Note: This was written for a school assignment (Don't you just love it when you can write fanfictions for school?), This is a forgiveness present because I'm going to be late with Taking Him Back's final chapter (expect it out late this week, or next week)

He was so used to being the oldest in the group he hung out with. He was not prepared to be light years younger then the other people in the room.

How did I get myself into this mess? He thought.

Zane was standing in the back corner of a room at the community center. The meeting hadn't started yet, and he was already looking at the clock to see when it would be over. His girlfriend, Alexis was holding onto his arm for dear life. Zane inwardly smiled, it wasn't everyday the tough queen of obelisk blue acted shy, or scared, or a combination of the two.

As long as nobody recognizes you, your fine, you can get through this meeting He thought.

A woman walked over to the two of them.

"Hi! I'm Millie," She said, holding out her hand to Alexis.

"I'm Alexis, this is Zane, nice to meet you" Alexis said, trying to act friendly.

"You two look a bit young to be married" Millie commented.

Alexis blushed.

"Were not" Zane said, not making eye contact.

"Oh, well, good luck then" Millie said walking away.

Zane shot Alexis a look, as to say I told you this was a bad idea.

A man and a woman approached the pair.

"I'm Jessica, this is Paul, is this your first?" The couple asked.

"I'm Alexis, this is Zane, and yeah" Alexis said, holding onto Zane even tighter.

"Oh, well, good luck! Trust me, parenthood is lots of fun, once you get used to the lack of sleep" Jasmine said.

Paul just stared at Zane for a minuet.

"Zane, as in Zane Truesdale?" He asked.


Zane nodded.

"Oh, I knew I recognized you from somewhere. I didn't know you were married… so that's why you dropped out this season?" Paul said.

"Were not, and yes I needed time to think" Zane said.

Paul nodded.

A woman, about thirty, stood in the front of the room. Her nametag read Hello: My name is Amber.

"The meeting is about to start, please take your seats"

Zane sat down in one of the back seats, the less attention he attracted the better.

Amber began to talk about how wonderful parenthood was and how they were all about to take part of the most magical journey of there lives.

How did I get myself into this mess?

A recipe: How to end up in a room full of pregnant women at the community center:

Take your underage girlfriend to your business Christmas party

Accidentally drink the alcoholic punch at said Christmas party

Wake up the next morning and have a panic attack.

About a month later, receive a worried phone call from your girlfriend

have another panic attack

Tell your girlfriends parents, watch them have a panic attack

Convince your girlfriends parents that you'll stay with her and you don't need to get married at 22.

Get continually tortured by your best friend, who happens to be your girlfriends older brother

Tell your parents; watch them have a panic attack.

Convince your parents that you love your girlfriend and she doesn't need to have an abortion

Get tortured by your best friend/girlfriends brother some more

Tell your agent, publicist, and manager.

Get told that you probably just ruined your career

Get told that it needs to be kept a secret… And you have to drop out of the finals

Listen to your girlfriend have another panic attack

Be commanded by your parents to take a parenthood class

And that's how I ended up sitting in room at the community center, with my nineteen year old girlfriend, and seven months away from being a father. Crap…


This is probably going to stay a one shot. But If I get enough feedback, I might make it my "I'm going to leave for the summer, but hey, why don't I do a quick fanfiction before I leave?" Fic…