The Name: Kakei

The Quote from Raifu No Tenshi: "I pity the one who's easily fooled by (insert name)'s fake innocence… (Sees Sena being that fool)I take that back. I pity (same name as before), for he shall be dead before midnight by the certain hands of an American football team's manager."

Hiruma could read everyone like a book, it didn't matter if they were able to put up a facade that was able to fool even the people closest to them, he could see right through them. Which is exactly why he knew that Kakei wasn't as one track minded (football, football, football) as everyone else seemed to think he was.

He didn't really care, blackmail material was easy to come by when you were as sly as him after all, but he couldn't help but pity the fool who was fooled by Kakei's fake innocence.

And he was staring at that fool right now.

'Damn that shrimp's an idiot when it comes to this type of stuff.' He narrowed his eyes and the tall boy as he dug around his bag for one of his many cell phones. Sure he could go and stop it before it went anywhere, but if he were to inform a certain other party of what was going on not only would he save a couple dozen bullets, but Kakei would probably be more likely to think twice before trying to seduce Sena if it was Mamori gave him a good talking to.

He smirked as he dialed the number and fulled Mamori in on the situation at hand and as soon as the one sided conversation was done he let out a chuckle. Mamori would probably run up any minute and drag Kakei away by the ear. This was going to be amusing. 'Big sister figures are the best weapon against potential suitors.'

And sure enough within 10 minutes of his phone call Mamori came storming down the street, looking as though she was out for blood.

Poor Kakei, oh well, he really should have known better.

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