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Part one- Lamp Post

•♥• Kaiora •♥•


"I hate gym class…" Sora huffed, crossing his arms in front of his chest as the light spring breeze blew the hair out of his eyes. "And why do these shirts have to be so damn tight! I feel like I'm suffocating." He complained, turning to his two friends with an annoyed pout.

The boy began tugging on his stretchy cotton shirt and nibbled at the collars as the trio walked down towards the field.

Riku squinted his eyes at the sun, "Yeah, and why do we even have to do track? It's the end of the year, the hottest time of all! Why couldn't we just be swimming?" Riku added as he breathed in the heavily vegetated atmosphere and stared blankly at the upcoming field. He then glared at the brunette on his way left, who was exaggerating his attempt to loosen his shirt. He watched as the oblivious boy tripped over his own shoe laces, in mid tug, and fell onto Kairi, who was recently busy kicking a rock on the dirt path.

So there they were, on a pile on the floor of the dirt road, in a thankfully not-so-awkward position with Sora's head on her tummy.

Riku smirked down at them, shading then from the sun, "Well, there's some style points."

"Whatever," Sora tried as he rolled out of Kairi's stomach and held out his hand to the girl. Kairi glared at him from the ground, hair a fluffy mess and shirt now patted with dust. With one last look, she took his hand and dusted herself off.

"You're a gargantuant retard, Sora." Sora flinched

"Ahh! I'm sorry, it was an accident…" Sora explained now walking backwards in front of her so she could look at him (and maybe to show just a little bit). Kairi rolled her eyes and smiled slightly.

"It's fine Sora. Just… don't do that again. You looked stupid."

"Gotcha!" Sora replied, sporting a fake salute, and causing a giggle to escape Kairi's lips. Sora grinned back stupidly with a giddy look in his eyes, completely unaware of where he was stepping; considering he was walking backwards.

Then he heard Riku yell, "Hey Sora!" The boy blinked away from the raspberry-haired girl and quickly spun around backwards not knowing what exactly was in front of him.


Sora had just hit a lamp post.

With a clang and thud, Sora fell face first into the dirt. He could vaguely feel rocks and pebbles fly up his nose and mouth as he realized how embarrassing the situation really was.

"Oh my god, Sora!" the boy heard Kairi call as he heard her skid next to him and then began to shake him softly. "Are you okay?" Kairi grit her teeth in worry while Riku almost fell over laughing. Sora however was inert from embarrassment. Not only had Kairi seen him look like an idiot, but now passerbies were laughing and smirking as they passed by as well.

Sora groaned. Next time, he was walking forwards.

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