Ugh. I feel this is very badly written. But i just felt like i had to suck it up and write something. And now my grades are suffering. Ah, well. Sorry if its bad. :(


Part four: Birthday Kiss

• • Kaiora • •


"Okay, its either now or never, Kairi. Take your pick."

"Wait-what? I'm not ready yet!"

"Kairi, choose! Which one: now, or never?"



"Ugh, fine!…Now."

"Wait, I can't hear you. Say it louder?"

"No way!"



A few people turned their heads at Kairi's outburst, giving odd looks as they passed. The scarlet-haired girl shrunk in embarrassment, hunching her shoulders as an invisible shield. The people had continued on their way, children and friends at hand, down the theme park they go. Kairi wished she could explain to the quizzical strangers that the reason for her outburst was because her best -- and also demanding --friend was forcing her to kiss a random stranger.

Yes, you heard it right.

Kairi Hirozawa was being forced to kiss a stranger. But I mean really? What if she got a fatal disease? An STD? Or even just a creepy stalker? She clearly was not prepared for this.

"Kairi, stop zoning out. You need to keep focused." Selphie said, not even really talking to her. She was too busy standing on her tippy-toes looking for good prospects within the large crowd around them. Kairi rolled her eyes, faking nonchalance. However in reality, her insides were shaking almost as hard as her hands were. How was she supposed to stay calm through a situation like this? What if she got rejected by a mere stranger? I mean, Selphie has already done her "ingenious plan" three times today, and all three boys have kissed her. But how was Kairi supposed to know if it was going to be the same for her? Selphie was so confident, sometimes it was scary. I mean, sure, Kairi was confident. But with boys? She wasn't so sure.

"Ok, Kairi we're set -- hey don't hunch you're shoulders! What have I been teaching you all these years? Sheesh!" Selphie exclaimed, her hands painfully gripping her shoulders in an effort to straighten out her back. Kairi straightened up automatically. However she did not remove her hands. Instead, Selphie was staring hard into her eyes. Anyone else not knowing their situation would have thought this odd.

"Kairi, you got this. You really do. You're beautiful, you're smart, you're hot, and -- You're cold! You're yes then you're no!" Selphie often got distracted easily, "Ok sorry. But really, there's nothing to worry about! Worst case scenario, she guy turns you down politely."

Kairi stared back equally hard, sending mental messages screaming how that would definitely not be the worst case scenario in the immediate future. Receiving the message, Selphie rolled her eyes. She continued to stare, but suddenly her expression became soft, her green eyes thawing and the ends of her lips slightly turned up.

However just as sudden as the moment occurred, the moment ended, leaving Selphie to turn away from Kairi sharply, slapping hair across her face in the process, and looking onward with her hand shielding the sun from her eyes. Selphie must have thought this was some kind of adventure, which wasn't exactly new. And unfortunately, Kairi was usually the victim of her fantasies.

"What ever happened to peer pressure?"

"Oh, Kairi, that stuff isn't actually real. It's all made up by adults to make kids feel like shit. Like Santa Claus, or the Lochness monster." Kairi rolled her eyes. "Oh! Oh! Kairi, I found a target! Ok, so you know what to do. We've gone over this millions of times. Now…GO!" Selphie said at a record speed and pushed Kairi toward the direction intended, leaving her with a whiplash. Dazed, Kairi blinked and looked around. About ten feet in front of her by a bench just outside of the Whirl-a-Wing rollercoaster were three boys looking around her age.

Kairi swallowed. There was no way she was going to go through with this.

Kairi timidly looked over her shoulder at Selphie who was giving her an energetic thumbs up, her hair bobbing up and down, mirroring her excitement. Kairi sighed and turned back to the boys. The sun was blazing above, the wind blowing across her face so that her hair was fanning out behind her. It was a nice day, surely nothing too bad could happen. Could it?

The three boys were are all physically very different. Variety, Selphie would say. One was of medium high with spiky blond hair, the other with even spikier brown hair, and the third with odd, silver hair. Deciding that the blond was a little too short for her taste (not to mention blonds weren't really her type, anyway), and the silver guy scared her too much, Kairi unwillingly chose the tall brown haired one. Well, here goes everything.

Each step felt like lead as she crossed the pavement toward the casually laughing boys. Her mouth felt dry and thirsty -- oh god what if she kisses a boy with no saliva? Is that even possible?-- and her muscles were wound up tight. The time passed too quickly as she walked those remaining ten feet.

Kairi was close now, and from here, she could tell they were all very good looking. Well, Kairi thought, at least Selphie knows how to pick them. She now stopped walking and was staring stupidly up at the boys. She opened her mouth to say something, yet nothing came out, just the last breath of her dignity.

The boys had stopped laughing a few seconds ago and were now staring at Kairi as well. Great, now they thought she was a lost idiot creepily attracted to hot guys. Kairi couldn't feel her fingers anymore.

"Uhh…hi." the brunette said, looking at her with a worried expression across his handsome face. Wow. Man, he was hot. And those eyes, damn. He was tall, too. A definite plus. Blitzball. Yep, he definitely looks like he plays blitz ball. And it certainly shows in his arms--

"Are you, um, lost?" he continued. The blond boy gave an arched eyebrow to the silver haired one who shrugged with indifference. Shit, her presumptions were right. They did think she was lost. His words snapped her out of her daze. Now or never, as Selphie said.

"Oh, yeah sorry." Kairi licked and then bit her lip, noting how the brunette stared at her doing so, " ?" She said way too quickly to be understandable. Damn hot boys and their stupid hot faces. Damn her nerves.

The boy and his friends blinked, "Um, yeah sorry I didn't catch that." he said, taking a step closer to her with his eyebrows knitted in confusion. Kairi took a deep breath, not even believing she was about to say what she was being forced to say.

"Yeah, um, my name is Kairi and today is my birthday so I was wondering if you would give me a kiss?" She said this as a doubtful question. Kairi braced myself for the rejection that was sure to come.

Instead he blinked again. And realization swept across his face. He was now smiling, almost laughing down at her.

"And how old are you turning today, Kairi?" He asked, his eyes liquid hotness as he continued to stare. She could see his two friends rolling their eyes in her peripheral vision. However she did not care, because he hadn't rejected her. Yet.

"Ummm, sixteen?" She said doubtfully, her lying skills crumbling uselessly at her feet as his eyes bore into hers.

"It's not really your birthday, is it?"

"Um, well, no." Kairi admitted, playing with her hands, breaking eye contact with him for the first time. However she couldn't help but want to look back up at him again.

"Ah, well. I'll still kiss you. That is, if you still want me to." He took a step closer. It was surely a dream. Never had she thought this would actually work.

Kairi blinked, letting the words tumble out her mouth without even registering their meaning, "Yes, I really, really still want you to kiss me."

He laughed hard and then leaned lower with only one word, "Cool."

And so this mystery boy was kissing her. Kairi was so high up in the clouds she almost forgot to put the cherry on top of the whole bet; slipping her number into his pocket. So this is what she did, doing it quickly, expected this to end momentarily. However it seemed that he had no intention of stopping any time soon, so naturally, she didn't pull away either.

Well, Kairi thought, the boy's lips still molding against hers with warm fluidity, I guess now really is better than never.