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A Different Reality

-The Start of Something New-

Naruto raced through the bustling streets of Konoha, his heart pounding in his chest, and his breathing rushed from exhaustion.

"I'm so late!" The young blonde boy dodged the moving figures as he made his way to the academy.

It was his first day and he didn't want to make a bad impression. He was six years old now. He had been living in his apartment since he was five. The Sandiame moved him there saying that something turned up at the orphanage and they could no longer care for him. At first Naruto was excited that he got to live on his own. Sandiame took care of the rent, and even gave him allowance.

He was about three blocks away from the academy doors when he bumped into a massive figure. Naruto yelped and fell on his behind slowly moving his gaze up to the man's face.

The stranger's face was twisted in anger, and he roughly stood six feet tall. His face was rough and his hair was short and black. Once Naruto met his eyes he knew what was to come.

It always did.

"Well, I don't believe my eyes, the person I want to see, has come to see me." The man laughed, lifting Naruto by the collar of his black T-shirt. Naruto struggled, trying to break free, but was failing miserably. Two other men stood by the one who had a firm grasp on his shirt. The both were smirking at the small blonde's predicament.

"So what should we do to the demon?" The one said asked on the right of the black-haired man.

"Well we should take him for a walk right around the bend. It is the least we could do to repay him." The one on the mans left spoke, jabbing a finger towards the alley. Naruto's eyes began to water, drenching his black T-shirt.

"Please d-don't hurt me." The six-year old cried. The man holding him sneered turning to his left.

"You know what? I think we should take him for a walk." His two buddies smirked at the decision.


The one word summed up his entire life.

The beating continued against his small body. His mind screamed to flee, but his arms were pinned to the wall by the two other men.

Blood soaked his shirt and bruises covered his arms, legs, but mostly his gut. The man smiled in satisfaction as he looked at his handiwork. The two men who held him to the wall released his wrists, when the man beating on him had finished.

Naruto's arms dropped to his sides, as his knees buckled, and he fell to the ground in pain.

Even when he had cried for help, few would notice and those that did just glared at him, while walking away.

"Demon why call for help when no one will come to your rescue? Who would care for such a monster?" Naruto watched as the man squatted down to look directly at Naruto's eyes that now shed many tears. "I bet not one person would care if you dropped dead right now. The people would actually celebrate over your death, and I would happily dance atop your grave." Naruto cried as he watched the men leave him in his broken state.

Naruto continued to cry as he watched someone walking down the alleyway. "P-please h-help…me," he sobbed. The man stopped to glance at him, then continued on his way.

"Why?" The blonde cried.

He never asked for this. What had he ever done to deserve this?

He winced as he got back onto his feet and staggered towards the wall for support.

"Uzumaki Naruto." The teacher called receiving no answer. He had brown hair that was pulled up in a ponytail. He wore a chunin vest and a Hitai-ate across his forehead. He also had a distinct scar across the middle of his face and nose. Looking at the attendance sheet he began to wonder if the boy wasn't informed about his first day at the academy. He continued through the attendance, when he neared the end of the list he heard a knock on the door.

The class began to chatter when he had stopped announcing the names. He went towards the door and opened it, to see no one. He was about to step out when he bumped into something. He looked down to see a young blonde boy with a bright orange jumpsuit. His blonde hair was messy and scruffy, which made him look like someone that lived on the streets. He was leaning against the wall as he stared at his teacher.

"Are you Naruto?" The teacher questioned. The six-year old nodded his head and grinned. "You're tardy, but I'll let it slide since it is your first day." The teacher walked over to his desk and gestured his hand to tell Naruto to come next to him.

Naruto saw this and stiffened, wondering how he was supposed to walk over there with no support, and not show that he was physically hurt. He already hid his bloodied shirt and bruised arms from view, by wearing the orange jumpsuit on top of it. He slowly released his hand from the doorframe, trying desperately to maintain his balance without the aid. He steadily walked over toward the teacher trying to keep his back straight and his legs to move casually.

He made it halfway before falling. He landed in a comical fashion making the class erupt in laughter. Naruto slowly got back on his feet, and laughed loudly.

Seeing his reaction the class stopped.

Naruto stopped laughing and gave an ear-to-ear grin. He raised his right arm and pointed to the middle of the class.

"Laugh while you can because, I'm going to beat everyone of you!"

"Naruto if you're done introducing yourself, there is an empty seat in the back." Iruka said rolling his eyes at Naruto's outburst.

Naruto looked to the back, which was atop the stairs. The blonde winced as he climbed the steps, each seemed to double his pain. Although he had stopped bleeding almost immediately after the incident, he still felt weak. He finally made it to the top and sat next to a girl with lavender pupil-less eyes and short hair.

Naruto nervously sat down next to her. After a few seconds he decided to break the ice.

"Hi, I'm Naruto what's your name?" He said thinking that maybe this was his chance to make a friend.

"H-Hinata." She stuttered, and her gaze dropped towards the floor.

"Hi, Hinata-chan." He paused. He wasn't sure what to say, unsure on how to begin a friendly relationship. Then he noticed that she wouldn't look him in the eye.

'Is she afraid of me? Does she hate me already?' The question bothered him to no end.

While Naruto began to think, Hinata had her own thoughts.

'Did he just call me Hinata-chan?' Hinata thought, keeping her sight on the ground.

Naruto began to become uncomfortable under the silence that had befallen the conversation.

"Hey," Hinata jumped a little when he began to speak. "Do you…hate me?" Hinata stared in disbelief.

"Wh-hy would y-you say th-that?" Hinata asked, shocked that he asked such a question.

"Well…you won't look me in the eye so I thought that maybe you're scared of me." The blonde said his eyes now focused on his desk.

"I-I…I don't h-hate you Naruto-kun I-I just-"

"Naruto. Hinata. Do you two even know what I've been talking about?" Iruka questioned, his arms folded and his gaze set on the two. Hinata squirmed under the angry gaze feeling very embarrassed by the sudden attention. Naruto smiled and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"Sorry, but I'm afraid not Iruka-sensei. I didn't even know that you were speaking."

Iruka gaped while the class burst into laughter. Only one thought went through his mind.

'Oh God. This kid is holding a neon sign that spells trouble all over it.'

After class ended Naruto popped the question that had been nagging at him ever since he sat next to her.

"Will you be my friend?" Naruto asked.

Hinata froze. She began to fiddle her fingers nervously.

"I-I would be…h-happy to Naruto-kun." Hinata watched as Naruto stiffened.

"Really?" Naruto questioned, his hopes rising. She nodded shyly.

Hinata gave a startled squeak when Naruto gave a honest smile that seemed to melt her heart. A small blush graced her facial features.

"I'll be the best friend you ever had! I promise!" He shouted.

The two left the classroom going their separate ways. Hinata walked over to her father, Hyuuga Haishi. Haishi's cold calculating gaze fell onto Hinata. His body was stern and the way he stood showed that he had total confidence in his abilities. The two left towards the Hyuuga mansion.

"Hinata, how did your first day go? What did you learn?" Haishi watched as her face turned a slight shade of red.

"I-I made a friend and I-I… I learned about the great shinobi n-nations." Hinata said in a voice no louder than a whisper. Haishi cocked an eyebrow at the new friend remark, but shrugged it off as non-importance.

"Hinata, when we get home we got serious chakra control exercises for you to practice." He said in his usual cold monotone voice. Hinata nodded her head gingerly as they made their way home.

Naruto went in the opposite direction from where Hinata headed. He walked through the streets ignoring the cold stares that followed him. The cold stares wouldn't bring down his mood today. Not when he had made his first friend! He walked to his apartment wearing a smile that no one could wipe off his face.

He walked towards the banged up apartment complex. It looked as though a bombed had been set off. It wasn't the nicest home for a six-year old, to say the least.

He walked to his room and unlocked the door with his keys. Ignoring the spray-painted threats all over his door, he opened it. He stepped into his room and switched on the lights.

He cleaned up, ate dinner, which was ramen, and read some books. He usually didn't read the boring informative books, but he wanted to impress his new friend. When he started yawning, he got up and went to bed. Some of the metal springs came out of the mattress making him rather discomforted. He turned and twisted for about an hour before he fell asleep.

The past week couldn't have been any better. He still got beat up sure, but now he had a friend. At the academy he studied hard and became an average student. On the days he was beat up, he would pull some form of a prank to cheer himself up. One of the pranks concerned the whole class. Before class Naruto brought ten bottles of superglue into the classroom. He super glued everything down in the room. Chairs, books, papers, tables, pencils, pens, chalk, belongings, and anything else in the room was all pasted down. When the class and the Iruka walked in they were stunned that they weren't able to sit down or move anything. Poor Naruto couldn't keep a straight face and ended up scraping the glue off.

Him and Hinata always did projects and partner activities together. Naruto got to know her throughout the week while talking with her. He always looked forward to school ever since.

Until that unfortunate day however.

Naruto and Hinata left class together after Iruka had dismissed them. Hinata's father only picked her up the first day at the academy; otherwise he would send a branch member to pick her up. This day however he came himself.

"Hinata." The said girl jumped at hearing her name called and turned her eyes away from Naruto to her father, Haishi.

"H-Hai?" She stuttered, looking at her father. Haishi's eyes fell on the mass of blonde hair beside her.

"Is this the friend you told me about?" Haishi said his eyes unmoving from Naruto. Naruto saw his eyes and seen that they were as cold as ice, just as many others were towards him.

"H-Hai father."

"You are to no longer speak with this…disgrace." He said coldly. Hinata pleaded to her father, but he wouldn't hear any of it. He had made up his mind and he would be too stubborn to hear otherwise.

After Haishi's order he was always seated away from her in class, because the main Hyuuga head had 'said so'. When he tried to sit by her or even go near her Iruka would stop and just shake his head. Naruto was shaken by the fact that when he had finally made a friend, that he couldn't approach her.

After that his pranks continued worse then ever. His depression grew and he found himself giving more fake grins. His grades dropped instantly and he was now the 'dead last' of his class.

Nothing could make his life any worse.

Or…so he thought.

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