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Chapter 1

The sun was beating down in hot rays onto the tree canopied trail that supposedly led to the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Kira, where the frig are we going!" Abby asked.

"Yeah Kira. We've been walking for EVER!" said Cassie.

"Be patient! This map is confusing, and it's in German!" Kira replied. "Besides, you should be happy for the exercise and fresh air you're getting!"

"Kira, learn German right now and get us OUT of this stupid forest before I strangle you!" threatened Abby

Kira was very unfazed by this threat. Abby always threatens to strangle, hurt, or kill people when she gets mad or annoyed. Sometimes she even does it because she's bored.

"This is just frign' great. Not only has Abby started threatening people, AGAIN, but we have to find our way all by ourselves thanks to Orochimaru's giant stupid snake that ateFutotta Sensei!" said Cassie.

A tear came to each of their eye as the reminisced on how just a day before; Orochimau had randomly attacked them and Futotta Sensei while they were traveling to Konoha Village in the land of fire. Luckily, the three girls got away, but just barely. Futotta Sensei jumped in front of the snake's open mouth that was about to close on the three chunin. This gave Kira, Cassie, and Abby time to escape, but Futotta, unfortunately, lost his life in the belly of the beast, literally. They were going to Konoha for a special new Foreign Exchange Program that the Hokages decided to run to help strengthen their bonds with the other villages. They were specially picked out of all the Hidden Mist chunin to go because of their "perfect angel" personalities, having no family what-so-ever in case something happened to them, and for being gifted in fighting tactics and strength. By this, they mean that each girl has the strength, power, and cleverness to take out an ANBU black ops squad on their own. They were now suspecting this trip to have been a trap the whole time planed by Orochimaru.

"Well," said Kira, trying to be positive, "at least that snake won't have to eat for another week!"

"Yeah." said Cassie, "Poor fat man."

Cassie and Kira started to chuckle remembering how Futotta Sensei, whose name actually means fat in Japanese, was very obese and could barely walk a few steps before getting tired. Abby rolled her eyes at all of this.

"You shouldn't insult the dead! Bad things will happen to you!" warned Abby. "It's called Karma"

"Abby, how can this get worse!?" Cassie asked "We're lost and alone in a forest with no food, no water, and a map that's written in frigen GERMAN!"

At that moment, a clap of thunder rang out and it started to down pour.

"AHHHHH!" yelled the trio in unison.

"I told you!" yelled Abby, trying to cover her blonde hair from the, now pouring, rain.

They ran through the rain until they found a hollow tree which they stayed under to escape the rain. Not one of them said anything. They just sat, silently listening to the rain falling around them. They sat for who knows how long. It seemed like an eternity before the rain finally stopped. They got out from under the tree and stretched.

"Ugh! My hair is soaked!" whined Abby.

"Yeah. And so are all of our clothes!" Kira complained, squeezing the water out of her dark brown hair.

It was true though. Kira was wearing a brown v-neck tank top with a matching brown short skort. It had a black piece of fabric that tied around the waist into a huge bow in the back and a pair of tall brown boots and had her headband tied like a hair accessory headband. They were drenched. Abby had worn her white shrug-shoulder top that had a magenta tank top under it with a magenta skort and a pair of white ankle high boots. She wore her headband as a necklace. Also drenched. Cassie had on her black v-neck top that had a 3/4 length left sleeve and a short right one with black hip hugger pants and black boots. Her headband was tied around her waist as a belt. Again, all of it drenched. They each also each had a pair of samurai swords harnessed to their backs. Off in the distance, they thought they heard someone calling them. They ignored it and walked on. A few moments later, they heard it again and turned around.

"Hey! You three girls! Stop!" cried a tall, thin man from the Hidden Sand Village. He had bandages around the crown of his head and two red spike patterns on the right side of his face. There was also a cloth hanging over the left side of his face as well.

"Who are you three?" the strange man asked.

"We could ask you the same thing." replied Cassie, still trying to get some of the rain water out of her dark brown, almost black, hair.

"Hmm. You're obviously not idiots. The name's Baki. I'm a Jonin from the Hidden Sand Village."

"Okay, so if you're a sand ninja, what are you doing near Konoha?" asked Kira sarcastically.

"Watch your mouth missy! I happen to be here helping them to clean up the town." said Baki.

"Clean up the town? What happened?" asked Abby.

"Orochimaru and the whole sound village attacked a week ago. They destroyed just about everything. I felt bad, so my team and I stuck around to help them fix the village up. So, what are you three mist village chunin doing all the way out here without a Jonin accompany?" asked Baki.

"We're here because there supposedly was supposed to be a 'Foreign Exchange Program' going on. We were attacked on our way here by Orochimaru and his giant snake. It ate Futatto Sensei, who was supposed to be our leader." explained Kira.

"Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. Luckily, there was supposed to be some sort of foreign exchange thing going on. I overhead a group of ANBU Black Ops talking about it the other day. I guess they forgot to cancel it. Well, I'm on my way back to Konoha; I can take you with me if you want." Baki offered

"That would be great! Thank you so much!" Abby replied hastily, before he could change his mind. She was sick and tired of walking through the forest alone.

"No problem. It's my duty as a Jonin to help people." Replied Baki.

"His duty as a Jonin is to help mysterious girls who he's never met from a different village that's also known as the Bloody Mist Village?" whispered Kira sarcastically to Abby and Cassie while Baki's back was turned. Cassie and Abby both slapped her very hard in the back of the head for insulting their only way out of this nightmare.

The three girls followed Baki for a few hours in silence. The girls were not sure if they should be following this guy or not. He could be a serial killer or something!

"We're here" said Baki.

Rising over the horizon was a large wooden gate with the leaf village symbol painted on it in red. It only took 3 days longer than it should have, but they finally made it to Konoha Village.

"Yes! All right! We made it!" yelled Abby, "First thing we're doing is going to a spa for some R & R!"

Cassie and Kira agreed to this with high pitched squeals of joy and fiercely nodding heads.

The large gate opened and they all walked through, after having everything they brought examined and their weapons taken away. Cassie was very pissed off that they wouldn't let her keep her swords, kunai knifes, throwing needles, or any of the weapons she had brought with her.

"Cassie, breath." said Abby, "You'll get all of your deadly weapons back later."

"Fine." Cassie replied pouting. "But they better not steal any. If there's even one shuriken missing!" She shook a tightly balled fist at the security guard who had confiscated all of their weapons. The security guard scowled, but she could see the slight look of fear and nervousness in his eyes.

"Now then, you will all have to go see the hokage and get your housing and all that jazz figured out. I have some business to take care of, so you're on your own." Said Baki.

Baki walked away back out through the gate.

"Hey. I thought you were helping them clean?" said Kira

"Oh, umm, I forgot something." Baki replied nervously.

He quickly turned to face the gate and practically ran off.

"He's an odd ball" said Abby

They all nodded in agreement. Abby, Cassie, and Kira walked towards the town square, hoping to find someone to tell them where they could find the hokage. Every time they passed someone, they got either a suspicious, confused, or hated look given to them.

"Geeze, these people aren't very excepting of non-leaf villagers." whispered Cassie

"Yeah." replied Abby.

The three continued walking towards the center of town, when the accidentally stumbled upon a group of people who had formed an "Anti-Outsiders" club. It was a club for anyone who despised all non- leaf village ninja. It was pretty much the Ku Klux Klan, only in ninja form. Now, you can imagine what happened when Kira, Abby, and Cassie asked them for directions, wearing their shiny, metallic, mist village headbands.

"How dare you Mist Village scum speak to me!" yelled the club's leader "You got some guts girls, coming up to the Anti- Outsiders club leader, asking for directions, when you from the mist village. Well, I hope you all wrote out your wills, because your funerals, will be coming sooner then you think." Whispered the man into their ears. "Now then, get them!"

"Run them out of town!" someone yelled

"No wait, I say we burn them at the stake!" another person hollered

All of this was followed by a number of hoots and hollers and cheers from the rest of the club, which was pretty big. They chased the three chunin all over town before finally losing them in an alley way. The three girls kept running until they got to the village square, where they proceeded to run until they found and open bench that was near a large fountain. They collapsed on the bench gasping for air and looked very freaked out.

"My God!" Kira exclaimed, "These people are psychotic!"

"Who the heck burns people at the stake anymore!" asked Cassie, still panting from being chased around the village for a good 20 minutes.

"These people need anger management!" yelled Abby "Is anyone in this town, NOT crazy?!"

"Yes." Someone answered.

The trio looked up into the face of a girl who actually wasn't looking at them in disgust.

"Who are you?" Cassie asked.

"I'm Liz. I'm a chunin."

Liz had light brown hair pulled back in a slightly high ponytail. She had on dark-red, short-sleeved, top and cream colored shorts. Her sound village headband was tied around her neck like Abby's.

"Yeah, watch out for those guys. They're kind of mental." Liz said. "So, what are your names?"

"Well, I'm Kira"

"I'm Abby"

"And I'm Cassie. We're all chunin exchange students for the Hidden Mist Village."

"Cool. I'm guessing you just got here?" asked Liz

"Yup" replied Abby

"Great! I'll show you around!" offered Liz

"Thanks! But first, we need to see the Hokage to get situated and stuff." Kira said

"Oh, I can take you. Follow me." Liz said

They followed Liz to the northern part of the village. Still getting dirty looks from every adult, and some children, that they passed. One old man even tried to beat them with his cane! While they walked, Liz pointed out some sites. One was of all the Hokages that were carved into a cliff face.

They reached a large building and walked inside.

"Hello ma'm. These are the foreign exchange students." Liz explained to the secretary.

"Oh. We've been expecting you three! Head right up those stairs and through the door on the left."

"Yes ma'm. Thank you." The trio said in unison.

Liz stayed in the waiting room and watched them climb up the long, dark stairwell.

"I hope the hokage isn't a jerk and will still let us stay here, what with the village in shambles and everything." Cassie said, voicing her concern.

"I wonder if they're a boy or a girl." Said Abby.

"Hmm. I don't know." Kira replied, now thinking both thoughts at the same time.

They made it up the stair well, and walked down a very silent hallway. All they could hear was the low, faint buzzing made by the lights on the ceiling over their heads. They came to a door and heard a faint scratching of notes being written on a piece of paper. Cassie knocked on the door.

"Come in!" yelled, what sounded like a woman's voice, from behind the closed door.

Abby, being the closest, slowly turned the brass knob, and they all walked in.

There was a lady, who seemed to be in her 30ties, sitting at the desk.

"So, who the heck are you three? And what, are you doing in my office?" the lady asked, scowling at them.

"Umm, we're the new foreign exchange students." said Abby, as sweetly as she possibly could.

"Oh!" the woman said, "Now I remember. I still don't know why we even agreed to this stupid exchange in the first place, but, whatever. Well, my name is Tsunade. I'm the Hokage of this town, as you probably already know. And, what are your names?"

"I'm Kira"

"I'm Cassie"

"And I'm Abby"

"Well, back to business. You three will be staying in the penthouse suit on 578 Greenday Drive." Informed Tsunade.

All three chunin's eyes bugged out and their mouths dropped in awe as they thought about how classy and glamorous penthouses were.

"However, there is one little thing I need to tell you. You will be having roommates. A few other girls live there as well. You will meet them when you get there, if you already haven't." Said Tsunade.

Abby, Cassie, and Kira all exchanged annoyed and slightly worried glances.

"Is there a problem?" asked Tsunade, who was now looking at them suspiciously, not that she would change anything if there was.

"Oh, no. No problem at all." said Cassie, who was trying to hid her slight annoyance

"No problems here. We could always use more friends!" said Kira grinning, also trying to hide annoyance. None of them really wanted a bunch of random people going through their stuff, or having to share the glamour of the penthouse.

"Good. Now, here are your keys." Tsunade said, while handing each of them a red key attached to a necklace. "Where them around your necks, so you don't lose them. I really don't feel like having to make copies all over again."

"Oh, I have a question also." Said Abby

"What now?"

"How long will we be staying here? They didn't really give us any information on the "foreign exchange student" program, except that we would be staying here in Konoha." Explained Abby

"Oh." Tsunade said, in a surprised tone. "I thought they told you already." She paused to sigh. "Umm, I don't know how to tell you three this, but... you staying in Konoha… forever."

The three went pale as ghosts and had the grimmest looks upon their faces as you would have ever seen.

"What?!" Cassie asked, hardly believing what she just heard.

"So, we're staying here… forever?!" asked Abby

"Yes. I'm sorry they didn't tell you before you came. I specifically told them to tell you that this village swap would be permanent." Tsunade replied, with a very fake look of pity on her face.

"Does the person you sent to the mist village know that they would be coming back?" asked Kira

"Actually… we didn't send anyone. We were too concerned about it being too dangerous for anyone to make that journey after Orochimaru attacked our village. Seeing how you were attacked on your way here… and what happened to your sensei…" Tsunade's voice trailed off, not wanting to think about how he had been eaten alive by Orochimaru's horrid, deadly, snake. "Well, I think we made the right choice in not sending anyone. Anyway, there's nothing we can do about it, now that you're here, you'll just have to get used to it. So anyway, I have set you up with an escort, he's been a member of this village since he was born and graduated very close, if not at, the top of his class. He will be waiting for you outside."

"Thank you ma'm. We will soon grow to love this village, I'm sure." Said Kira, as positively as possible.

The trio turned around and walked back out the door into the buzzing light bulb lit hall. They walked all the way back down the stairs in utter silence, not even bothering to say anything to Liz until they were out of the building, and the large wooden door had completely shut behind them.

For a few seconds, they all just stood there. The news was just sinking in completely to the trio's heads. They really wouldn't be going home. Never to see any of the other friends, well, more like "acquaintances", they didn't really have "friends" except each other, ever again.

"Well?" Liz said. The deathly silence was starting to freak her out.

"What did she say? Are you still staying? Tell me!" Liz was now hopping with excitement and anticipation, eager to hear if her new found friends would be staying or not.

Kira sighed, "Well, we're staying" she replied

"That's great! Why do you all look so sad?" Liz asked.

"We get to stay…," replied Abby

"But we're never going back home" Cassie said, finishing Abby's sentence since she was unable to utter those words herself.
"Oh! That's terrible! I'm so sorry! You didn't know that before coming here?"

They shook their heads. Abby was the first to come back from the deep dark hole of depression that they had been stuck in.

"It's not that bad, we never really had any other friends in the mist village, and none of us have any family anymore. We should try to make the best of it." Abby said, trying to cheer everyone up.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Said Cassie

"Yeah, no use crying over spilled milk. Right?" replied Kira

"True. And you'll have plenty of friends here! Including me of course! So, where are you living?" asked Liz

"Oh my god! Guess what! We get to live in a penthouse! Yeah us!" said Abby excitedly while clapping her hands together.

"Yeah, it's somewhere on 578 Greenday Drive. Wherever that is." Cassie added. She was very worried on how she would remember where everything in this new town was.

"Did you say a penthouse on 578 Greenday Drive?" Liz asked

They nodded.

"Oh my god! That's where I live! My friends and I get to live there for free because, well, I really don't know why. Oh, well. This will be so fun! I can't wait till you get to meet everyone!" Liz exclaimed with obvious joy.

Liz was very excited about this at the moment and continued to describe the house and what it looked like when a mysterious boy walked up to them.

"Hey. Are you three the foreign exchange students? He asked.

The boy had on a navy blue short sleeved shirt with cream colored shorts. A leaf village headband was tied around his forehead. His hair was a dark black, but it had a slightly blue sheen to it.

"Um, that depends. Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Anti- Outsiders club?" Kira replied, half joking and half serious.

"No. I'm not." The boy replied, looking like this was the worst thing he ever had to do in his life.

His eyes were a dark, soulless, solid black. He stared at everyone with such a cool calmness; you'd think he didn't have a care in the world. That everyone around him was completely worthless. Those eyes were completely emotionless.

"Oh, okay then. Yes we are. Who would like to know?" asked Kira, never letting her guard down for a second.

The boy sighed. "I'm Sasuke Uchiha. I'm supposed to be your escort or something like that. So, what are your names?" asked Sasuke.

"I'm Kira."

"I'm Cassie"

"And I'm Abby."

"Hey Sasuke! What's up?" Liz asked, starting to turn slightly red. Excitement and nervousness started to build inside her.

Sasuke, ignoring this question, said "Follow me."

Their tour had begun. Sasuke took them to the park, the academy, and was walking to the next site when Abby slapped him really hard on the shoulder.

"Ow! What?!" he snapped.

"I'm hungry." Abby whined.

"Yeah, me too. We need to feed our overly high metabolisms!" Kira said jokingly.

"Fine. Follow me." Sasuke said sighing.

They walked down a few streets, through an alley, and up another street until they stopped at "The Ichiraku Ramen Bar". The delicious scent of ramen filled the air all the way down both ends of the street. Sasuke went and sat somewhere far away from everyone else to be anti-social. There were two other girls sitting at the bar when they walked in. One was wearing brown pants, red sandals, and a brown top with a red rose design on it. Her brown hair was pulled back into a low pony-tail. The other was wearing a black top with dark green cuffs on the end of each short sleeve, a navy blue neckerchief tied around her neck with a navy blue skirt and dark green sandals. Her hair, also dark brown, was pulled into a high pony-tail.

"Hey!" Liz yelled at the two girls.

"Oh. Hey Liz." Rose girl said.

"Who are your new friends?" Neckerchief asked

"They're Cassie, Abby, and Kira from the Hidden Mist village. They're going to be living with us! Isn't that awesome?!" Liz exclaimed

"Yeah! I'm Shelly." Said the girl with the rose shirt.

"Hey. I'm Brianna. Hope you like it here!" Replied the neckerchief girl grinning.

"Yeah. It's really nice here, so far. And it smells like the food is awesome!" said Cassie.

They all sat down next to their new friends. Cassie unfortunately had to sit next to some hyperactive kid who was chugging a bowl of ramen as if he'd never eaten food in his life. He had on a freakishly bright orange jumpsuit.

"Anyone want to switch seats? I'm going being blinded by this kid's jumpsuit!" Cassie asked.

They all stifled a laugh.

Then Abby said, "Hey you. Kid in the freakishly bright jumpsuit with equally bright yellow hair!"

The kid turned around looking confused. "Who me?" He asked

"Yeah. Your outfit is blinding my friend!" Abby told him. She has no problem being honest when it comes to telling people that their outfit's suck.

The kid scowled at her.

"ABBY!" They all yelled at her. "Don't be rude to people!"

"Well! It's true!" she said

"Sorry Naruto. This is our new friend Abby. That's Cassie, and that's Kira." Brianna apologized.

"Whatever. I don't care what you think of my outfit, I'm going to become the next hokage anyway! Believe it!" Naruto said giving them a thumbs up sign and a huge grin.

They all continued to chat and gorge themselves in ramen noodles until nightfall. The moon was full and shining brightly down upon the little restaurant. The sky was filled with tons of little stars.

"Okay, I say, we go out to celebrate our new friends and their arrival to Konoha!" Liz announced, thrusting her fist into the air.

"Uh, Liz. Hate to burst your bubble, but, we go out every night." Shelly re-informed her

"Oh well!" Liz replied

"You go out? Like to clubs?" Abby asked, looking slightly shocked.

"Yeah. Club Nexon. Our penthouse is the whole second floor. It's kind of like we have a night club in our basement!" Brianna said.

"I hope there's a padlock on all the doors!" Cassie said

"Oh yeah. Like five dead bolts." Shelly said nodding

"Hey I'm coming too!" Naruto said

"Okay. Sasuke are you coming?" Liz asked him

"I guess so." He replied

"Cool! We'll see you there!" She said

Naruto and Sasuke started to walk towards the west side of town, glaring at each other.

They five girls walked to the east, Liz, Shelly, and Brianna had to leave there weapons in the house. Club Nexon had a very strict NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND rule.

Liz, Shelly, and Brianna left Kira, Cassie, and Abby outside in an alley way on the side of the club while they went up the emergency exit into the house to leave the weapons and village headbands. The metal and cloth on the headbands get hot very easily and makes your head sweat faster. When they came back down, they all walked around to the front of the brick nightclub. It had revolving doors lined with yellow neon, and a giant flashing sign that read Club Nexon in random neon colors. They walked in and saw a huge dance floor, strobe lights, disco balls (yes more than one), and two non alcohol bars with red stools. They kept walking deeper into the club. At the other end of the club was the biggest stereo system they had every seen in their lives! They could barely here what Liz said over the music.

"Let's request a song!"

They all walked over to the DJ. From what they could make out in the dimly lit club, he had brown red hair and sea foam eyes. He also obviously had insomnia from the freakishly dark circles around his eyes.

"Must be from staying out too late" Kira thought

The boy had on a white wife beater tank top and baggy jeans.

"Hey! Can you play Girlfriend by Avril Lavign?" Liz asked him

He didn't answer, but Girlfriend suddenly started to blare out of the stereo and a deafening volume.

"Come on! Let's go find Caitlin and Cassidy!" Shelly yelled over the music

They squeezed through the sea of people crowding the center of dance floor and found Caitlin and Cassidy dancing off in one of the less crowded corners.

"Hey Caitlin! What are you doing over here?" Brianna asked

"It's too crowded over there!" Caitlin replied.

"Meet our new friends, Abby, Cassie, and Kira." Shelly said

"Cool! Hi, I'm Cassidy!"

"I'm Caitlin!"

Cassidy had short, light brown hair and was wearing a dark red tank top, black pants, and a pair of black and red sneakers. Caitlin had short, curly, red hair and was wearing a royal blue V-Neck short sleeved top, a black short skirt, and white shoes.

"Let's PARTY!" Shelly yelled

They all headed towards the center of the dance floor, shoving people out of their way. No one really cared though. Song after song played. They had no idea what time it was, the club was always the same shade of darkness. Sasuke, Naruto, and the DJ (DJ's apparently work in shifts) walked up to them. All of them were wearing wife beater tank tops and baggy pants. Liz's face reddened when she saw Sasuke. She has a crush on him and always thought he looked especially hot in wife beater tank tops. The two guys introduced the DJ to Cassie, Abby, and Kira. His name was Gaara and he was from the hidden Sand Village. All 11 of them hung out together for the rest of the night, and all noticing that Sasuke kept staring at Liz, Gaara kept staring at Kira, and Naruto…he wasn't really staring at anyone in particular…

That was chapter 1. Hope you liked it! If not, I really don't care since I'm NOT writing it over!