An AU Mai HiME Story

"The Forbidden Shadow"

By – Kookiesssssss


It was darkness. Darkness covered the planet. It wasn't Earth, or any other planet. All that matter was that the everything was gone.

Whose fault was it? No one's, but the stupid Mistakes. No one but them.

Natsuki knew she wasn't just on Earth though, because nothing could be this dark.

She saw nothing, felt nothing, and she desperately tried to grab something, or open her eyes if they were closed.


She felt tears come out of her eyes as she flung around, anger building up in her, as she desperately wanted to move, to see light.

"No no Natsuki. You gave it up. You left everything, to save her. And guess what, now she's going to live, and you are going to live to never see her."

Natsuki flung at the voice and still felt nothing. "Shut the fuck up!!!" Tears began to pour out of her eyes.

It hurt. To not see, or feel anything physical. And the only thing Natsuki felt, was pain. The pain in her heart. To only see darkness, to not hear other voices except the one pursuing her…

And mostly…

To not remember who she was.


"H..hey…can…can we take…a break?" Kazuya breathed out, wheezing the last few syllables.

Natsuki looked at him, and nodded. Her expression was flat, her eyes were dead, she was dead.

Nothing was going to change, nothing at all. Natsuki hated her brother. Natsuki hated this world.

The 12-year-old boy stumbled meters behind Natsuki, as she looked around. The sun was starting to set, which meant it wasn't safe. Like this world was ever safe. Shrieks could be heard from miles, probably another one of them getting their evening meal, which was something nature prevented them to accomplish for the past 3 days.

Natsuki and Kazuya Kuga, 16 and 12, step-brothers and sisters, climbed into a dead building. Opening the debris-covered trapdoor at one of the sides, the jumped into what had been a wine storage system.

Natsuki coughed as the dust exploded at her; it seems that this has been untouched to any multi-cellular organism.

Or it had been since the war.

Dead bodies were rotting all over the floor, some cut up into pieces, some with giant gashes. Natsuki spit on them in disgust, and past the dead bodies to a side of the room with cabinets, looking for food.

She turned around to see Kazuya right next to the ladder to the trap door, in baggy black shorts that were up to his shin and a grey short sleeved shirt with a hood.

He looked at her with pleading eyes, but Natsuki didn't give a shit. They were safe, and that was best for the moment. Unless her annoying brother didn't mean more than a sibling to her, she would have most likely killed him.

Like many others. Natsuki jumped onto the highest shelf in a little room full of boxes, and found a little prize. Or many, in fact.

Natsuki opened a box to find two beautiful silver with blue ice designs on them and what had seem to be…cartridges below them. Different from any before, so that she just loaded a clip into it to test it out. She fired with one click, and suddenly icy bullets shot out at super god-like speed, causing anything within 5 centimeters to freeze.

Frozen dust hit the floor, and a voice perked Natsuki.


Natsuki moved her head a bit to see Kazuya there behind her, finally passed the mountains of bodies.

She quickly went back to the box while Kazuya looked for more stuff, and found a black hollister belt that would hold many of the cartridges and the dual guns themselves. An extra flimsy slot at her back annoyed her a bit, since it just hung out. She started to load the belt, and found a silver long knife with blue ice lines, similar to the guns, there next to a mini-sheath.

She put the sheathed knife into the flimsy slot, and it fit. Perfectly.

With a grin of satisfaction, Natsuki kicked the now empty box to hi the corner of the mini closet.

The weak walls suddenly crumbled, more dust getting everywhere. Natsuki turned to the side, noticing that a hidden passage was there.

Kazuya looked around, and found many things, but unlike his sister, they were just simple items.

He found a beautiful sphere-shaped gem, an amethyst that was transfused with a sapphire. He smiled at it, and shoved it into his pocket.

Next he found a picture, but it shocked him. A beautiful light purple haired young girl was on it, smiling.

But something was odd about it, and as he lowered the picture, the sunset had the remaining sun rays enter through the dirty creaks of the trapdoor, shining on Kazuya.

The dead beautiful girl, was there, nailed onto a disheveled cross with sharp wires connecting to her body that had blood stains on them. Her face was peaceful, and a ring and necklace were hanging off of her limp body.

He heard footsteps, and someone grab his shoulder, so he let out a shriek.


"Fucking shut up, unless you want to die"

Kazuya stared into the cold green eyes of his sister, and he simply wanted to help her, because he loved her dearly, even if she wasn't in a good mood.

It was a long time ago, but it must have scarred both of them deeply, and mostly Natsuki.


Natsuki was only around 9 years old when she met her younger brother. She immediately smiled at him and ran to him, when the man behind the boy kicked her away, which flung her into the opposite direction.

She extinctive looked to her mother for help, but saw her go to the man and plant a kiss on him.

More days passed by, as Kazuya and Natsuki got closer, but only under their mother's eyes.

Soon, their time was relapsed as the man started to take Kazuya with him and Natsuki's mother, leaving her all alone to tend for herself.

They'd usually leave her for a few hours, but that soon became many. The many hours became days. The days became weeks. The weeks became months.

In her time all alone, she'd sit in her room in the dark to wait for her mom to come and read her bed stories, as it was before the man came.

5 months passed after her meeting with them, and Natsuki stopped sleeping. Her mom didn't come home anymore. Kazuya came back with the man, but her mom was gone.

The man told her when it was time to eat, and then pushed her into her room. He'd drop and pick up Kazuya from school, but left Natsuki to walk.

2 months passed.

Natsuki went up to her 'father' during the nights he came late, and tried to ask him of her mom, which was the wrong thing to do, because her extinct told her. His shirt was lazily put on, his eyes her blood shot, his breath stunk, and his hair was messed up.

He hastily grabbed Natsuki and pushed her onto the couch, and ripped off her pajamas. He through and kicked his pants off, and spread Natsuki wide open.

Tears came out of Natsuki's eyes as the man began to hit her over and over, and soon felt numbness after a shock of intense pain of feeling something enter her.

She screamed over and over, and at the corner of her eye, she saw Kazuya crying there.

Words passed through their eyes.

Na…Natsuki-ne-chan! I'll get help!


Natsuki's hidden words were stopped when the man began to move himself up and down, causing her to scream in so much pain, as he started to hit her again.

After minutes, he stopped got up, and left to the kitchen.

Natsuki lay there on the couch, staring up at the ceiling, asking why.

Kazuya had ran back to his room, trying to find something to stop his father.

Natsuki tried to get up, but her legs disobeyed her. She was only able to see what happened more to her.

She saw it slow, like it would in a dream. Except it was real.

Natsuki closed her eyes, knowing it would most likely be the last time she'd have control over them.

Kazuya's scream brought her back to life. The man jumped off Natsuki, and grabbed Kazuya and threw him against the door.

"Stop!!! You Old Bast-"

He turned onto Natsuki.


"He's your goddamn son!"


Natsuki's father picked her up by her hair and slammed her into the wall., leaving her to drop.

Kazuya stood there terrified, realizing that his pain would be stopped, if Natsuki's pain kept going.

"Fucking shut up, unless you want to die." Was the last thing the man said before pulling out the knife and cutting Natsuki


End Prologue.