WARNING: Bad grammar and spelling

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Rhymes of pain

Pairing: Itachi & Hinata

Itachi is 20 and Hinata is 17.


Chapter one: The plan

"You know, she will kill us if we do that." Whispered a brown haired girl quietly to her friend.

"No she won´t, this is Hinata we are talking about." Replied the blonde girl whose hair was in four ponytails. She turned her green eyes to look at the girl next to her. "Besides, look at her! Do you know anybody else who can dance like Hinata?" She continued and pointed towards the gym.

The brown haired girl lifted her brown eyes to look the small girl dancing flawlessly in the gym. The soft tune of music seemed to carry her body like a gentle autumn wind carries the leaf. And not to mention the girls innocent beauty which immediately snatched the attention of any possible viewer of her dance.

Her shoulder lenght, midnight blue hair swayed gently with her movements, the small smile on her lips and her half shut eyes gave her a dreamy look. The flush on her cheeks and the distand look in her pale lavender eyes made her look like she was in some kind of trance. She was wearing a gray t-shirt with matching gray sweatpants, but the clothes were unable to hide her curvy body.

"Yeah, you are right. Let´s do it, Temari." The brown haired girl whispered firmly and turned around to leave.

"That´s the spirit, Tenten!" Temari whispered back and grinned at her wickedly. "Do you have the number?"


"Good! Now give me the cell phone."

The girls froze in their places when the music suddenly stopped and they heard footsteps coming closer to the doors of the changing room. Temari and Tenten quickly hid themselves to the broomcloset. They knew that Hinata became terribly shy when somebody saw her dancing. And if they wanted their plan to work, they had to keep themselves hidden.

There was some rustling as Hinata changed her clothes and then she left the changing rooms, never noticing her two friends in the closet.

"Phew, that was close." Tenten sighed and opened the door of the closet.

"Tell me about it. But now, let´s make the phone call which will change Hinata´s life, ne?" Temari replied and smirked mischievously, Tenten giggling silently next to her.


The cold autumn wind hit Hinata´s face as she was walking back to her home. But she didn´t mind, she liked autumn. It was always so colorful time of the year.

A few raindrops landed on her head, making her to smile. Even though it was a late September, it hadn´t rained for a long time.

Hinata started to walk faster. Sure she enjoyed the rain, but she didn´t want to get sick.

Soon she reached her home and she quickly took her keys from her pocket and opened the front door.

"I´m home." She said timidly and placed her bag on the floor.

"Where have you been?" Came her father´s cold voice. "You haven´t been dancing, have you?" Hinata froze and slowly turned her head to look at her father´s emotionless eyes.

"N-No father. I-I w-was with Temari." Hinata said quietly, hoping that her father wouldn´t realize that she was lying. She couldn´t understand why Hiashi didn´t want her to dance.

"Hn." Was all her father replied before turning around and walking to his study. Hinata sighed in relief and climbed upstairs to her own little room.


"Hinata! Guess what!" Hinata heard Tenten yell when she arrived to the school. She turned around and smiled to her friend.

"W-What is it, Tenten?" Tenten threw her arm around Hinata´s shoulder and grinned.

"Something big is going to happen." Tenten teased and waved to Temari, who had just walked in.

"B-Big?" Hinata gave Tenten a curious look, making her grin wider.

"Oh yes, you are not going to believe this! Right, Temari?"

"C-Come on, tell me already." Hinata said, wanting to know what her friends had in mind. Tenten and Temari made an eye contact briefly and smiled like maniacs.

"We..." Tenten started.

"Registered..." Temari continued.

"You to a dancing course!" They both finished at the same time. Hinata´s eyes filled with horror.

"And that´s not all. The teacher of the course is very talented dancer, Uchiha Itachi!" Tenten squealed like a little girl who just got a new doll. Hinata finally got her speakin ability back and started protesting.

"N-No! I c-can´t go on that course!" She said franctically.

"Of course you can!" Temari snapped. "We have seen you to dance, and trust me, you are amazing!" She garbbed Hinata from her shoulders. "You have no reason to be shy! You could become something great! Just give a try, dammit!"

"B-But m-my father w-will kill me if he finds out!" Hinata said and tried to control her trembling body. Her father would never allow her to go to that course.

"Who says he has to know?" Tenten said matter of factly.

"Like Tenten just said. Come on, he will not know if you don´t tell him." Temari pleaded. Hinata lowered her eye on the ground and started thinking. Why not? Her father would not know and she´d have a change to practice her dancing with a professional.

"W-Well..." Tenten and Temari hugged Hinata tightly.

"We knew you would agree!" Tenten said happily and made a happy dance. Hinata blushed and smiled shyly.

"You will become the best dancer ever!" Temari added enthusiastically, smiling widely.

"W-When the course starts?" Hinata started to get eager. Maybe it wouldn´t be so bad after all.

"This afternoon." Tenten and Temari replied at the same time. Hinata gasped.

"T-This afternoon?!"

"Yep! So you better be ready by then! We will make sure that you´ll go." Temari said and Tenten nodded her head firmly. Hinata was about to say something, but Tenten covered her mouth with her hand.

"No protesting! You will go and that´s final." Hinata sighed and nodded. She could never argue with her friends without loosing.


Hinata stood nervously next to the wall of a huge gym. There were at least fifteen other girls and one feminine looking guy. All of them looked confident and at Hinata´s opinion, they were are much prettier than her, including the feminine guy.

"Please somebody kill me. I don´t belong here." Hinata would have ran a long time ago, if she didn´t knew that Temari and Tenten were right outside to gym, watching her every move.

Hinata looked around her. She didn´t know anyone of the other dancers. Two girls, one with long blonde hair, held in a high ponytail and a pink haired girl were arguing about something, the feminine looking guy was brushing his hair, while talking to a red haired and brown eyed girl.

Suddenly the side door of the gym opened and a guy with long black hair and red eyes entered to the gym. He had a serious expression on his face. He was tall and his body was quite muscular and he was wearing a very tight black t-shirt and black sweatpants. Everybody expect Hinata squealed in the room.

"He is the teacher?" Hinata thought and blushed furiously. She was pulled out of her thoughts when the teacher started talking.

"Hello everyone. I´m Uchiha Itachi and I will be your dancing teacher." His voice was low and a bit husky. Hinata shivered.

"Now say 'here' or raise your hand when you hear your name." He continued. "Suzumiya Akane." He announced and a girl with long red hair and green eyes raised her hand.

"Hayase Mitsuki"

"Here." Answered a girl with very long, violet hair and violet eyes. "Haruno Sakura." "Here!" Said the pink haired girl with a flirty tone. "Abumi Tayuya." Now the girl with red hair but brown eyes raised her hand. Itachi nodded and she lowered her hand back to her side. "Momochi Haku." The dark haired guy raised his hand. Itachi looked at him a bit longer, but quickly continued his job.

"Yamanaka Ino." The girl with long blonde hair raised her hand and smiled widely at Itachi. "Tsuchi Kin." The list went on and on until at least twenty person´s names had been announced. Finally was Hinata´s turn.

"And Hyuuga Hinata." Timidly Hinata raised her hand. Something flashed in Itachi´s eyes, but Hinata couldn´t place her finger on it.

"Now let´s get started." Itachi said and turned his back at Hinata.


AN: Suzumiya Akane and Hayase Mitsuki are not my characters. They are from the anime called Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. I just wanted to add them in to this story. Erhm... Itachi is a dancing teacher... Quite... Exotic. Though he would look sexy while dancing...