Author's Note: Spoilers up to chapter three of Fire Sea.
Dog's ears perked up curiously at the sound of a crash from a few rooms down. He knew it was the where master kept the food and he would get yelled at if he went there, but the hope of finding an intruder before master was enticing enough to risk it. Trotting down the hall, he entered the room carefully and looked around the room. There, standing in the corner. With a menacing bark, he bound forward, ready to catch the person that dare to harm his master's ship.

The person jumped as he neared and made to step away only to fall onto the ground with a tremendous crash. The dog stopped suddenly and realized happily who this person was. It was master's friend, the clumsy one. He barked again; happily this time as master's friend cowered away from him.

"H-here, nice doggy," the man said offering up a piece of sausage.


Master was coming! He would see that he had found their friend. He was going to be so happy!

"You. Sartan," the dog kept barking, hoping that master would stop being so mean to their friend. He had sausage! The clumsy man looked at master and fainted and dog stopped barking, tilting his head at him.

"Alfred! How the hell did you–"

Oh! That was his name. The dog tried to remember that as the title for master's friend, but it slipped away rather quickly as the ship lurched and he went skidding across the floor. Why wasn't master happy to meet his friend again?