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"Eko-san, can you please help me?"

The young lady stood up and went over to her boss to rearrange a flower bouquet. "So, please, tell my what happened now! I know about your little date with the young man!"

Eko blushed.

Eko Ryami lived in a small town, so news like that got around pretty fast. She, being one of the few teenagers, was sent away from the family, which only consisted of her father and brother Tommy. Her mother had died, sadly, in an accident when they moved to the north through boat.

Recently, a young man name Takuya had moved in the town. He was a year older than Eko, and he immediately took a liking to her. He was a weaponist, he helped serve the army of the United States specializing in guns. He and his father had moved from Asia, and his father was in the Air Force. They had traveled across many lands, and they usually visited his brother who lived in London.

"I..It wasn't a date Miss. Shantel!" Eko and Takuya had only went out a bit to view the sunset that went down on the small village covered with snow, and that was it. No more than G rated content.

Lia Shantel, a 82 year old Japanese woman who ran a flourist, had watched over Eko since she was sent away. Apparently, her father and his partner Takahiku had wanted to start a new project, and females weren't allowed.

Eko looked into the reflection of a flower vase. Her golden eyes in comparison to Takuya's Bright Glassy Grass colored eyes made her seem sly, why he was a playful kid.

In fact, they had met through a childish way. Eko was trying to carry a lot of grocery bags, bumped into Takuya, dropped everything, he helped her, they got into a fight, he juggled, and asked her on a date.

Which was NOT a date!! Eko blushed heavily. But I do like him…but I don't want him to call me 'Eko' like everyone else does…I want my REAL name…the one mother gave..

Saeko Ryami sighed, but Saeko could deal with Eko a bit more.


"May I see her? She's been screaming for the past five minutes…"

Mr. Thomas Satako took his cane. Its been 17 years since the accident, where he had his own last name changed to help his daughter and grandchildren to live. Of course, they don't know anything about him limping, in fact, they don't know that the 'healthy' him they see isn't him.

Of course, it being the future and with the power of the host, he could create things. A healthier him, that could make his two granddaughters happy.

Alyssa and Miyu, the two other aside from Christopher and Nagi who knew about this new 'captive' led him to the girl.

In the cell, she was there in her pajamas with her chest nut hair. Her pale skin was swamped in sweat, and her face was scrunched up showing her pain. She grasped her head, screaming, and opened her eyes.

Once color filled her crimson eyes, she screamed again.

After five minutes, she begun to inflict self damage. She ran against the walls, punching them, slamming her head, until Thomas finally had Miyu restrain her. Putting a restraining suit on her, they set her on the metal bench.

She began to whimper and frantically look around.



"What?!" Eko looked at Takuya. He had run, was out of breath, and had tears in his eyes. "My father…after he dropped me off here…he crashed…in…Los Angeles…and…he destroyed a Military Base…your…your father was killed Eko…I'm sorry!!!"

Saeko felt tears stream down her face.


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