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Severus thought to himself about why he shouldn't be doing such a thing, it was Potter for one, he himself was supposed to be a professor; he wasn't at the present time of course. Then he thought, 'Well, a good shag once in a while isn't so bad. I mean, it's not like I have to date this prat.

"C-Can you please… get off me now…?" Harry whimpered, his face still flushed with embarrassment and arousal.

Lucien merely looked down at the flushed boy, then brought his right knee up between his legs, purposely rubbing it against Harry's erection. Lucien smirked cruelly at him, "Mm… I see you are enjoying yourself Potter. Hey, I know the passwords to the dungeon. Do you want to go down there? No one will find us. There are a ton of privacy wards in my Uncle's rooms."

Harry looked shocked for a moment then brought his hands up and placed them on Lucien's chest, shoving the other boy off him harshly, "You slimy little prat!" he screeched and sat himself up, "You think you can insult my family then have sex with me?! Have you lost your bloody mind?!" Harry narrowed his eyes at the other, waiting for an answer.

Lucien sat up rubbing the back of his head, "That hurt you know! Besides, I wasn't insulting your family. I was merely telling the truth. Not my fault if it came out like that."

"It served you right, you bloody prat!" Harry snapped back, still glaring at Lucien. "And shut up..." Harry muttered. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Humph!" Lucien muttered, "I do rightly know what I am talking about! Your father was nothing but a bully! Taunting my Uncle and laughing about it? If that isn't cruel then tell me what is!" Lucien jumped to his feet and glared down at Harry, his eyes brimming with anger.

Harry got to his feet as well. "What the bloody hell are you talking about?"

"The only nice thing your father ever did was help m-my Uncle when Black sent him to be murdered by that damned werewolf!" Lucien answered nastily.

"Sirius would never have done that!" Harry screamed, getting quite angry.

Lucien scoffed at that, "Well he did, so face the truth you little brat."

Harry drew his wand. "Take that back, you pathetic son of a bitch!"

Lucien acted as though he was thinking it over for a moment, then drew his wand, "Hm... I don't think I will. Expeliarmus!"

Harry gasped as his wand was knocked from his hand. He glanced back at it then glared back at Lucien. "What the hell?!" He hurried over, grabbed his wand from the ground and gestured towards Lucien again with his wand.

"Haa." Lucien sighed, "So pathetic. Accio Harry Potter's wand. Face it Potter," he mumbled as the wand landed softly in his hand, "You can't beat me."

Harry gaped at him for a moment then sighed. "Bastard..." he muttered.

Lucien smirked placing both wands in his school robes, he walked briskly over to Harry, "That's much better. Now, shall we continue? Or are you going to be a whinny little prat?"

"Don't push your luck," he muttered as they started walking again.

"Would you like your wand back? Or are you going to try and hex me again?" Lucien questioned, "I'd be very happy to keep it. It is an amazingly beautiful wand."

Harry merely held his hand out, all the while giving him an annoyed look.

"Tsk tsk. You must answer me with words." Lucien walked over to Harry and pushed him against the wall, then brought up his right hand and placed it on the side of Harry's face, "Well? Yes or no?"

Harry winced but didn't let it show in his face. He turned a bit crimson in his cheeks, and cursed himself for it. "Fine, I won't hex you."

Lucien chuckled lightly, "That's good." He reached into his robes and pulled out Harry's wand, But instead of giving it to him, he used it to lift up the boys chin and kissed him harshly on the lips. "I think I'm going to enjoy school this year." he smirked.

Harry gasped. "Mph!" His eyes widened and he grabbed his wand, then shoved Lucien off him. "What the hell?!" He pocketed his wand but glowered at Lucien.

Lucien backed away as if nothing had happened and began walking down the corridor, licking his lips, "I believe it is time for dinner, is it not Mr. Potter?"

Harry stared at him. He couldn't believe it, who did this boy think he was?! He held back the crimson in his cheeks. He shook his head and followed Lucien.

When they arrived at the Great Hall, all the other students and teachers were already there. Harry went and sat next to his best friends while Lucien walked up to the head table and waited for Dumbledore to 'sort' him into Gryffindor.

Albus spoke loudly above the noise in coming from all of the students, "Silence!" he waited patiently for all of the chatter to stop then began to speak again, his voice much softer, "Now! I believe many of you have noticed the absence of our dear Potions Master. He had to leave abruptly on some urgent family business. Now, Professor McGonagall has an announcement to make."

Minerva stood and nodded to Albus. "Now, I know it's the middle of the school year, but it seems we have a new student with us. Lucien Snape. He's professor Snape's young nephew." She stepped out from behind the table, gestured to Lucien to step forward and placed the sorting hat on his head.

Lucien allowed the disgusting hat to be placed on his head and then began whispering to it, "Please place me in Gryffindor. Please place me in Gryffindor."

"Gryffindor, eh?" the hat mused thoughtfully from atop his head.

"Yes. I can not be placed into Slytherin as you surely already know. And I despise Hufflepuff and their skittish antics. And Ravenclaw? Come now! If I had to live with those braniacs this whole mess would be found out!" Lucien mumbled, "The only reasonable choice is those dunderheaded Gryffindors!"

"Indeed, so it would seem..." the hat mused, "Very well then, Gryffindor it is!"

Lucien smirked, removing the hat from his head, he tossed it to Professor McGonagall then made his way over to the Gryffindor table. He found an empty seat right across from Harry and sat down, "Well then, isn't this fun... Harry? After all, we will have plenty of time to finish what we started earlier."

Harry sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose as if to try to chase away a headache. Hermione, who was sitting across from him with Ron, glanced between Harry and Lucien, wondering what the newcomer had meant by that.

Ron looked at Lucien for a moment then whispered to Hermione, "Wait a second! If he's a Snape shouldn't he be in Slytherin? NOT Gryffindor? He damned well acts like a Slytherin!"

Hermione shot him a look. "Ron, don't be so rude!"

Harry snickered off to one side at his friend's remark though, then acted as if he hadn't done a damn thing when he saw the look he was getting from Lucien out of the corner of his eye. He merely gave him an innocent smirk.

"Not all Snape's are Slytherin's Weasley." Lucien smirked as he spoke to Ron. Underneath the table Lucien brought his foot up and rubbed it between Harry's legs, "Isn't that right Mr. Potter? We can be very... cunning. Just as much so as you pesky little Gryffindors."

Harry tensed, and his wince showed a bit on his face. Hermione noticed. "Harry, are you alright? You don't look so good. Maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey..."

Harry shook his head. "No, no... I'm fine."

"Yes," Lucien smirked as he pressed his foot harder against the growing bulge in Harry's pants, "Maybe you should go see Madame Pomfrey. Would you like me to take you there?"

"Not... on... your... life..." Harry growled through gritted teeth, almost hissing at the contact of Lucien's foot against him. He shut his eyes for a moment, and then looked to Ron and Hermione. "Really, I'm just fine... Nothing to worry about."

Hermione gave him a look, as if to say she didn't quite believe him. "Harry, I really think you should, you look as if you're in pain..."

Ron looked from Harry to Lucien's smirking face, then back at Harry, "I agree with 'Mione! You really don't look so good... Ah... Never mind..." Ron glanced between Lucien and Harry then blushed, "I'll just... finish eating. I have to meet up with Draco before bed anyway..."

Harry blinked. "Why are you meeting up with that git? I thought you couldn't stand to be within throwing distance of him."

Hermione nodded. "Yeah..." she said, and a tinge of something she couldn't explain flared up in her for just a second then faded.

Lucien looked at Ron and smirked again, "Aw! Does the Weasel have a secret lover?"

Ron blushed brightly, "I... I... Um... Yes ok! He asked me out at the beginning of the year... And I just... I couldn't say no ok?!"

Hermione's eyes went wide and she stared at Ron. She didn't speak though, as if she couldn't quite find the words. She only gathered her things into her bag, stood, and walked hurriedly out of the Great Hall.

"Hermione!" Harry called out, as he watched his friend leave. He sighed and looked back at Ron.

"I think she's jealous." Lucien laughed, "I suppose you never noticed she liked you Weasley?"

Ron's eye's widened, "How would you know something like that? You've barely been here a whole day!"

Harry eyed Lucien, a bit suspiciously, wondering the same thing.

Lucien mentally slapped himself for the slip up, "What? I live with my Uncle. It's not my fault he leaves his journal laying around. And all he ever writes about is how oblivious you Gryffindors are to everything."

Harry shook his head. "Your Uncle really needs to get a life and get out of those bloody dungeons more..."

Ron shook his head in agreement, "He really should. I don't think it's very healthy to practically live in a dungeon your whole life! Could die of some odd disease or something."

"I'll have you know, my Uncle keeps the dungeons in tip top shape! There are no diseases anywhere in down there!" Lucien rolled his eyes then smirked, "Harry, are you... almost done?"

Harry nodded his agreement to Ron, snickering a bit at his remark. Then he turned to Lucien. "I thought you said you could find your way around on your own," he said, shooting Lucien's earlier words back at him.

Lucien rubbed his ignored foot against Harry's still bulging erection, "If only that was what I was talking about, Mr. Potter."

Harry winced, but ignored the remark. He shifted a bit where he sat, trying to ignore his growing 'problem'.

"Um..." Ron began, slowly getting up from his seat, "I'm going to go... Look for Hermione! Yeah! That's what I'm gonna do..." And he promptly left.

Harry watched him leave, then shot a dark look at Lucien.

"What?" Lucien asked innocently, "I didn't do anything wrong. Come now Harry, does this look like a face of evil?"

"Honestly?" he scoffed. "Yes!"

"Well," Lucien purred, again, rubbing his foot hard against Harry, "I am a Snape after all."

"Yes, and you have that evil streak in you just like your uncle!" he hissed.

Lucien chuckled, "Did you fancy my uncle or something Potter? Fantasize about him doing this to you?" he rubbed his foot again, feeling Harry shudder from pleasure.

"Would you knock that off?! And bloody hell no I didn't fancy your uncle!" Harry cried angrily.

Lucien pressed his foot hard against Harry one more time before dropping his foot back to the floor, "Fine then. But I'm telling you now Potter, I always get what I want. And what I want right now is you."

"Well that's just too bad for you." Harry whispered.

"We'll see about that Potter." Lucien smiled before removing himself from the table and completely left the Great Hall."

Harry watched him leave, then still painfully aware of the last of his little problem, hurried out of the Great Hall, to find Ron and Hermione.

The next day, Lucien awoke in a strange room, "Where the hell am I?" he mumbled, glancing around, then he remembered, "Oh yes. I'm a 14 year old Gryffindor. Lovely."

Harry and the others had already gone down to the Great Hall for breakfast. The Gryffindor dorms were almost completely deserted, with the exception of a few who sat in the common room, looking through textbooks or just waking up.

Lucien rolled his eyes as he sat up in his bed, then began getting his new Gryffindor robes on, "Bloody hell. I do not look good in Gryffindor colors!" he screamed, alarming some of the lingering students. Even the fat singing lady in the painting that served as the entrance way to the Gryffindor dorms winced.

Neville Longbottom walked up to the dorm from the common room, "Is everything all right Lucien?" he asked cautiously.

"Perfectly fine!" Lucien growled and stormed from the room, heading towards the Great Hall for breakfast. When he reached the large oak doors he paused, "I hate this." he mumbled then slammed the doors open, surprising everyone.

"I wonder what's crawled up his arse..." Ron whispered to Harry and Hermione.

Hermione shrugged, still giving Ron a bit of a cold shoulder. Harry looked between them and sighed, shaking his head.

Lucien looked around cautiously, making sure there where no teachers present, before he walked quickly up to Harry, then he smirked, "Good morning love." he smiled, then leaned down and kissed Harry firmly on the lips, "By the way, last night was really fun."

"Get off me... And if you had 'fun' last night, your hand must be really experienced." Harry grumbled.

"Now now Harry. No need to be snappy. I was only messing with you." Lucien smirked as he took a seat next to Harry and placed his hand on the boys lap.

Harry's eyes widened, "Remove your hand Snape. Or you will lose it!"

Lucien only smirked again, "You are absolutely no fun Potter."

Ron looked from Harry and Lucien to Hermione, "I think we should ignore them…"

Hermione could only nod her head in agreement.

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