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Waking up in a particularly foul mood, Severus Snape held with him the feeling that something terrible had or was going to occure. Rising to his feet, Snape walked about his chambers to plan for the long day ahead. As he traversed the long, seemingly endless halls, he began to feel as though something was awry, as though he was being watched. Stepping into the classroom, he was greeted by a volly of laughter, much different then the typical tense and respectful silence he's came to expect from his students.

"Hey shrimp, I think you're in the wrong room! This is the 7th year potions class! Haha! Look at this kid mate, he's so bloody short!" A 7th year Ravenclaw boy called out as he cavorted with his friend.

Severus darted his eyes around the room, startled by the change, then, inspecting himself, found his robes draggin upon the ground and his pants hanging bellow his hips. Snapes face ran red with embarassment as he quickly turned and ran from the room. He ran as fast as he could, tripping on his baggy robes a few times, to Madam Pomfrey's office. Bursting through the large doors of the hospital wing, Snape screamed out in his cracked tiny voice "Madam Pomfrey, I have an emergency!"

The mediwitch dashed out of her office in a panicked daze, gazing upon the small boy standing in the chambers with a look of hoplessness and agrivation as she sneered, yelling, "What is the meaning of this!?"

Severus's sorrowful expression was replaced with one of seering agrivation. "What's all the fuss about? Just look at me you withered old bat!"

"All I see," she responded, attempting to hide her obvious annoyance, "is a student who thought it funny to put on teaching robes and attempt to scare the life out of me. Now get to your dorm and put on your proper clothing to go to class."

Severus looked at her as though she was a three headed muggle. "I beg your parden Madam, but I am not a student! I am professor Snape and I'd really appreciate it if YOU'D RETURN ME TO MY PROPER AGE," he yelled jumping off the bed, delivering a stabbing glare to the the surprised mediwitch.

Poppy took her wand and said a quick age spell, "Well... It seems as though you have become 14 again Severus. I'm sorry, Snape, but all I can suggest you do at present is speak with Dumbeldor about your... 'little' problem."

At that moment the doors to the hospital opened with a loud crash, "Madam Pomfrey! Madam Pomfrey! It's Harry! He got hurt bad!"

Pompfrey slowly looked up."What happened this time, Weasly," she inquired with an exhausted sigh.

"Malfoy! He put some kind of curse on Harry! His legs are broken and his eyes are bleeding!" Ron exclaimed with great haste and dread in his voice.

Severus looked over to the group that walked in and rolled his eyes, "Always getting into trouble, eh Potter? What next? Breaking every bone in your body? Rather pathetic I'd say."

Poppy shifter her attention back to Severus. "Snape! Can't you stop being so damned condescending for once in your miserable life!?" Moving her eyes back onto Harry, she said under her breath as though defeated, "Though it does appear you may be in a worse bind..."

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