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The Frelian Ball. He had been waiting for it for forever. It was going to be the day when he bested Ephraim, and won Eirika's hand. He was even wearing a deep navy overcoat, with a lighter blue shirt underneath. He had dressed up, for her. Funny, how something so simple could turn so complicating in one instant. Innes had just walked over to Ephraim, to challenge him, when an arrow flew through the window and struck Joshua in the shoulder. The whole party changed then. Natasha ran to Joshua's side, and Moulder threw her his Heal Staff. Both Innes and Neimi sprang into action, using their highly trained eyes to search for the Sniper. Neimi saw him first.

"There!" She shouted to Innes, pointing frantically. Innes had been carrying two bows at the time, so he threw one to Neimi and spun around to where she had pointed. The Sniper was jumping from branch to branch. Innes was taken aback. The Sniper was a Wight! What was a Wight doing there? The Wight stopped, and aimed at someone else in the ballroom. Innes took careful aim, and was about to release when the Sniper beat him to it. Colm shoved Neimi out of the way just in time to be struck in the stomach with the arrow, his white suit now stained with blood. Innes released immediately. The Sniper fell with a scream.


That was the signal. Entombed, Wights, Maelduin, Gwyllgi, Deathgoyles, Arch Mogalls, Elder Bael and Gorgons broke through the front doors of the Ballroom. Fortunately, Gilliam had expected an attack of some kind, though not this, and had brought in weapons and armor, as well as the Frelian Guards. L'Arachel stood over Colm, with Neimi standing by crying. Innes nodded to Gilliam, and the General tossed him a sword. The Sniper threw the blade to Eirika, and she nodded thankfully. Innes nodded back, then started at a strange noise.


Cormag, Tana, Syrene and Vanessa had whistled as one, calling their winged mounts. Genarog was the first to arrive, and the Wyvern let his presence be known by smashing through one of the stain-glass windows. Generog flew by Cormag at top speed, and the Wyvern Lord leapt on in mid-flight. Reaching into his pack he pulled out Valter's Delphi Shield, and a Steel Lance. The three Pegasi soon followed the Wyvern, landing with a collection of snorts as the three women tried their best to mount in their formal dresses and high heels.


A Berserker was slicing his way through the melee to a pinkish-armored General, while a Paladin did the same from his side of the room, horseless. Amelia, meanwhile, was using a stolen Spear, thanking Rennac quickly as the Rogue continued on. Ross and Franz met her at the same time.

"Amelia!" Franz exclaimed. "Stay behind me!"

"Franz! I can fight!" Amelia said, punctuating her sentence by stabbing a Deathgoyle.

"As much as I would love to hear you two argue all night," Ross said, using his axe to parry a Maelduin. "We do have a fight going on!" Amelia suddenly saw Duessel brought down under an Elder Bael, but Ephraim was on the spider in a moment's notice, his Iron Lance stabbing down repeatedly. A flash of magic caught Ross' eye, and he shoved Amelia out of the way suddenly, letting Franz get hit by the blast of dark magic.

"Franz!" Amelia shouted. Franz groaned, then smiled weakly.

"I'd rather take the blast myself, then you take it." Amelia smiled back at that, then stopped.

"Where's Ross?"


"Save her life, and all she does is worry about him. At least I'm not wasting my time!" Ross exclaimed as he brought down the Arch Mogall that had fired on Amelia.

"I'm glad!" Said a Hero that suddenly appeared beside him, a grin on his face.

"Gerik!" Ross said, beaming.

"You didn't think we'd miss the party, did you?" Ewan asked as he appeared behind Gerik. Ewan and Ross shook hands. The Summoner turned away for a second, shot as blast of dark magic, and turned back.

"Where's Amelia?" Ewan asked, a slight blush on his cheek. Ross almost yelled in frustration.

"Back there, flirting with Franz." The last word was dripping disdain.

"Let's not let them get too cozy! Come on!"


Achaeus whinnied in pain as an arrow pierced his right wing. Tana screamed, and Ephraim felt his heart froze. He took to a run then, whistling three short dog calls. A gleaming warhorse came running in suddenly, rushing to Ephraim's side. The King of Renais then pulled himself into the saddle in mid-gallop, and urged it on, towards the falling Tana. Eprhaim leapt from his steed, and used his own body to break both Tana and Achaeus' fall. He heard a rib snap, but didn't worry too much about it. Tana was more important.

"Tana, are you okay?" Ephraim asked, wincing as even talking hurt.

"Y-yes, I think so. Thank you Ephraim! Oh! Achaeus! Get off of Ephraim this instant!" The Pegasus snorted, but did so, holding his right wing in an awkward position. Tana however, seemed completely content to sit on Ephraim.

"Tana, battle. I... urgh... needs to fight." Tana sighed and got up, before helping Ephraim up. The minute he had stood up, his legs fell from under him. Tana lifted Ephraim's arm over her head, and let him lean on her for support.

"No fighting for you Ephraim! We're going to sit back and relax for the rest of this battle. You can't fight in that position. Gilliam! I need you!" Ephraim tried to sigh, then regretted it. In his current state, he could do nothing. So, he merely laid his head against Tana's shoulder, and waited for a healer.


Eirika ducked under a Maelduin's axe, stabbing it once with the blade Innes had thrown her. Seth, Forde and Kyle were at her side in moments, all three unhorsed. Saleh and Innes were standing slightly back from them, but were guarding her all the same. Forde blocked a blow from a Wight, only to have an Elder Bael lunge at him from behind. Vanessa swooped down on Titania, and struck it from behind. Forde grinned as she passed by, and would have waved if possible. Kyle brought his sword around in a glittering arc, and cut down a Arch Mogall as it passed by him. Kyle gasped as he saw Syrene's pegasus turn to stone in mid-air, and began to fall. He had only once choice. Jumping under the pegasus might kill him. But, not jumping under it would let the petrified animal fall to its doom. Kyle leapt forward, seeing his opportunity.


L'Arachel ran her staff over Colm once more. She had no idea how the boy had pulled through. The arrow had gone clean through him. And yet, somehow, L'Arachel had been able to heal it. The troubadour smiled as Neimi hugged Colm to her, clinging to him as though he might disappear at any moment. L'Arachel turned around, intending to help some of the others, only to find herself face to face with a Cyclops. She screamed, and raised her staff to defend herself. Dozla gasped and began to run, already knowing he would never reach her in time. The cyclops raised his axe, and brought it down in a wide arc. L'Arachel gasped when she saw Rennac in front of her, arms outstretched. He grunted and fell. L'Arachel set to healing him immediately. The Cyclops raised its axe again, but Dozla leapt upon it, striking it repeatedly with his axe. The Cyclops shook, and was about to fall, when a knight slammed into it, forcing it to fall to the side, leaving its belly exposed. A petrified pegasus and its visibly shaken rider both landed on the soft belly of the dead Cyclops. Kyle smiled at Syrene, and she returned it.

"Are you alright?" She nodded.

"Yes." Kyle stood up, and held out his hand. Syrene took it, and stood. In moments her Pegasus would be back to normal. Syrene drew her blade, and smirked at Kyle.

"I believe that my princess, and your prince might need our help." Kyle spun around, just in time to see Tana standing with Gilliam, trying to protect Prince Ephraim from a small horde of Gwillgi. Kyle took off, Syrene right behind him.


Artur and Lute were back to back. Lightning and Fire rained down on any enemies stupid enough to come by them, let alone attack them. Saleh broke off from his position guarding Eirika, and joined them. Lute gasped as her Fire Tome was consumed by a blast of dark magic. Artur handed her a Lightning Tome. She took it without complaint; not knowing it was his only defense. Artur grimaced when the first blow landed on him. He pulled the arrow out of his leg, and felt his stomach churn at the sight of blood. Lute turned to him.

"Artur?" Artur turned to her, trying to hold his stomach in.


"You're hurt." Lute said, turning away from the battle briefly to check on him. If not for Saleh, they both would have died.

"Are you okay?" She asked the Bishop. Artur nodded.

"Yes. Just a moment of dizziness. I'm fine." Artur said, smiling. Lute nodded, and turned back to the enemy. She froze.

"Artur, where is your tome?" Artur turned away.

"You have it." Lute spun around.

"You gave me your only defense? Why?" Artur couldn't meet her eyes.

"I wanted you to be safe..." Lute blushed slightly, and held out the book.

"Then we will... use it together." Artur blushed, and nodded, taking Lute's hand in his own. They began chanting the words together. As one they flung out their arms, sending a blast of Light magic straight through a nearby Wight.


Ross, Ewan, Franz and Amelia formed a square around L'Arachel and Rennac. Amelia let out a whoop of victory as Joshua cut a swath through the enemies, his blade moving like lightning. Beside him were two others. The Desert Tiger and the Purple Flash. The three blades almost seemed to join as they struck. Their users were so fast; the blades were but a blur. Ross cursed as a sword dug into his stomach, but a single slash of his mighty axe felled the Wight. Ewan was struck by the claws of an Entombed, but a Phantom brought it down. Natasha rushed into the square, and healed both Ewan and Ross, before turning to help L'Arachel with Rennac. Tethys was next to gain safety into the square, using her dances to rejuvenate the fighters. Garcia, Dozla and Duessel joined the square, forming a wide circle. Saleh, Lute and Artur were next to join. Moulder was right behind them. Forde, Kyle, Vanessa, Syrene, Gilliam, Ephraim and Tana came over, their way cleared by the King of the Shifting Sands. Moulder set to Ephraim at once. Cormag continued his suicidal runs, his eyes fierce. Every fiend he killed was Valter, all over again. Genarog had no trouble keeping up with the pace. The wyvern was grabbing fiends in mid-flight, and then dropping them when he reached the apex of his flight. Cormag let out a fierce and bitter laugh, before diving into his foes yet again.


Eirika and Innes were boxed in. Having been pushed into a corner, they no longer had anywhere to go. Innes had long ago run out of arrows, and was now using a downed spear, having enough experience in its use from sparring with Ephraim. Eirika's blade had shattered on a Cyclops not long ago. Innes positioned himself in front of Eirika, countless wounds covering him. One of the Maelduin came forward.

"Why do you still fight?" It asked. Innes was shocked. The fiends... they could talk?

"I swore to protect this woman. I won't let you hurt her." The Maelduin shook its head.

"Then you shall die."

"Why are you doing this?" Innes asked, having to work just to remain standing. The Maelduin snarled.

"You killed our master. It is only fair." Innes scoffed.

"Then come. Kill me." Innes dropped the spear, and stood, arms out. The Maelduin charged, and Innes felt Eirika grip his shirt from behind.

"Innes!" She screamed, her eyes already watering. She couldn't hold it in any longer. Innes was about to die. After surviving the war, the Demon King, and his own stubbornness, he was going to die! The man she loved was about to die! Innes stood stock still, waiting. At the last moment, he stamped his foot down, forcing the spear up, and impaling the Maelduin with it's own force. Eirika stumbled slightly. Innes had... killed it? Innes was... alive? The fiends all made to charge at once. Innes lifted the spear, and pushed the Maelduin off of it. He dropped into a battle stance, ready to die if need be.

"Eirika, I just want to remind you, I love you." Innes said.

"Innes? I... I love you, as well." Eirika said, grabbing the Maelduin's golden axe and holding it aloft. Innes laughed sadly.

"I have not yet earned your love, Eirika." Eirika was shocked.

"You and your fool pride! Innes! We are both about to die!" Innes was about to say something, when one of the fiends rushed forward. Innes raised his spear, only to watch the fiend be cut down by a Purple Flash. Marisa stopped in front of them, panting slightly. Her blade was hanging deftly from one hand, coated in blood. Gerik landed beside her, his blade gripped tightly. In moments, Joshua was there.

"We did it once, let's get these two to the others." The Desert Tiger said, nodding to Innes. The Purple Flash nudged the King of the Shifting Sands, and he grinned.

"Right, my silent friend. Let's see what Lady Luck has to say!" Joshua flipped the coin, and Gerik looked over expectantly.

"Lady Luck is smiling today. Gerik, Marisa. You ready?" Marisa nodded. Gerik turned to Innes and Eirika.

"Just follow us." Innes nodded, and gripped Eirika's hand in his own. She nodded. Gerik turned back to Joshua.

"We're ready, sire." Gerik said, smirking. Joshua seemed to itch at the title, and took off. Gerik and Marisa were right behind him, cutting straight through the group of fiends, leaving a clear trail for Eirika and Innes to follow.


Amelia leaned on her battered spear, her energy drained. Ewan was laying on the ground, summoning Phantom after Phantom, no longer able to stand but not wanting to give up the fight. Franz and Ross stood alone like twin monoliths in the northern half of the circle, the others having passed out, or broken their weapons long ago. In retrospect, no one would be quite sure how the two young men had struggled on, piles of ash around them, and still fighting. Garcia chocked it to determination, L'Arachel to love. Seth would later say that it was pure stubbornness. Ross turned to his rival, breathing heavily.

"You still alive over there, knight?" Franz smiled, holding the broken lance and stabbing down a Gwyllgi.

"I believe so, farmer." Ross grinned, bringing down an Elder Bael with his chipped axe.

"Good. Amelia would never forgive me if I let you die." Franz stumbled forward slightly, but Ross stopped his friend/rival.

"Why don't we die together?" Ross asked, holding up his now shattered axe. Franz nodded; so weak he couldn't even speak. A Cyclops raise its axe, and Ross grinned up at it, before spitting out some blood. The Cyclops brought its axe down.


Cormag flew low, wondering where the Knights of Frelia were. They should have been here long ago. Cormag saw Marisa fall to a Elder Bael, but Gerik brought it down. Cormag spud Genarog around, and saw the Cyclops about to kill both Ross and Franz. He spurred into action, forcing Genarog into a dive. They struck the Cyclops in the face, forcing it backwards. Cormag leapt from his mount, and drove his spear deep into the fiend. Cormag fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Genarog landed, and let out a pealing roar. Cormag slowly stood up, and Ross grinned at him. Franz held up a shaky hand, and nodded.


Innes looked up slowly. He had stolen a quiver from a Wight, and had already notched an arrow. Innes saw it then. It had the lower body of a Maelduin, but with the claws of a Elder Bael. It also had three heads. The first head was that of a Arch Mogall. The second was a Wight, while the third was that of a Draco Zombie. The arms were those of a Gorgon. On it's back were the wings of a Deathgoyle. The amalgam let out a dirge-like call, and waved one of its arms. Three Wights charged, and Innes' eyes widened. It was the General. The other fiends were obeying it.

"Cut off the head, and the snake dies." Innes pulled up his bow, and fired off three quick arrows, downing the Wights. The amalgam let out another call, and blasted a stream of black flames. Innes didn't flinch. He aimed, and pulled the arrow back. With a grunt of resignation, he released.


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