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Great, just great. I'm going to be late for my first class!!!

Yes, I, Allen Walker am a new at this school, The Hoshino Academy. It's a huge school, and I have a horrible sense of direction. Not only that, but it is now only two minutes until my first class starts, and I have no idea which way to go. Curse my horrible sense of direction!

I was jolted out of my self-loathing when I bumped into someone.

"O-oh...I'm sor-"

"Watch where you're going baka!" An annoyed voice shouted at me. Sheesh, all I did was bump into them, I said I was sorry! Now's not the time to get angry though, they're wearing the same uniform as I am, though it's rather messy.

"I'm sorry... um... could you tell me where this class is?" I asked, and held out the paper that had my school information on it.

"Tch... It's right down the hall baka! Kami to have to deal with someone so stupid this early in the morning..." The boy grumbled, pointing down a hall to his left. He looks Asian, but I can't tell if he's Chinese, Japanese, or Korean or anything else. I'm not ignorant ... well I guess I am to some extent, but it's not intentional! You have to admit though, it's really hard to tell the different nationalities apart!

"Thank you... I'm Allen Walker by the way, nice to meet you."

Let's just try and be polite, this guy's probably just having a bad day...

"Tch, right. You can drop the fakeness already. people like you piss me off. Could you not act so damned happy?" He said, and turned down the hall and out of sight.

CHRIST! What the hell was his problem!?

I really hoped no one else at this school is like that jerk. I already wanted to strangle him! And I'm not a usually violent person either, but you know how some people just rub you the wrong way? He's one of those people that I'm sure gets to everyone. But, regardless, he did help me. I walked down the hall he pointed to, and sure enough, I found the right classroom.

I'm surprised he gave me the right directions...

He seemed like the kind of person who would've mislead a new kid just for the sake of being mean. I walked into the classroom, and looked around timidly, I'm always a little nervous when first meeting people, never mind an entire class at once. Just as I walked in the bell rang, I made it in time! YEAAAAAAH!!! I looked around the class, and found an open seat near the front, next to a rather cute girl, who also looked Asian.

"Hello class! We've got a new student finally! Could you please come to the front for us?"

This must be my new teacher... my home room is in one of the science rooms...

I did as told and stood up. Everyone looked at me, and I prayed I wasn't blushing. I'm not good with being the center of attention either...

"Class, this is Allen Walker. Don't kill him, ok?"

WHAT!?!? kill me? Geez what a welcome...

"I'm Pr. Komui Lee, by the way. welcome to my dysfunctional class." He said, I sweat-dropped. who would openly say that about their class? I should be worried, shouldn't I? I should be very worried, I'm sure. And I am, I am. The girl behind me poked my shoulder and I turned to face her.

"Hello Allen, I'm Lenalee Lee! That's my brother up there, the weird teacher in the beret... I know he makes it sound bad, but it's not ...really." She said, smiling reassuringly. I smiled back, glad to meet someone so nice upon entering the class.

As the day went on, I met a lot of interesting characters. Lenalee was in a lot of my classes, much to my excitement. The first I met was our German language teacher, Miss Miranda. She was quite odd... She seemed to think that half of her lesson plan was wrong, and tried to jump out the window twice.

Then I met this guy named Alystar Krory. He looked a little to old to be in High school, but apparently he's a junior. I'm taking honors classes, so the students are of mixed ages and from mixed grades. He was nice enough though, if not some-what sappy.

I also met the English teacher, Mr. Wenhamm, who's apparently a childhood friend of Komui's, and only puts up with the mad science teacher's antics because of that, though he swears he's gonna ask for a transfer to another position soon, maybe work in the associated middle school. He's Komui's opposite, he gives a normal amount of work out, and he passes it back graded quickly, where as Komui gives students ridiculous amounts of work, but never grades it until the last minute before term ends. At least according to Lenalee.

"Come on, you have to meet two more people!" She said, pulling me by my hand towards yet another place. The school day had finally ended, and my school bag was fulled to capacity, courtesy of Komui. The two of you entered into the Library. Lenalee stopped though after a few steps.

"Kanda's here... and Lavi's bugging him... great..." She muttered under her breath, but I still caught it. I looked over to where she was looking and freaked.

WHAT'S HE DOING HERE?! And more over, why is he in a library?

That same jerk I bumped into before, who's name was apparently Kanda, was leaning against the check-out desk, looking rather annoyed as a red-head boy who was wearing the school uniform chatted away.

"Well let's not just wait here!" Lenalee Said, as though she were steeling herself.

"Heya Lavi! I've got someone I want you to meet!" She said, waving at the red-head, Lavi. He looked over, and a huge grin on his face as he walked over to the two of us.

"Hello, new persons! My name's Lavi, what's yours?" He asked, this guy was really friendly. I wondered for a minute why he would be talking to that jerk Kanda, but then, I figure it's because he's so friendly he doesn't even realize he's annoying the guy.

"I'm Allen Walker, nice to meet you!" I said, holding my hand out, he enthusiastically shook it.

"Hey YUUUUUU-CHAN! Come meet the new kid." He said over his should to Kanda.

Yuu-chan? Isn't 'chan' for girls? Then again...

On closer inspection, Kanda did look rather feminine, not to say I'd ever point that out to him. Just then something black streaked through the air, and Lavi was on the ground, looking rather confused.

"Idiot! No yelling in the library... I swear, kid says he wants to be a librarian and signs up for a part-job here after school, then has to be a complete idiot." Some old man with dark rings around his eyes and weird hair mumbled.

Ok, he looks WAAAAY to old to be flying through the air like that...

"Er... Allen, this is Bookman, and the bloody mass on the ground is Lavi, his grandson. The boy over there is Kanda." Lenalee said, pointing to each of them in turn.

his grandson... Jesus Christ what type of school have I gotten myself into?

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