Sitting up straight, putting on a brave face, and filled with a strong determination, he stands up and leaves his room.

He has finally come to a decision; has chosen who he should be with.

Finishing his song, sealing his coronation, he turns to his people and instantly his eyes find Legolas. Slowly, he makes his way over to the shining elf; stunned by how beautiful he looks. The last time he saw him looking so beautiful was while in Lothorien, only he wasn't able to truly appreciate the sight because he was grieving over the loss of Gandalf. He can properly appreciate it this time, though, and he takes advantage of the opportunity.

With a growing smile, Aragorn places his hand on Legolas' shoulder, and in turn Legolas does the same. The fact that this is a comrade embrace doesn't go unnoticed by Legolas, and the elf can feel his heart breaking, but he puts on a brave face for Aragorn's sake. He was the one who asked Aragorn to think things over, after all, and he will accept the man's decision. He only wishes for Aragorn to be happy, and he trusts that Arwen can fulfill that easily.

He has chosen who he loves, Legolas solemnly thinks to himself, I shall always love him, though.

With a graceful tilt of his head, Legolas motions to his right and Aragorn follows the movement with a turn of his head. His eyes widen when Arwen is revealed to him slowly, and he removes his hand from Legolas' shoulder. As if in a daze, he finds himself moving to meet her halfway. She gives him that gentle smile of hers, and after a moment he gives her a small smile in return.

Slowly, he leans in and places a barely there kiss on her cheek before pulling away. A confused expression graces her face, as well as all of those around them, and she watches as Aragorn makes his way back to Gandalf. Legolas watches this display in a mix of curiosity and confusion. A small hand grabs his and he looks down into the eyes of Frodo; who smiles in encouragement and hope. Legolas tries not to let any hope in, though; not wanting to be disappointed in the end.

As soon as Aragorn reaches Gandalf, he turns to his people. "'Tis today that I am to chose a mate; someone to share my life and kingdom with. The person I have chosen will selflessly help me rule Gondor and love it as much as I. I trust this person with my life and heart; I believe you will come to love them as I have. I love this person with all within my soul, and I cannot imagine being with any other."

Everyone listens silently and intently, so Aragorn continues with his speech, "It seems I have loved this person forever. I met them when I was a young boy. Even when they weren't there, it seemed as though they were because they took up residence in my mind, dreams, and heart. I may have been misguided for many a year, believing I loved someone that I now realize wasn't true, but I am back on track. I know who my heart lies with and I was foolish for thinking of letting this person go."

Gimli glances at Legolas and is struck by the heart wrenching anguish on the elf's face. He wishes there was something he could do to ease his pain, but feels utterly helpless. How can Aragorn do this? Gimli thinks sadly to himself with a shake of his head. I thought he was in love with Legolas. Turning his gaze away from Legolas he sees a soft understanding on Arwen's face, as well as a smile.

"This person that I love so deeply, that I want to spend the rest of my days with..." Aragorn trails off, takes a deep breath and then smiles proudly in joy. "This person is Legolas Greenleaf."

Legolas' head snaps up the instant these words register in his mind and his gaze finds Aragorn's. He looks at the man quizzically and receives a wide smile in answer. Slowly, a smile of pure happiness forms on Legolas' lips, and when Aragorn motions for him to take his spot at his side, he finds his feet moving in that direction.

Everyone is in a shocked silence as they watch Legolas walk up to Aragorn and stop directly beside him. Aragorn turns to the elf and takes his hand in his own. He smiles almost self-consciously, but the smile Legolas sends his way helps to put his nerves at ease.

"Will you do me the honor of marrying me and spending your life with me?" Aragorn asks loud enough for all to hear.

When Legolas responds his voice is full of love, "I would be honored."

Unable to wait any longer, Aragorn gently cups Legolas' face and places the sweetest of kisses upon his lips. It is at the moment their lips make contact that the crowd erupts into cheers; clapping their hands enthusiastically. Legolas is surprised by this response but just smiles happily at Aragorn; his soon to be husband.

Everyone becomes silent once again, however, when Arwen gracefully makes her way over to the happy couple. Aragorn watches her every move in trepidation, while Legolas is wary of what is to come.

"Do accept my apology Arwen, 'twas not my intention to hurt thee. A part of me..." Arwen raises her petite hand and instantly Aragorn silences himself.

"Do not apologize Estel, for I have always known your heart belonged to another." Arwen says softly; shocking Aragorn.

"How did you know? And why did you never speak of such to me?" Aragorn asks with wide, expressive eyes.

"Many a time you would call out in your dreams for a blonde elf; declaring your undying love for him. Besides, it was always there in your eyes Aragorn; your eyes couldn't hide it as well as your mouth." Arwen responds with a small smile on her beautiful face. "The reason I never spoke of this was I had decided to give you the love that you needed until your true love returned to you. That is what one does for someone they care about."

In stunned silence, Aragorn just stares at the lady in front of him in wonder. "I... I know naught of what to say other than thank you Arwen." Aragorn practically whispers once his voice returns to him. "I need you to know that I truly do care for you, it was not pretend."

The small smile on her face says that she believes every word, and with the natural grace of an elf she takes Aragorn's and Legolas' hands in her own. "It brings me much joy to see the two of you reunited; I wish you much happiness in your life together."

"We truly appreciate your blessing Arwen, thank you." Aragorn says; leaning forward to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

Arwen simply nods before turning to face Legolas. "Take care of him Legolas, he is truly special."

"Aye, he is." Legolas responds while looking at Aragorn, and then turns to face Arwen. "I shall take great care of him; you have naught to worry about."

With one last smile full of blessing, Arwen releases their hands and returns to her father's side. Aragorn returns his gaze to Legolas and once more takes a hold of his hand.

Now that the celebration has come to an end, Aragorn leads Legolas to their bedchamber; grasping the elf's hand as though afraid he will disappear. Once they reach the privacy of their room Legolas forces Aragorn to release his hand; flexing his fingers to relieve the kinks in them caused by Aragorn's tight grasp.

Aragorn smiles sheepishly as he gently takes a hold of Legolas' arm and leads him over to the bed; sitting down on the comfortable mattress. Legolas smiles brightly as he caresses the man's cheek with the tips of his fingers. Aragorn tilts his head into the loving touch; placing a tender kiss to the palm of Legolas' hand.

"You will be my husband in mere weeks." Aragorn whispers as he stares into the blue eyes he loves so much.

"I can hardly wait; I would be your husband today if it were possible." Legolas whispers back.

Aragorn's heart swells with love at these words; he couldn't love this elf any more than he does right at this moment. Cupping Legolas' face, he brings their lips together in a passionate show of affection. Legolas kisses back with equal emotion and allows Aragorn to push him down onto his back.

Aragorn entangles his fingers in Legolas' long blonde hair as he positions his body half on top of the elf's. Slowly, his hands trail down Legolas' body, feeling the strength of his muscles and caressing the spots that bring the most beautiful sounds out of the elf. As his hand travels lower, coming into contact with the elf's most private of areas, Legolas lightly pushes him away and smiles softly.

"I would be most appreciative if we were to wait for this until our wedding night. I will be giving myself to you Aragorn and I want to do that in every sense of the word." Legolas says softly, boarding on shy and timid.

"That is very romantic Legolas." Aragorn teases lightly. "'Tis true that I would love to bond with you this night, but it would mean so much more if we wait 'til the night of our marriage."

"Hannon-le Aragorn." Legolas' voice is full of joy as he places his hand on the back of the man's neck and pulls him down into a kiss.

Aragorn pulls away a moment later only to stare down into Legolas' eyes; caressing his face lovingly. "Amin mela lle." He whispers as he runs his fingers through Legolas' hair. (I love you)

Legolas' responding smile is bright and full of emotion. "Gerich veleth min... an-uir." (You have my love... forever)

"Lle viesta?" Aragorn isn't really doubting Legolas' love but simply looking for reassurance. (Do you promise?)

Legolas takes Aragorn's face in the palms of his hands and looks intently into his eyes. "Mae mela amin." Legolas finally responds with such honesty in his voice; almost bringing tears to Aragorn's eyes. (Yes my love)

Instead of kissing this time Aragorn pulls Legolas into his arms and they share a lover's embrace. Aragorn knows there are probably rough patches in their path, but, with his elf by his side, he knows that together they are strong. Bring forth whatever life has in store for us, Aragorn thinks to himself as he holds Legolas' form close, our love can withstand even the test of time.

.The End.