I never thought our first meeting since I last saw him at Grimston would turn out like this. I had hoped maybe Guy would beg my forgiveness or he'd take me into his arms, kiss me passionately and tell me what a fool he'd been. But to be handled roughly as though I was a peasant with no dealings with him, about to be thrown out of Nottingham by his hand!

We passed by a pair of guards, then we turned around a corridor. The hallway was free of Norman soldiers or any of the courtiers milling through the cold, drafty halls. Guy gave a quick looked around, making sure no one saw us, before he threw open a door and closed it behind us.

"What are you …" I cried, anger welling within me.

"Anne, please, I didn't want to say anything, not back in front of all those people."

"So now you're ashamed of me? Damn you! I never should have come here!"

"Anne, please, I …"

"I came here to save you after – after you just left me – alone – at Grimston!"

"But … well I thought." Guy winced, as through remembering an old painful memory. "I believed that you – you no longer loved me."

"How could you think that!" my voice sounded shrill and nearly hysterical, even to my own ears.

Guy again looked embarrassed and ashamed, his expression reminding me of a whipped puppy dog.

"But – I thought you no longer loved me … That you hated me," he said softly, his confidence quickly draining away.

"No longer loved you? How could you be so foolish as to think that," I demanded, tears welling in my eyes.

Guy turned his eyes down and remained silent for a moment.

"You – you were angry at me and – and you looked at me as though I revolted you – during the axe-throwing contest … I thought after that you hated me."

"How could you be so blind," I said. "I was disgusted at the blood sport and that you stood by and did nothing! But how could you think …"

My voice choked with the angry tears that were welling up within me. What infuriated me more was Guy continued to stand there, completely at a loss at what to do or say with that clueless puppy dog look.

"Anne, I – I'm so sorry. I didn't know," he paused. "You must despise me and – and never want to see me again."

Guy's face turned down, completely crushed. He moved to leave the room when a wave of anger and frustration broke over me.

"You fool! You stupid, blind, idiotic fool," I screamed.

I grabbed the nearest thing on the table to me, a metal goblet. The wine flew through the air and splashed on to the stone pavement as I hurled the goblet at Guy. His soldier's reflexes served him well as he easily managed to dodge out of the way and the goblet clattered against the door behind him. The action seemed to stun him out of his whipped puppy dog state and he gazed at me, shock and some anger in his clear blue eyes.

"Anne, what are you doing?"

"Only what you deserve," I cried. "Maybe I'll knock some sense into you if nothing else will!"

I grabbed the next thing on the table … a battered steel plate with some stale bread and crumbling cheese on it. I hurled the plate toward him and the cheese and bread flew into the air and bounced on to the floor next to the splashed wine. Guy didn't even have to dodge as the plate smacked into the wall several feet away from him.

"Have you gone mad," he cried.

I didn't answer him, but reached for the next thing on the table: An ale mug. The mug was empty and as I was reaching for it, I suddenly felt Guy's large, strong hands clamp down on my small wrists.

"Stop it, Anne! Stop it!"

His voice was a dark growl and as I turned to him, I saw his intense face was only inches from mine. His brows were furrowed and his eyes were ablaze in anger and confusion. His hot breath was panting, tickling my face, but I wouldn't give in! I wouldn't! Not ever again – not to him!

"What can I do or say to tell you I'm sorry," he panted. "And that I love you."

"You can't! You've lost your chance and I won't believe you now! I was just a plaything, your little whore, wasn't I?" I struggled against his grip.

"Damn you, Anne! How could you think that," he shouted. "All this time I can't stop thinking about you. I've known no happiness since my time with you!"

"I don't believe you," I spat. "More lies!"

Guy stood there, his eyes burning in anger in frustration.

"Then if you don't believe my words, then believe this!"

Suddenly Guy released my wrists and his enormous arms wrapped around me, pressing me close to his body. His lips crushed against mine and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. I had half a mind to bite him, to beat him, but it was same passionate, soul-burning kiss that inflamed my soul. I fought not to moan, not to melt within his arms.

No! I mustn't fall for him. I mustn't believe this.

When our lips parted for breath, I felt my heart racing. Guy panted, his eyes smoldering with frustration and lust.

"Now – do you believe – me," he gasped.

"No," I said defiantly.

It was no surprise when he pressed me closer to him, his tongue delving deeply into my mouth, his hands roving hungrily over my body. He kissed me as a man starved for touch, for love, as though he had been aching and hungering for it all his life.

I tried not to moan, not to pant as my heart felt it was ready to beat out of my chest. His hand wandered to my ass and felt him roughly massage it. Though my mind still was fighting him, my heart and body already were hungrily devouring his caresses, wanting more.

Again our lips parted and I saw the anger was gone from Guy's eyes and something else was mingled with his lust – mischievousness?

"Do you believe me now," he asked.

This time all I did was shake my head and his only reply was a sly one-sided smile that brought out a dimple in one cheek. Before I could react, he turned me around and his lips pressed against my skin, nuzzling my neck. His hot breath tickled my cheek. As he ground his pelvis into me, his large hands wandered and roughly fondled my breasts through the shift's fabric.

"Guess I just have to convince you then," he whispered huskily in my ear.

My entire body shivered at the dark, sultry whisper and realized the protesting voice in my mind became smaller and quieter as the aching hunger in my body grew. He softly nibbled on my earlobe, his hands still gently kneading my breasts. I tried hard to stifle a moan, but it came out regardless.

"Mmmm, I see you like that," he whispered before his lips and the tip of his nose gently tickled my neck. "Let's see what other 'convincing' I can do."

"Guy," I gasped, meaning to say 'Guy stop!" But in that moment, his hands slipped beneath the shift and his hands tenderly caressed my breasts through the gown's fabric.

"Yes?" he murmured in between kissing my neck.

I bit my lip; trying to keep from moaning, to not tell him how good it felt. No! I had to stop this or my heart would fall to him again.

"Guy, please, I …"

One of his large hands slipped to my shift and gently slipped it over my head. He let the fabric linger in his hand a moment, before the shift fell and crumpled to the floor at my feet.

"You're so beautiful," he sighed. "These clothes don't suit your beauty."

He drew a long, sweeping caress across the gown from my belly to my breasts.

"No gown, not even velvet or silk, could match you."

Slowly, he turned me around to kiss me and his lips hungrily devoured mine. His hand slowly caressed the length of my back and I trembled beneath his touch. Oh, God, what was I doing?!

I started to wriggle out from under him, but found something hard pressing against me – it was the table's edge. Guy leaned in close to me, his kiss trailing from my throat down to the open neck of the gown and as he did so, I leaned further back on to the table. The protesting voice in my mind had become so faint; I barely knew it was there anymore. My eyes closed, relishing the sensation of his hot lips upon my skin. I suddenly felt the tugging of my gown hem and realized Guy was slowly untying the rope that kept my gown bodice closed.

I looked at the action in fascination, as though this really wasn't happening to me, but someone else. As the tie came loose, he gently pulled back some of the dress down my shoulders and slowly, adoringly, slipped the fabric back to reveal my breasts. If Guy needed anymore proof, he now could have easily seen how much I was panting, but he didn't stop to ask if I needed more "convincing." Instead I felt his lips and hot tongue as he moved his way down my breasts. I bit my lip, not wanting to moan or give him the impression I had forgiven him. But as his lips and tongue lavished their attention upon my breasts, my eyes closed and a small cry escaped me. I heard in return a husky, deep moan from him and suddenly felt his large hand cup my other breast and play with my nipple.

Oh, Guy! Oh! my mind cried out – but I bit my lip to remain silent.

His mouth left my breast and I heard him say, "You're so quiet. I thought you always enjoyed this."

Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw him slyly grinning at me.

"I still – still don't believe you," I gasped.

Guy continued grinning. He suddenly took a few steps from me and I wondered if he was planning to leave after cruelly teasing me. But instead, he slowly began to unbuckle his belt, sensually sliding the long snaking leather from his slender waist, and then removing his tunic. Although he still wore trousers, his chest was now bare. I remembered how beautiful he was naked, but somehow my memories seemed dim and insubstantial now that I saw him before me.

How desperately I wanted to run my hands over his skin, to kiss and taste him, but I knew that would admit to Guy how much I wanted and needed him. I just sat upon the table, trying to pretend I was unimpressed and disinterested. But as Guy approached me again, his skin gleaming, soft and smooth before me, I saw in his eyes he knew what effect this had on me. As he pressed close to me again, kissing me, his naked chest pressed against my breasts, panting and hot.

His hand trailed down my back again and dipped lower to the hem of my gown. He caught the fabric in his fingers, gently dragging it across my leg, up to my thigh. Gently, his fingers caressed my thigh, venturing closer inward. Guy moaned when he felt the softness between my legs and his thumb, ever so gently, began to pleasure me. No thought or human resolve could stop a moan from escaping me. He stopped kissing and his hot breath tickled my breasts.

"Anne, you feel so good. You don't know how I've ached for you – ever day – wanting you so badly."

His lips turned to my nipples again and I struggled to keep from panting and moaning with the double onslaught as my pleasure and need grew between my legs. I gasped when I felt his large fingers pressing against where I now ached so badly for him and gently one finger slowly eased within me. My head fell back as I leaned against the table, nearly crying out Guy's name, but I resisted. No … I would not give him that satisfaction.

"Do you – believe – that I love you – now," Guy gasped, his words punctuated with his fingers moving in and out of me.

I couldn't even think, the ecstasy was building and growing, overwhelming me. All I could manage was to shake my head.

"What must I do to convince you," he asked as a sly smile spread across on his lips.

His finger continued to move slowly in and out of me while his thumb increased its pace and pressure. I closed my eyes, hoping he would not see the effect it was having on me as he continued to study my face. But the pleasure was building, growing more intense with his quickening pace. I wanted to beg him to stop, but that would admit he had won over me and I wouldn't let him. My fingers clawed into the table, trying to hold on, to the resist. And just as I thought I couldn't stand it anymore and that I'd be lost, he stopped and he removed his finger within me.

I opened my eyes, wondering why he had stopped. My body cried out in protest and frustration, though I resolved, no matter how bad my need, I wouldn't beg him. As I looked down at myself, my breasts exposed, my legs completely open to him, I suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable. Although there was a sly mischievous look still in his eyes, I also saw how his forehead gleamed with sweat and need was written plainly upon his face.

"Tell me what you want, Anne. Tell me," he gasped as he leaned close into me, his hot breath upon my lips, his sultry blue eyes boring into my soul.

"I – Guy …"

"What is it," he whispered seductively. "Tell me, Anne. Tell me."

I stared at him, imagining what a deer must feel like as the archer aims at it, preparing to fire. His hand slipped up, pulling more of the dress with it, gently sliding his fingers up and down from my thigh to my hip. I was prepared to confess I wanted him, needed him. But I wouldn't give him that satisfaction. I instead gazed defiantly at him.

Guy's brows furrowed and instead of saying anything to me, I felt him suddenly grind between my legs. He still wore his trousers, but I could feel his tantalizing hardness pressing against where I ached for him the most. I closed my eyes and cried out, struggling not to clamp my thighs tight around him, never wanting to let him go.

"So this is the 'persuasion' you need," he whispered, his nose nuzzling me at the neck.

I felt him move back from me momentarily. I opened my eyes and saw him unbinding the knot that held his trousers to hips. Though the protests in my mind would have screamed at me to stop this – that I didn't want to make love to a man I was so angry with – my body and heart hungrily watched him, wanting him to hurry up so I could feel him inside me.

As he freed himself of the trousers, he then pressed up close against me and I could feel the heat of his body and his hardness teasing me.

"Now I'll ask again," he whispered, his face just inches from me, his eyes hungry and desperate. "Tell me, what do you need?"

He leaned close, nearly kissing me, but just teasingly brushed his lips against mine. I parted my lips slightly, but he wouldn't kiss. A surge of defiance rose within me and I looked into his eyes:

"No, I won't tell," I said.

Guy reached down and I could now feel he was positioned just at my entrance, pressing eagerly, but not entering. Slowly, he rubbed against where I ached so badly for him, just the tip touching.

"This should make you talk."

He then ground his hips slightly into me and I felt the tip just barely enter me. I closed my eyes, moaning, but just as swiftly, he removed himself and just rubbed against me.

"Now – what to do you want?"

"Guy …" I moaned, but wouldn't say anymore.

He again placed the tip at my entrance, pressing into me, just barely entering, then removing himself again. I nearly cried out in frustration and the agony of my hunger for him.

"Not – good – enough. Tell me," he demanded,

"I need," I gasped.

"Yes," he whispered. "What is it you need?"

Again I felt the tip of him entering me. I nearly cried in frustration, wanting so badly to feel him deeply inside me.

"I need – I need …"

He moved himself slightly, just at my entrance, not plunging any deeper.

"Tell me, Anne. What is it you need?"

"I need – I need you," I finally admitted.

I felt him move slightly deeper within me, then move completely out again. It took the last shreds of restraint not to scream and pound my fist into the table.

"That's not enough," Guy said, his eyes lusty and determined. "I need you …"

And I could tell from the pause after the sentence he wanted me to add something to my confession. I fought against it, but then I felt the tip of him slide into me again and a deep moan escaped me.

"I need you – my lord," I gasped.

A sly grin spread across Guy's lips, bringing the dimples out in his cheeks.

"Good girl," he whispered.

Then I felt him press into me, moving deeper. I bit my lip so I wouldn't cry out. I watched Guy's face, his eyes glazed in his lust and hunger, need plainly written on his face. When he fully was inside of me, his eyes closed a moment and his lips parted. He looked as though he was a soul in heavenly bliss. Then he looked at me and I saw that rare look again, as though his heart and soul were open to me.

"Anne," he whispered lovingly as he slowly moved within me.

He tenderly caressed me head and kissed me passionately. Deeper I felt him press within me and each time he moved within, I wanted to moan and gasp out his name. Instead I just gripped his back, digging my fingers into his soft, smooth skin as I felt him moving faster, pressing harder and more insistent within the depths of me. Guy's moans grew deep and husky, and his breath panted hot and heavy upon my neck. My head fell back and I could feel and hear the creaking of the table with our movements.

I closed my eyes, moaning, the ecstasy building, becoming unbearable in its intensity as I felt him touching deeper, to the entrance of my womb. Then suddenly it rushed upon me – a powerful and all-consuming wave. I screamed out as my entire body trembled in uncontrollable ecstasy. As the wave receded, I fell back upon the table, gasping, my body glistening in sweat. I opened my eyes, feeling completely open and helpless as Guy gazed at me. His face was bathed in sweat, hunger and tension still upon his face.

"You – believe?" he groaned, trying desperately to keep control.

I barely comprehended the words, my brain seemed to have melted into mush and all I seemed to do was comprehend sensation. But I understood just enough. I smiled a little bit and mischievously shook my head. Guy then bit his lip, his brows furrowing and to my surprise, he suddenly heaved my legs up so my knees rested upon his shoulders.

Then I felt another powerful thrust from Guy, still hot and hard within me. I cried out and my lust suddenly burned hungrily to life again. His thrusts were fast and hard, and I realized with my legs upon him he reached deeper than ever before. I clenched my teeth together or I knew I'd scream in the intensity of the lust and ecstasy building with each powerful thrust. Guy's eyes closed, struggling to hold on, to wait. Then he angled up within me and he hit something, some tender, sensitive nerve that seemed to throw me out of my body and into the heavenly beyond.

"Guy," I moaned. "Oh, Guy!"

That ecstatic nerve was the spark that suddenly set my entire body on fire. Helplessly, I felt myself topple over the edge and my body trembled in a convulsion of ecstasy – over and over and over again. It seemed it couldn't stop; it didn't ever want to stop. I felt helpless and yet in bliss as the ecstatic fire swept through me and consumed me. And then I felt Guy make one final, forceful thrust and with a deep moan, he exploded into me. As I continued to tremble, I felt him pouring deep within and his heavy, exhausted weight pressing upon me.

The waves of pleasure subsided. I reached out a trembling hand and held him close to me. I gazed at Guy's gleaming face, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted as he gasped for breath; how beautiful he looked in that moment. Although I knew he could be a right devil, I thought vaguely if an angel from heaven decided to take human form, surely that angel would look like Guy. As our breathing calmed, I gently stroked his silky golden hair with my hand.

"Now I believe you," I whispered at last.