FASH: All right, here's what's going on, in order to battle the onset of writer's block I decided to write down names and phrases or sentences and I made my little sister pick out a piece of paper from the name pile, and a phrase/sentence from the other pile, and that would be the guideline for my fic, I may put the actual sentence into the fic, I may not. Some of these things are going to be pure crack... All of them will have Sena (because he's so cute) and the other character mentioned in them, but they won't necessarily be together or anything like that... Unless I want them to be.

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The Name: Unsui

The Sentence: "Can't I just go home now, it's past my bedtime."

He wasn't sure why he was being dragged somewhere by the eldest Kongo brother, and he wasn't sure where he was being dragged either, but one thing for sure was it was getting late and he had practice in the morning.

"Ummmm, Unsui-san, it's not like I don't appreciate..." Sena paused for a moment, trying to think of something that wouldn't insult the other boy. "... Your company or anything. But I have practice in the morning and I should probably be in bed soon." Unsui threw him a look over his shoulder. "Oh, you'll be in bed soon alright."

Sena's eyes widened and he tried to yank his arm out of Unsui's grip. "That did not sound right! What did you mean by that?!" Unsui looked confused for a moment before realization dawned upon him and he let go of Sena, flushing.

"I didn't mean it like that! It's just Agon wants to talk to you, but he's too lazy to get you himself so he said if I got you for him he'd show up for the next training session." His shoulders slumped a bit. "Of course, he could be lying... Anyways, what I meant by... That was that as soon as you see Agon I can take you home."

"Agon-san... Why exactly does he want to see me?" Sena asked nervously and Unsui shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows? But if you want I'll stand right beside the door and listen in to make sure he doesn't do anything." The younger boy let out a sigh of relief, as long as Unsui was on his side maybe he would be able to survive a confrontation with Agon.

'Or maybe not.' Sena thought as he walked into Agon's room, Unsui closing the door behind him. God, he was alone in a room with Agon and nowhere to run...

"Whatever Hiruma's been telling you are lies!" Sena's eyes snapped up to look at Agon, who was sitting on his bed a few feet ahead of him.

"Umm, Agon-san, what are lies? Hiruma-san hasn't talked with me about anything not relating to football for a while now." Sena answered curiosity peaked, what did Agon have to hide?

The older boy pulled off his glasses calmly. "Is that so?" He gave Sena a look, eyes full of an emotion Sena couldn't recognize. "Well, you can go then."

Slightly shell shocked, he'd been kept away from his bed for that, he nodded and turned on his heel, opening the door and walking out into the hallway where Unsui was waiting for him.

"Well that didn't take too long. You'll be able to go to sleep soon now." Unsui said to make some conversation so their way back and Sena nodded halfheartedly. "Unsui-san?" "Yeah?" "Your brother is weird."

Unsui smiled and chuckled, ruffling Sena's hair lightly. "Yeah, I suppose he is."