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Here's Part 3 folks. Enjoy.

The sun was beginning to rise off the horizon of Port Royal, Jamaica. Elizabeth Turner nay Swann was standing on the balcony enjoying it as much as she could. She had been married for over a month already and yet could not be properly with the man she loved since then due to the fact that no one knew of the event (especially her father). Since returning from their most recent adventures with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth felt like she had finally understood why she loved piracy as a child. Being the man's niece and her own mother being his sister, Elizabeth seemed to have pirate in her blood for generations. After discovering her mothers' secret journal everything was revealed to her and she was completely at peace with it. The sun was finally high enough in the sky but Elizabeth felt sick to her stomach. This had been going on for the past few weeks now; every since they'd left the Pearl. Perhaps she should go to the doctor later in the day and find out just what was wrong. She sighed as she tore herself from the window. The Call of the Sea never seemed so sweet.

Will Turner just finished watching the sun reach the sky. It was a beautiful sight that literally took his breath away. Going back to this life was difficult for Will to endure. He'd 'properly' asked for Elizabeth's hand in marriage a week earlier and asked the Governor fresh from his trip to England just days before that. Needless to say, everyone was very excited now and very busy as well with plans currently underway. Will himself had to go to a fitting later in the day that he wasn't looking forward to. It was a bit stupid since they were technically already married and had already "consummated" it, but Elizabeth wanted this for her father. The least he could do would be to give her what she wanted. It was just about time for Will to get back to work. Blacksmithing, Will almost hated to admit, had become exceedingly dull as of recently. The Call of the Sea had yet to disappear from his soul and nothing would get rid of it entirely. It did not matter though. Everything would work out fine in the end and nothing would go wrong. Of course, thinking that means something will. Or maybe not. The thinking of that makes the thinker think and or believe...

"I've been around Jack Sparrow for too long," Will muttered getting ready to work for the day.

Governor Weatherby Swann was sitting at the breakfast table waiting for his daughter to arrive while looking over some necessary paperwork. Since he was in the comfort of his own home, Weatherby was sitting sans wig and a biscuit with a light layer of jam on it in his left hand. He suddenly heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Is that you Elizabeth?"

The stomping stopped and his beautiful daughter's face appeared in the doorway. "Yes Father?"

"Would you care to have breakfast with me this morning?" he asked motioning to the table before him.

She seemed a bit uncertain for a moment before shaking her head. "I'm sorry Father but I have to be...at a dress fitting this morning and I'd really not like to be late."

"Alright Elizabeth, I'll see you later this afternoon then."

She came over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before disappearing again.

The Governor was no fool. Elizabeth seemed very preoccupied as of recently. Her mind just seemed to be elsewhere, even during their planning time for the wedding. Eventually Weatherby knew that his daughter would tell him everything. Elizabeth was a good girl...oh she is so like her mother. She definitely has her mother's free spirit. Weatherby sighed thinking of his wife. It had been years since she was gone and for the past few of them he felt as though he could literally tear his heart out. Weatherby was stupid. There was no other way to describe it. He had become that which he feared, his father. Ruled by that which was pure and true. Weatherby just hoped his daughter never discovered the truth for she would never love him again.

It was late afternoon in the Smithy when there was a knock on the door.

"You can come in," he shouted over the hammering. Light entered the room and quickly disappeared as he looked up.

"Elizabeth...oh my goodness. The fitting, I was so busy I forgot and..."

"Will, we need to talk." She sounded very decisive and also a little worried.

"What's wrong?"

"I think you need to sit down for this."

"Come around back, there's an eating area with some chairs and I'll make us some tea."

Elizabeth nodded and followed him to the back. She sat down as Will set about making the tea.

"I'm sorry about missing the fitting Elizabeth but there was so much work that needed to be done."

"Will, sit down please."

He made sure the pot was in the fire with water and sat across from her.

She took his hand and put it on her stomach.

Will's face paled.

"You're not."

"I am."

Starting things off with a bang aren't we? Any questions then feel free to ask. Hope you liked chapter 1 because it was fun to write. I also hope you like this one as much as its predecessors. Later :-)