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Jasper POV

You should have seen Edward's face while he was watching the video. But the funniest thing was that before-whatever, just read the fashback.


Eddie:Edward vampy:Bella urmom:Jasper omelet:Emmett

(Translations at bottom. Don't worry! It will all make sense soon!)

Eddie::::comes down with Bella::::: So, what are you two doing?

urmom: Nothing... But come see our video, Edward... :::twiches eye:::

omelet:::says in raspy voice::: But before you can see it, GIVE US THE GIRL...

vampy: wtf? wat r u talking about?

Eddie: Why are you talking like that?

vampy: idk why im talking like dis

omelet: Bella, this isn't an MSN chatroom; this is imvu.

vampy: wth is imvu?

urmom: I/\/\/ll !5 4 3cl 1/\/\1\6 7h1n6 4\cl \/\/l-l3\ y()ll 74lk, 73hl23 4l23 l!7713 5p33(l-l 3ll33135 7l-l47 fl()47 43()\/3 y()lll2 l-l34cl. Bll7 !7'5 3451(4y 1/\/\1\6 w17h 4\/474l25.

Eddie: You know leet?

urmom: Of (()lll253 I cl()! Wl-l() cl()35'7? A 73h (()()l k1cl5 4l23 cl()1\6 !7.

omelet: O...kay...

urmom:Y()ll jll57 cl()'7 ll\cl3l2574\cl ll5!!!

omelet: Whatever. COME TO ME BELLA!!!!

vampy: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DDDDDDDDDDD':::gets taped to couch:::

omelet: Now its your turn, Edward:::ties up Edward-I mean: High-Heel-Toe-Pump-Wearer!!!!:::

Eddie:I am not a High-Heel-Toe-Pump-Wearer, afslove!!!

afslove: Watever.

Eddie: Why am I in these things anyway? I WILL get you!!! Someday...

afslove: You're in those things because it's gonna make my story even funnier!!!

urmom: Ok4y...

vampy: n y am i tlking like dis?

afslove: Muahahahahahaha-hey look! Shiny!!

!!!!!End Flashy-Back!!!!!

Okay, so it went like this: Edward and Bella came down, we taped and stapled then to the couch, and taped their eyelids back so that they could watch the movie.

Emmett POV

I thanked my photoshop and multimedia teacher for teaching me this. Without her teaching knowledge of this subject, I would have never have been taught to do all these things without her teaching knowledge of these things. Because she's the teacher.

But anyway, onto Edward! Damn, his face was priceless. I couldn't really describe it but it was like in one of those horror movies where girl begins to scream like in the Saw movies!!! Yeah. Something like that... I betcha we're going to win an Emmy for best Youtube video.

oO0Three Minutes Later...0Oo

Jasper POV

Edward was shocked. No, more than shocked. He was absolutley flabbergasted.


"Oh, so you admit that you wear high heel toe pumps?" Emmett accused him.

"Bella, were you in on this?" Edward asked Bella.

She looked from side to side as she answered. "Maybe..." ;D

"Yes you were. I can tell that you're lying." Edward accused Bella.

"How do you know?"

"Your pupils are dilalating."

"No, I'm not. I have ESGCDV."

"I thought that only oak trees get ESGCDV, Bella."

"I am an oak tree."


"Yes, Edward. I am an oak tree. Just wait..."

She then ran out to our backyard and came back about three minutes later with oak tree parts, staples, glue, and tape all over her. I felt Edward get horny when he saw the leaf at Bella's va-j-j. A/N: If you don't get it, just think about what it sounds like...tee hee...

Emmett was the first to speak. "Where'd you get-"

Bella interrupted him. "You are not allowed to speak unless the Oak Tree Goddes gives you premission to!"

"But you just stapled and glued all these tree parts all over you." Edward said in one of his know-it-all tones.

"Sure I did..." ;D

"Bella, seriously, are you okay?"

"No, I am not!"

"Why?" Emmett asked.

"You two have spoken when the Oak Tree Goddess has not given you premission to speak!"

"Bella," Edward started, "you are not an 'Oak Tree Goddess'. Even if you were-hey, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Your right Edward," Bella said evilly, "I'm not a goddess. I'm...ANGEL,the vampire!!!!" A/N: That's a good show. They show it on TNT at 6 and 7 am during weekdays.

Edward POV

Oh, God. She's crazy. First the tree STD thing, then the 'Oak Tree Goddess' act, and now this!!! How could she do this when she had the real thing right here? Wait...&...$...ilikecheese!!!!!!...We're waiting, Edward!!!!!...

Oh! I get it now!!! She was acting like a vampire so I could bite her sooner! Smart, Isabella, smart.

"I'm going to kill Spike and get Buffy for myself!!!!!!!!!" She suddenly tore off her clothes effortlessly: revaling her black lace bra and underwear. That's when it happened.

Emmett POV

Whlie Edward and Bella were doing it on the floor, Jasper and I sneaked upstairs to Edward's Mac to Youtube account. I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking: How do we know Edward's password? It's obvious. His password is...B3llums!!!! Not it's not. It's password. Anyway, we loaded the video under his name and we saw he already had other videos like Charlie the Unicorn, Crazy/Angry German Kid, and the Numa numa Guy. A/N: I have an interresting story about Charlie the Unicorn.

So we waited until tit was finished and titled it "I Wear Pumps!!!!" It was now time.

A Few Days Later...

Bella POV

For a week or so, Edward didn't come to school because of the video Jasper and Emmett uploaded onto Youtube. They both told me that it had one million views in the first day. Mike teased Edward about that until he disappeared. I then saw a newspaper with the headline:

Mike Newton's Body Found at La Push with Srange Bite marks on Neck

Oh. So that's why Edward's eyes were a creepy red color. He said that he had astigma or someting and got colored contacts. Wow, I'm slow.

As I climbed into the car with Edward, I noticed I forgot something that i was supposed to do sometime ago.

"Edward," I began.

""Yes, Bella?"

"Who is Stella Anorexia? Are you cheating on me?"


Emmett and Jasper Cullen Found Dead in Washing Machine


afslove: So what have we learned, people?

someone from crowd: Never anger Edward!!

afslove: That's right, NAME WITHHELD.

antother person from crowd: And that's a qualitative observation!

afslove: No its not.

!!!!The Very End!!!!


(They're in order when Jasper talks)

-Imvu is a 3d iming thing and when you talk, there are little speech bubbles that float above your head. But it's basically iming with avatars.

-Of course I do! Who doesn't? All the cool kids are doing it.

-You just don't understand us!!!


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