Whoa... Saya woke up early today, and her mom left her cookies! So yeah Saya had the sudden urge to listen to speed over Beitoven... and had turned into an overnight LaviKan fan...she really wants to write a LaviKan story now... Lavi's b-day's comin' up, she'll write one for that!

Saya no owns... but what she wouldn't do to...

Rated T overall for swearing, uke molest, and random character deaths. This Chapter is rated T for implied sex.


It was late night, well, early morning. I held Allen close to my bare chest, his face in the crook on my neck. I could feel his breath on my skin, perfectly in time with the rising and falling of his chest. We were in a tangle of sheets, and our combined body heat and the nice feel of the summer air stopped us from getting cold. Light filtered in through the blinds of a small window, giving the room a pale glow. It was peaceful, everything for this moment was perfect, but I knew it would only last until we had to leave, then everything would be gone.

I didn't want this to end, the calm morning, I just wanted to stay here. I didn't want to leave on some mission for god knows how long. People change over time, I didn't want Allen to change while I was gone, when I couldn't see those changes. He was bound to grow up a bit, his attitude was bound to change a bit, he was bound to change in a million small ways that would amount to so much. Would he fit so easily in my arms when I next saw him?

And what about now? I was afraid, I almost didn't want him to wake up. everything was consensual, I didn't force him into it, but what if I had destroyed that seemingly indestructible innocence of his? Would he be a different person walking out of here than he was walking in? I suddenly loathed change.

Allen stirred, moving his head carefully so he didn't hit me. He looked up at me with that beautiful smile of his, and I knew I was stupid to think anything could really break that innocence.

"Good morning Yuu."

He said, and I was momentarily lost in his bright eyes. I pulled him back to me, he was surprised, but didn't fight it, he just moved back to where he was.

"I hate this... I don't want to leave..."

He said suddenly, I didn't miss the pang of pain and sadness in his voice.

"If I could have my way, I would stay here with you... I'd stay here with you in this, in your still messy apartment. I'd rather stay with you than go anywhere else... I hate how they're separating us... even if they don't have choice, it's still not fair..."

"That's what we'll do then. Promise that you won't let that feeling fade, and that's what we'll do. When we see each other again, after god knows how long with those generals, if you still want to, that's what we'll do, we'll come back here, and turn this messed up, unpacked apartment into a home. As long as you want to do that, we will."

I felt something wet on my neck, going down my chest, and looked down; he was crying.

"What's wrong?"

"You really mean that... right?"

"Of course I do, have I ever said something I don't mean?"

He didn't answer that, he just pulled himself closer to me. We stayed like that until we knew we had to go.

"My feelings wont fade... never. I promise."


"Wow I never though I'd see the day when Yuu-chan was late for anything!"

Lavi said, waving at Allen and me from the school's front gate, damn and here I thought I'd never have to step foot here again... Lavi smirked when he saw that I was carrying Allen on my back. Actually, Allen had done a fine job walking as if nothing had happened, but I could see small amounts of pain come over his face, and knew he was just walking straight out of pride, regardless of the pain, and decided to carry him.

"Oho... have fun last night?"

He asked, smirking. Allen blushed at the question and I somehow managed to hit him without dropping Allen.

"Shut up idiot..."

"I'll take that as a yes... but you coulda been gentle with the kid Yuu!"

"S-shut up idiot..."

Lavi studdered as I laughed openingly; no one expected Allen to say that.

"Waaah Yuu-chan has poisoned Moyashi-chan and the apocalypse is coming! Allen was mean and Yuu laughed!"

my glare shut him up for the moment.

"Oi, Allen, I need to talk to the baka for a minute, can I put you down?"

"Yeah... it wasn't like I asked you to carry me... I coulda walked myself just fine!"

He said, pouting stubbornly; it was so cute I had to kiss him.

"I know, but I spoil you too much."

I released his legs slowly, and when he was standing on his own, he let go of my neck. He walked over to Lenalee, who waved him over happily. Lavi looked at him, impressed that he could walk so well.

"Wow... either you really were gentle, which I can't imagine, or he's used to it. Have you done it before without me noticing? You two did have more than enough study dates..."

"No, he's just too stubborn to show he's in pain. I had to force him to let me carry him..."

"So what did you wanna talk to Mama Lavi about?"

"Didn't you drop that a while ago?"

"Only temporarily."

"Whatever... anyways... I wanted to ask you ... for a ... favor..."

Lavi looked like he knew what I was gonna ask, but let me continue anyways; it wasn't common for me to ask favors, he was probably scrawling this all down in his mental history record.

"Look after him... You know I'm the only one who's not going with you guys so I can't... as my Best Friend I'm ... counting on you to look after him for me. And keep your hands off."

Lavi gapped for a moment, I'm pretty sure that was the first time I'd admitted to him that I thought of him as more than an idiot red. He regained his composure and nodded.

"I will, he's like a little brother, ya know? No way I'd let him get hurt if I could help it. And like I'd really lay a hand on him. I've got Lenalee with me, remember?"

My expression went from serious to something akin to pity. I knew that in the end, him and Lenalee were more like siblings than lovers, they both knew it too, but refused to let it go. I couldn't help but wonder if they really felt so empty without those Noah here...

"You'll have to come to terms with that sometime Lavi... you two can't play pretend forever."

He gave me a look that said he'd rather not talk about it, but answered anyways.

"Look. it's my choice, I know we can't keep this up forever... But there's nothing else I can do..."

I looked away from the sadness that clouded his face, the wound was still fresh, it always would be.

"I hope... that you can find some happiness before I see you again..."

I said, and turned to go to my group, Daisya and Noise Marie, both who were in my class and graduated with me, they were coming with me to find the general. They were coming to the gate now from where ever they were coming from.

"Well we're gonna have to leave soon... let's hope this is more fun than school was."

Daisya said, bouncing his charity bell off his knees, something he often did when he had nothing else to do.

"General Tiedoll is supposed to be in the U.S. somewhere, right? So we're basically searching the continent for him..."

I said, thinking of how long this mission would be... but I know that I'll live, because as long as I do, I'll see Allen again. He started moving towards me again, and I went over to him too.

"So this is it... for now. I promise I'll come back to you."

He said, and I hugged him, not caring who was around to see it, or that we were in front of a religious institution, God be damned for forcing us apart. I kissed him lightly, but it turned into a passionate kiss that ran deep with sorrow and desperation.

"Damn straight you'll come back to me, if you don't I'll come and find you. You made a promise after all."

"Yes.. So we'll see each other again."

"We will"


yes, this is the end off Opposites, but not the end of the story! there will be a sequel because like hell Saya could just stop this story! she just decided to start a new story because the sequel's starting with a long time-skip. So stay tuned because there will be more! there will be more almost immediately! please do not think Saya would ever leave it at this... so once again she repeats... there will be a sequel! is that completely clear now? Yes? Good. See you there! but you know... when she started this chapter she didn't think she would end it here... just goes to show how much she thinks things through... still she did pretty good for someone who was making things up as she went along, ne?