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Rhymes of pain


Chapter eleven: Solving problems

"So, did you get her?" Sakura asked from the three men standing in front of her, tapping her foot on the ground impatiently. The men looked at each other briefly before answering.

"No we didn't. She was able to run away" this answer didn't make Sakura happy at all.

"You idiots!" she hissed angrily, "All you had to do was to hurt her a bit so she wouldn't be able to dance and you couldn't even do that?!" Sakura kicked the ground in frustration. "Get out of my sight!" she commanded, turning around to walk away. She was furious. This was the second time that her plan failed and she didn´t like it. Well, actually it didn´t fail completely.


A smug smirk on Sakura's face quickly turned into a sweet smile as the door in front of her opened. She looked the tall man with white eyes standing in the door way. She felt how chills went down her spine as Hiashi stared at her sternly.

"Yes?" Hiahi´s voice was cold like a wind in a winter night. Sakura had a hard time to keep the sweet smile on her face.

"Hello Sir, I just came to ask if Hinata was still at home. Itachi-sensei has been very worried about her, since she has missed many of her dancing lessons" Sakura said and tilted her head on the side in an innocent manner. She acted like she didn´t notice the look of confusion and fury on Hiashi´s face.

"Dancing lessons?" Hiashi asked, not sure if he had heard right. Sakura nodded.

"Itachi-sensei had been giving her dancing lessons for a month or so" she paused for a moment before continuing "I´m so envious of Hinata, getting to dance with such a handsome man like Itachi..." Sakura sighed dreamily, her words enraging Hiashi even more.

"Well, Hinata is not at home right now and you can tell that Itachi that my daughter will not take his lessons anymore" and with that Hiashi slammed the door shut.

Sakura clasped her hands together.

"My God, what have I done?" she gasped in fake surprise. Her expression soon changed into an evil smirk as she let out a chuckle. "Step one completed. Bye bye Hinata-chan and welcome Sakura!"

End of flashback

Tears had blurred Hinata´s eyes, so she couldn´t see the person above her very clearly, and the dark alley didn´t help much either.

"Miss?" Hinata fliched when she felt a hand touching her back. "It´s okay, I´m not going to hurt you" the stranger assured. His low voice made Hinata to calm down a bit. Slowly she pushed herself up in a sitting position, looking shyly at the man kneeling next to her.

"W-Who a-are you?" Hinata whispered quietly, feeling a bit scared. The man was tall and he had scary looking eyes.

"The name is Pein", was his reply, "and you are in a need of medical treatment" he said after he took a quick look of Hinata´s wounded ankle. Only now Hinata remembered her hurt leg as the pain came back when Pein carefully touched her ankle.

"It´s probably sprained, or even broken. I´m not completely sure" he stated, talking more to himself than Hinata, and without a warning he picked Hinata up. This made her gasp and blush deeply.

"A-Ano, w-where a-are y-you taking me, P-Pein-san?" Hinata stuttered, feeling embarrassed.

"To the hospital, of course"

"O-Oh no, y-you don´t h-have to, I´m sure I´m just f-fine" Hinata protested, but her words were for deaf ears.

"What´s your name?" Pein suddenly asked.

"H-Hyuuga Hinata" Hinata introduced herself and Pein nodded. Neither of them said anything after that.

Sighing Hinata allowed her eyes to close and let her mind wander freely. She didn´t even notice when they arrived to the hospital and before she even realized, she was sitting on a hospital bed with a doctor examining her ankle. Pein had went to call his friend to tell that he was going to be late.

"Your ankle is broken, but it isn't serious. I have to put a plaster cast around it so it can heal properly" the doctor, a nice brown haired lady said and smiled warmly at Hinata. She gave a small smile back although she felt like crying. Now it really was over. She wouldn´t be able to dance with Itachi in the Kyuubi contest.

"How did it end like this?" Everything had been going great and now things were just one big mess. Why everything good always ended up in tears?


Itachi glanced the clock for the fifth time. He was now seriously starting to get annoyed. Pein was supposed to be there over a half an hour ago. They were supposed to go to the bar to celebrate Pein´s engagement.

The ringing tone of Itachi´s cell phone distracted him from his plans of different ways to kill Pein.

"Well, speakin of the devil" Itachi muttered as he saw Pein´s name on his cell phone. "Where the hell are you?" Itachi went straight to the point.

"Well hi to you too" Pein replied dryly "Before you explode completely, I tell you that I´m late because I´m in a hospital right now"

"What are you doing in a hospital? One of your piercings got infected again?"

"No, this time it´s not about me, I just came across someone who needed medical help so I brought her here"

Itachi snorted at this "So now you are saving damsels in distress? I wonder what Konan would say if she knew"

"Shut up, asshole. You know I´m a man of one lady" Pein growled. "Besides, this girl can´t be older than sixteen or something and I don´t even want to hear your comment right now"

This made Itachi to smirk, Pein had once dated a 14-year-old girl. Not on purpose, she looked over twenty.

"I'll go to check Hinata now, see you later" The name Hinata caught Itachi´s attention.

"Wait, what did you say her name was?"

"Hinata. Why do you ask?"

"Do you know her surname?"

"Hyuuga. Itachi, what´s with the questions?"

"Stay there, I´m on my way" and with that Itachi hung up and stormed out.


Pein stared at his cell phone for a moment before stuffing it back into his pocket. He hated it when Itachi acted like that, not telling him what was going on. And why was he so interested in that Hyuuga girl?

Shrugging Pein decided to grab a cup of coffee, but he didn´t even have time to take his wallet from his pocket when Itachi was standing right next to him.

"Holy shit you´re fast!" Pein said, a bit startled of Itachi´s sudden appearing.

"Where is she?" Pein frowned. What was wrong with Itachi?

"In the room 131, but first, tell me--" he didn´t have time to finish since Itachi was already walking toward room 131. Growling in annoyance Pein ran after him.

"Would you listen to me for one second?"

"Hmm... no" Itachi said, knowing this would anger his friend even more. Pein tried to punch Itachi, but he caught Pein´s fist with one hand and with the other one he pushed the door of the room 131 open.

Hinata was still sitting on the bed and now she had a plaster cast around her ankle. Her eyes widened when she saw Itachi enter the room.


"You two know each other?" Pein asked, his eyes moving from Itachi to Hinata.

"She´s my girlfriend" Itachi said it like he was talking about weather and Pein´s jaw dropped.

"What, how and when?" he didn´t get his answer though since Itachi pushed him out of the room.

"Give us some privacy, please" Itachi said and shut the door. Pein scowled. Now he really needed that coffee.

Inside the room Itachi sat on a chair next to Hinata´s bed. For a moment he just stared at her, his eyes shifting between her ankle and face.

"What happened?" those two words were the beginning of Hinata´s long story. She told him everything what had happened and Itachi listened without interrupting, although he occasionally clenched his fists and frowned.

"I´m s-sorry for r-ruining everything" Hinata finished her story by apologising, which surprised Itachi.

"What do you mean 'ruining everything'?" he noticed the tears in Hinata´s eyes and he didn´t like it.

"The Kyuubi contest... I c-can´t d-dance with you n-now" Hinata pointed her ankle and kept looking at her hands on her lap. She didn´t want to see the disappointment in Itachi´s eyes.

What Itachi did next caught Hinata off guard. He grasped her chin firmly and kissed her deeply. Hinata´s cheeks flushed and her head became dizzy. Itachi had never kissed her like that before, so gently yet so... strongly.

"It doesn´t matter" Itachi whispered as they parted. Hinata gave him a confused look. Was he going to find another partner?

"First, we´ll let you heal and then we´ll talk to your father. He´s not going to come between me and you and dancing" the look in his eyes comforted Hinata greatly. Somehow, things didn´t seem so bad anymore.

"Now that you have had enough cuddling time, care to tell me what´s going on?" Pein´s voice interrupted their conversation. Itachi looked at his friend, knowing that they couldn´t be in peace before Pein got his explanation. So, he started the whole story from the very beginning.


The end

AN: And so this story ends. FINALLY! Damn, it took long for me to write this chapter. Sorry about that. Life has been... well, troublesome. Yep. But now... I think things are going to be better. Or that´s what I hope. Well, anyway, I have some news. (You can decide if they are good or bad) I´m going to write a sequel to one of my stories. I´m not going to tell which one though. You´ll see. Oh yes, you will see.