Norrington Knew it.

A result of a sick day, watching pirates one and two at least three times each. Oh and YES I know Norrington was not present for some of these parts of the movie, just plz bare with me here.

Its half proofed just so you know.

My first G rated fic.


Out of all people he knew it. The way they looked at each other, the way she denied it, and how he just, well, how he just kept looking. Norrington knew it.

when they were stranded on the island together and they got drunk, some people called it her trying to get threw it all with out going mad, but Norrington called it trying to have fun with out society on her back.

When she burned all the rum to make a "smoke signal" some people thought it was her regret or just a simple way to escape. Norrington knew that she was trying to hide the fact that she got drunk with a pirate and enjoyed herself.

When she looked at him some thought it was because she thought he was vile and disgusting. Norrington knew she fancied him. When Jack looked at her people thought he just looked at every woman he met. Norrington on the other hand called it peeping.

When she fought with him endlessly people thought it was nothing just simply her getting annoyed. Norrington knew she was trying to hide her feelings. When Jack made a crude comeback or just was a little more then him self, almost insignificantly, Norrington knew that he just thought she looked cute when she was angry.

When she knew that the compass pointed to him she hid that fact by claiming the compass did not work. Of course, people believed it did not work for her…well, except for Norrington.

When Elizabeth thought about him, well she tried not to make it too obvious but of course Norrington noticed and you know. Jack just made it blatantly obvious. Yet again Norrington was the only one who notices. You know, he was really staring to think he was the only one paying attention to the world anymore.

When she was sitting atop the treasure and Jack saw his compass was pointing to her he assumed that she was sitting on the chest. Was it only Norrington who noticed that his compass would not work for him to fined the chest until Elizabeth just happened to be sitting on it?

When Will came and she ran to him she was trying to hid her feelings for Jack…again Norrington knew. Others just thought they were ever-so-perfect together. But, was it only Norrington who noticed the confusion and hurt in Jack's eyes? Yes apparently he was.

When she locked Jack to the pearl and left him to die some people called it betrayal while others called it trying to get away unharmed. Norrington called it trying to let go of Jack and trying to get an excuse to kiss him.

When Elizabeth was sitting with the crew at Tia Dalmas, wiling to go to any length in the world just to save him, and too see his face again even if only one more time, well…Norrington called that love.