PUDDING!- the town full of insane people trying to eat each other

Chapter 1

I sat in the taxi staring out the window watching the rain come pouring down. But I didn't care. I was happy. I was moving to a new town. Now I wish I had never gone any where near it.

It had all started off when I came out the taxi. I had just gotten over the fact that kapp'n the taxi driver was an animal, and I then walked in to the town hall to see what the people in there was like. But there was a pelican in there.

'hello welcome to pudding town hall, how may I be of service?' the pelican said very politely.

'um, hello pelican lady' I mumbled. 'I've just moved here'

'oh, you must be Tierney!' the pelican said.

'my name is pelly, pleased to meet you!'

She told me about the town hall and where my house is. So I ran to my new house very excited. I got there and looked inside.

'god its tiny!' I said

'yes but its still good, hm?' I turned round to see a racoon standing out side my house.

'who are you?' I asked the racoon, who was standing there looking at me blankly.

'I' am tom nook, owner of the shop here and builder of your house, in pudding. So you say your house is too small hm?'

'yes I couldn't fit my things in here!'

' worry not, worry not, you can sell things at my shop for bells and then you can use the bells to pay your mortgage . You can sell me anything. especially fruit and fish! god I have to have sumthin to eat, I might eat another customer!'

'what did you say?' I asked worried

' I said you can work part-time at my shop, hm?'

'Um ok'

'excellent, excellent indeed. right be seeing you then hm? Goodbye'

I stared at the weirdo racoon running off, and decided to go explore. While I was doing that I saw two wolves, one white, one blue running around chatting to each other and I decided to introduce myself.

'um hello' I said nervously.

The two wolves looked at me and then whispered to each other. A few seconds later the white wolf said:

'hello welcome to pudding, snappy. My name is Whitney, his name is Wolfgang'

'Pleased to eat , ow, Whitney! Pleased to meet you, snarrrl.' He grinned and showed me his big white fangs.