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A Different Reality

-Battle at Enemy Camp Phase 1-

(July 5th; 4:30AM; Masaru's house)

Naruto woke up and began checking to make sure that the necessities they may need for the journey were there. This included things such as explosive notes, soldier pills, extra kunai and shuriken, and food. After making sure they had everything needed, he sealed all the items back into a blue scroll and stored it into one of his pants pockets. He made sure to button the top of the pocket to ensure the scroll wouldn't fall out.

Naruto took out a watch from his pocket to check the time. Reading that it was a quarter to five, he pocketed the watch.

He was used to waking up at such early times. When Jiraiya had noticed that he wasn't a morning person, he made sure to greet Naruto every morning with a bucket full of ice-cold water. Jiraiya continued to do this until Naruto could detect him coming before he committed the act, and when he could wake up fully to stop it. It took him about a month until Jiraiya could no longer catch him off guard. Jiraiya stopped soon after he had caught on, but Naruto couldn't help but want revenge. So one day he woke up a 3:00AM and got said bucket of water. He knew Jiraiya would catch him if he simply walked over to him and dumped it, so he sat on the top of a nearby tree branch with a fishing pole. With the fishing pole in hand he attached the bucket to the hook. The fishing pole was bent quite a bit because of all the weight, but it didn't break to Naruto's pleasure. Making sure the bucket was directly over Jiraiya's head he grinned mischievously. With a shout he had said, "Oh my God! There are naked women bathing on the opposite side of the canyon wall!" Jiraiya woke up instantly and Naruto dropped the line, making sure to flick it just right so it would dump it contents. Jiraiya was soaked, and Naruto soon after found himself dangling above a waterfall upside down.

Naruto smiled at his memories before he looked at Kakashi, who had also woken up due to the small amount of noise Naruto had been making as he checked off the supplies.

Kakashi looked at Naruto, "So we ready to depart?"

Naruto nodded, "Go wake up the others."

Kakashi complied by silently leaving the living room to go upstairs. Naruto made sure to check that his gear was all set, before writing a quick note to tell Masaru that they left and were grateful for his help. Naruto made sure to add a little tip for their troubles as well. He wasn't the type to use other's shelter and food for free.

Kurenai and Asuma entered the living room, followed shortly after by Kakashi. Naruto turned to face them, a calm countenance set in place.

"Okay, check to make sure your gear is in order. Your communication devices should be on at all times for the rest of the mission until deemed safe. You should also be carrying two soldier pills."

The group quickly checked their supplies and nodded. Naruto opened the front door and they filed out. Naruto flicked the inside lock to make sure the door would lock when he shut it.

Naruto felt the cool morning air and smirked, before returning his focus back towards his team. Naruto spoke in a much quieter tone then normal, "We are to take to the roofs, and then the treetops as we move back into the forest. The encampment is a day's travel from here, so if you start using chakra to keep up, let me know so that we can take a break. I don't want the team exhausted when we reach the camp. Now follow me." And with that they disappeared to the rooftops.

(July 5th; 7:00PM; Hi no Kuni)

Naruto raised his hand silently to stop the group. They halted on nearby tree branches and waited for Naruto to explain his command or give another. Naruto then pointed to the three scouts who then began to pass by. As soon as they were out of hearing distance Naruto turned to the group.

"Alright, we're stepping into enemy territory as of now, so that means be silent and discreet."

With three nods they started moving again with stealth that distinguished ninja from common warriors. They moved swiftly, covering stretches of ground in seconds. They continued jumping from branch to branch until Naruto gave another halt. They stopped simultaneously around the blonde, each on different tree limbs.

"This is where we split into two groups. We are currently about sixty meters from the South Gate." The group looked ahead of Naruto, and sure enough there was a gate being guarded by two sentinels, which appeared to be samurai.

Asuma turned his attention from the gate to Naruto. "So I'm guessing me and Kurenai are going to wait here."

Naruto nodded, "Correct, you and Kurenai are to wait here for further orders. My clones will also accompany you for the meantime as Kakashi and I go around and set things in place."

After speaking, Naruto put his hands into the familiar cross-shaped seal for Kage Bunshin. Within seconds the group was surrounded by twenty-five Naruto look-alikes. Naruto silently nodded towards Kakashi, and the two departed.

(July 5th; 7:00PM; Hi no Kuni; Enemy encampment, Main Tent)

Isoda Kaito stared at Goshiken Kenta incredulously, before placing his hand over his face and shaking his head hopelessly.

"You're a pig, you know that?" Kaito questioned.

Kaito's eyes where a dark blue, but they seemed brighter compared to his dark apparel. He wore standard black shinobi attire, however several small brown bags filled with water lined his waist. His spiky hair was a dark midnight black that slightly framed his face in the front. His facial features were smooth and angular, giving quite the boyish charm. A Hitai-ate was worn on his right arm near his shoulder, the symbol of Ame shone proudly with a horizontal slash through it. A slash on the Hitai-ate was a clear distinction of a missing-nin, one who has abandoned their own home village.

Kenta shrugged, "Your point? At least I enjoy my life with a man's simple pleasures."

Kenta was an imposing plump man, with a rough mug for a face. His eyes were a greedy scarlet and his hair no longer present on the top of his head. His Hitai-ate was worn on his right leg, and it too had a slash through the symbol of Ame.

Kaito replied smoothly, "Yeah by ruining others."

Kenta raised an eyebrow, "What's your point?"

Kaito rolled his eyes before shrugging uncaringly, "Whatever, just make sure you don't piss off Hotara too much. You know how she gets when she sees you having your 'pleasures'."

Kenta scoffed, "It's just because she's a woman herself, and it doesn't seem like she cares too much when I have my fun with the ladies anyway."

Kaito stood up from the chair he had been sitting on, "You'd be quite surprised if you ask me. But do what you want, won't be my problem."

Kento left the tent on his way to have his 'pleasures', leaving Kaito alone in the tent. Sighing Kaito exited the tent as well, deciding on seeing what Isamu was up to.

(July 5th; 7:15PM; Hi no Kuni)

Naruto had already dropped off twenty-five clones at the East Gate. Naruto and Kakashi had just reached the North Gate of the enemy encampment. They stood firmly on the branches, hidden among the leaves. Pressing the speaker on the communication device located on his right ear, Naruto spoke.

"What's your status?"

Naruto released the speaker button, as he waited for a reply. After a short moment Asuma's voice responded, "We're doing fine. Sentinels haven't spotted us."

Naruto smirked, "Good, hold position until further orders."

"Copy that."

Naruto turned to Kakashi, "I'm going to send the next batch of Kage Bunshins to the West Gate. Once they're in position, I'll create another batch and everything will be set up according to plan."

Kakashi gave a silent nod, as Naruto put his hands into the familiar cross-shaped seal. Twenty-six clones puffed into existence and departed westward soon after.

As soon as he finished Naruto crouched down, and leaned against the trunk of the tree. He traced a hand through his blond locks as he sighed tiredly, before slowly standing back up.

Kakashi noticed and raised an eyebrow, "Anything bothering you?"

Naruto shook his head, "Meh, it's nothing. It just feels odd to be the one giving commands instead of following them. Ero-sennin made me feel, um, secure I guess. Like if I made a mistake he would back me up, catch me when I fall so to speak. Now that he's not here…"

"You have to support yourself." Kakashi finished.

Naruto gave a solemn nod, "Yeah it's strange, but with this mission I do not only have to support myself but a team as well."

Kakashi sighed, "You're forgetting one thing though."

Naruto raised an eyebrow curiously, "What's that?"

Kakashi gave a serene smile behind his mask, "The team's here to support you as well."

Naruto chuckled, "How right you are. It seems that I still have a lot to learn."

Kakashi closed his visible eye, "Touche."

Unknown to both, there was an eavesdropper on the conversation. His eyes were cold silver, void of all emotions. His spiky hair was a bright flaming red then went to his shoulders. He wore a simple dark black kimono. On the back of the kimono there was a light blue circle with two red triangles coming out on each side.

Leaning back against the trunk of the tree the mysterious figure's form began merging with said tree, before disappearing completely.

(July 5th; 7:12PM; Hi no Kuni, Enemy encampment)

Isoda Kaito walked towards the east side of camp as he searched for Kiski Isamu.

Isamu was the strategist of the camp, for his intelligence was high when it came to making the best decisions in a battle or war. Kaito and Isamu were two that knew each other longer then anyone else. The two had known each other more then others due to the fact that they had been in the same graduating class as genin. They also happened to be in the same genin squad, the two had been friends and their third member was usually left in the dark, a third wheel so to speak.

Kaito caught sight of the familiar bright green hair and strode towards it. Isamu noticed his approaching friend and turned towards him. Isamu's mouth remained firm, but twitched slightly to show he was happy to see his ally.

Isamu was about the same height as Kaito, his clothing the same standard shinobi black apparel. His eyes were a dark midnight black that seemed to be characteristically bored in every manner. His hair, bright green in color, fell in silky strands that cut near his jaw line. The front of his forehead was covered with black bangs that fell near his eyes. Two large poleaxes were strapped to his back, the two were crossed of in an x-like shape, and the sharp edges of the poleaxes were near the top, giving an intimidating appearance.

Kaito cheerily smiled towards his friend, "Yo."

Isamu nodded, "What brings you here?"

Kaito rolled his eyes, "Can't I just say hello anymore? I was just trying to strike up a conversation."

Isamu smirked, "Okay so what did you want to talk about?"


Isamu shut his eyes and nodded mockingly, "That's what I thought."

A red vein made an appearance on Kaito's head, "Ugh, man you're impossible! I was attempting small talk, but I guess that isn't obvious to one so socially impaired as you."

Isamu smirk disappeared, as Shibanuma Ryou approached them.

Noticing the red hair to his right, Kaito turned towards Ryou. "What is it?" Knowing that Ryou only seemed to approach him when something was wrong or when he needed him. Seeing as it wasn't the latter, it only meant something was wrong.

Ryou distant silver eyes focused on Kaito as he spoke, "One of my Shinkiroo Bunshins (Mirage Clones) has picked up intruders near the North Gate."

Kaito raised an eyebrow, "What intruders and how many?"

Ryou continued monotonously, "It appears to be Konoha nins judging by the insignia embedded in their Hitai-ate. I've seen two, one being the infamous Sharingan Kakashi, and the other being an unknown small blond child. By the sounds of it there appears to be more then the two and my Shinkiroo Bunshins are still searching for any others."

Kaito nodded to Ryou as Isamu spoke up, "This does not bode well."

Kaito closed his eyes, "I fear as well."

Isamu looked at Ryou, "Do you know anything else?"

Ryou flicked his eyes towards Isamu, "Yes, the child said something about Kage Bunshins at the West Gate. I already dispatched a Shinkinroo Bunshin to verify the information."

Isamu rubbed his chin, "I wonder what they are up to, because it seems they already have a plan."

Kaito nodded, "I'm going to get Hotara and Kenta. If you get anymore information let me know at once."

(July 5th; 7:14PM; Hi no Kuni, Enemy encampment)

"You stupid pig! Kami-sama I can't take it anymore! I'm a woman myself and seeing this is really aggravating!" A woman snapped, a clear red vein present on her forehead.

"Does it really bother you that much Hotara?" Kenta asked, as he held a slim beaten woman's wrists down with his own hands.

The woman dubbed Hotara growled, "Of course you sick pig! I turned my back until now, but you just keep going at it!"

Ariwara Hotara was a beautiful woman that appeared to be around the age of twenty. Her hair was a dark blue and her eyes a bright pink. Her hair was also clipped in the back. She wore a kimono like top with a short skirt bottom. The kimono top was a dark blue with a few cherry blossom petals decorating it. The skirt was the same dark blue as the kimono. And obi was tied around her slim waist, and a shurikan holster was located on her right leg. She also wore a black glove on her right hand, a metal plate located on the back of the hand. An Ame Hitai-ate was worn on her forehead, a slash clearly represented through the middle of the village symbol.

Kenta scoffed, "Typical woman, ruining a man's simple desires."

Hotara growled dangerously, "Woman are not men's toys that they wish to play with whenever they want. Women are men's equals, if not, then they are superior to men."

Kenta gave a smug smirk, "So you think that you are superior to men?"

Hotara gave her own smug smirk in reply, "To men? No. To you? Yes."

Kenta answered with a scowl as he released the woman beneath him and stood up, "Are you picking a fight with me?"

Hotara's smug smirk remained firmly planted on her face, "Maybe, " she mused.

At that moment Kaito entered the scene, an unusual serious expression seemed to make the other two curious. Kaito was never one to wear a serious expression, unless the situation was deemed very serious.

"Stop bickering, it appears we have intruders, Konoha nin to be exact." Kaito spoke, his usual cheerful tone replaced by one authority.

The two stopped glaring at each other, and looked at Kaito, waiting for further orders.

Kaito continued, "Hotara I want you to gather the samurai and move towards the North Gate." Kaito then turned to Kenta, "You're to follow me."

Hotara gave a cheery smile, "Sure Kaito-sama." Hotara created a few Mizu Bunshins (Water clones) and began rounding up the samurai.

Kenta shook his head with a small smile, "I find it odd that you are the only one she is nice to."

Kaito shrugged, "Either that or you're the only one she's mean to."

Kenta smile dropped instantly to a frown, as Kaito chuckled. Kaito finished his chuckling and began walking east, "Come on."

(July 5th; 7:16PM; Hi no Kuni, outside South Gate of Enemy encampment)

"Copy that."

Asuma turned to Kurenai, "I guess we wait for now." Twenty-five Naruto Kage Bunshins were hidden in the background effectively, apparently busy with their own devices.

Kurenai sighed, "This is to weird…"

Asuma cocked an eyebrow, "What is?"

Kurenai spoke mockingly, "Oh, just the fact we're are taking orders from an eleven-year old."

Asuma shook his head, "It's not that odd. Just remember the fact that Itachi was much younger when he first started leading teams."

Kurenai sighed, "True…"

Asuma let out a depressed sigh, "It also seems Naruto didn't exactly have a childhood, having the Kyuubi no youko probably denied him a good one from the start. Naruto is rather mature for his age, no matter how childish he may act. His morals and principles show that fact."

Kurenai nodded solemnly in agreement, "It always se-"She stopped mid-sentence, as the kunai she threw lodged into the heart of a nearby eavesdropper. The figure evaporated in a white haze, before disappearing completely.

Kurenai growled softly, "It seems we may have been spotted.

Asuma pushed the speaker on the communication device, "We've been sighted."

There was a short pause before Naruto replied back, "Kakashi believes we may have been to. Remain hidden regardless, and wait for further orders."


(July5th; 7:20PM; Hi no Kuni, Enemy encampment, Main Tent)

Kaito and Kenta met up with Isamu and Ryou, they began to make battle plans immediately.

Ryou was the first to speak, "It appears that there are two more Konoha nins, they appear to be jounin. My Shinkiroo Bunshins also noticed that there are Kage Bunshins of the child at each gate."

Kenta scoffed, "Why the heck did they send a genin with three jounins? It makes no sense!"

Kaito rubbed his chin, "Your right, it doesn't…"

Ryou continued, "It appears he is also the leader of the group as well."

Isamu nodded, "I wouldn't underestimate him, for he might be some type of prodigy. On to more pressing matters, it appears they are trying to split our forces."

Kaito nodded in agreement, "Yes, but from what Ryou has been able to pick up it appears that the real threats are at the North and South Gate."

Isamu nodded, "Kaito already has sent Hotara to the North Gate. I believe we should only split our forces in two ways, Kenta and I will go to the South gate while Kaito and Ryou go the North Gate."

Kaito raised an eyebrow, "What about the other three?"

Isamu shook his head, "Take two to the South Gate, and the other one to the North Gate, it matters not which."

"And the rest of the camp?" Kaito questioned.

"We don't have time to organize them, let them do what they please," Isamu replied.

(July 5th; 7:25PM; Hi no Kuni, outside North Gate of Enemy encampment)

Naruto faced Kakashi, "My Kage Bunshins are set up at the West Gate."

Kakashi raised a quizzical eyebrow, "How do you know?"

Naruto gave a cheeky grin, "I sent twenty-six clones, meaning one extra, so that I could dispel one to let me knew when they were set. Now…" Naruto put his hands back into the cross-shaped and whispered, "Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

Naruto then pressed the speaker on his right ear, "Commence battle plan."

Kurenai answered this time, "Copy that."

Naruto face changed to one of sheer determination, "Alright after my clones explode I'm going to need some time to recuperate my reserves."

"How much?" Kakashi questioned.

Naruto closed his eyes in silent contemplation, "Hmmm…probably around a full two minutes. Bunshin Bakuha (Shadow Clone Explosion) takes a lot of chakra on its own, and with as much as I am about to do its going to take a lot of chakra."

Kakashi nodded in understanding, knowing that he would probably die from chakra exhaustion if he were to attempt such a large amount.

Naruto grinned, "Let's give them hell."

(July 5th; 7:29PM; Hi no Kuni, North Gate)

A large explosion resounded through the camp. The original explosion was followed soon after by more, all within a split second.

"The North Gate has been destroyed!" One of the men shouted as many others began running towards the sign of destruction. More explosions were heard in the distance, the men's eyes widened. "West, South, and East Gate have also been destroyed!"

As the men turned to look at the other Gates in the distance, a flurry of kunai and shuriken rained down upon them. Many of the men collapsed to the ground in pain as the metal weaponry embedded themselves within their skin.

Fifteen Kage Bunshins entered through the North Gate and began disposing of the enemies. Within a few seconds the entire enemy encampment had been turned to a bloody battlefield. Chaos was the perfect word to describe the camp at the moment, for it seemed that none had expected such an attack.

The events at the North Gate were very similar to the other Gates. Kage Bunshins entered through each Gate and began swiftly killing each opponent.

(July 5th; 7:30PM; Hi no Kuni, outside South Gate of Enemy encampment)

Asuma and Kurenai watched as ten of Naruto's suicidal shadow clones ran at the gate and exploded. The other fifteen jumped above the destroyed gate and began throwing handfuls of kunai and shuriken. Asuma and Kurenai nodded at each other, before disappearing from the spot they were hiding in within the trees. The two reappeared at the outside of the destroyed gate.

Kurenai flicked her eyes to the right where Asuma was standing, as she took a kunai into her right hand. "Back me up."

Asuma lit a cigarette and placed it in his mouth before giving a confident smirk, "Of course."

With that said the two dashed into the camp.

(July 5th; 7:32PM; Hi no Kuni, outside North Gate of Enemy encampment)

Naruto stood up from the branch he was resting on, "Alright, I think I'm ready to go."

Kakashi nodded, and the two vanished in a burst a speed, before reappearing near the North Gate. The two were about to enter the camp when a large spiked ball appeared in front of them. They silently dodged to either side of the metallic weapon, the chain attached to the spiked ball led to their attacker.

Naruto looked at the woman, making a quick observation. He saw the Hitai-ate on her forehead, and knew she was one of the eight. He then looked at the weapon she was holding. The spiked ball was about 40cm in diameter. A long chain was attached to ball which then led to the small brown handle in the woman's left hand.

The woman claimed a mocking tone as she spoke, "Alright pipsqueak, you will be my first opponent seeing as you're only nuisance. After that I'll deal with Sharingan over there. You samurai, keep Sharingan busy while I rid of the kid." The samurai made no protest to her request.

Naruto scoffed, "You'll see that I am anything but a nuisance."

The woman smirked, "Sure kid, just remember that you were the one that put yourself within adult manners."

The samurai began to approach Kakashi, as the woman closed the distance between herself and Naruto. The woman pulled her spiked ball and caught it with her gloved hand. She gave a cocky smirk, "Alright kid, at least put up a good fight."

Naruto replied with his own confident smirk, "Gladly."

The fight began between the two fights when a reckless samurai charged at Kakashi with a battle cry. He stood no chance as Kakashi disposed of him mercilessly with a well-placed shuriken to the throat. The rest of the samurai began to attack him as well, surrounding him in a circle of blades. Kakashi danced around the metal with ease, and cutting down his opponents rapidly.

As this was going on the woman missing nin was the first to attack. She released her chain ball quickly, at a speed that shocked Naruto. Naruto dodged it by jumping to the right. However, the spiked ball's path changed mid-flight. Naruto saw the unexpected action and bent back, the spikes grazed his chest, leaving a small series of cuts. The cuts were quite shallow, so he paid them no heed, for Kyuubi would surely heal the minor wounds. When the ball of spikes passed by his chest far enough, Naruto slipped under the chain and charged towards the now defenseless woman.

The woman snarled, and began pulling the chain back to her gloved hand. Naruto closed the distance between them in a split second. Unable to use her weapon to stop the blond, she twisted her body and punched him with her gloved hand.

Naruto saw the punch coming and caught it, before kicking her stomach at the waist with the opposite leg. The woman grunted, but smirked as her spiked ball was directly behind the blond from when she had pulled it back earlier.

Naruto heard the chains moving behind him and ducked, allowing the ball to continue its original path. The woman's eyes widened as her own weapon began a dangerous collision course with her. Using honed instincts, she changed its flight pattern, making it land to her right. The ground cracked under the ball signifying its heavy weight.

When she had looked back at her opponent Naruto had already taken a kunai and attempted to slit her throat. She pulled back in the nick of time, and the kunai cut her shoulder. She grimaced, but held her pain as she back flipped away from her foe with one hand.

The woman growled, "I guess you're not so bad kid, but you haven't seen anything yet. My name is Ariwara Hotara, what is yours?"

Naruto smiled, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and it was a pleasure doing battle with you."

Hotara raised a quizzical eyebrow, 'Was?'

Before she could ask, cold metal was placed at her throat. Her eyes widened in shock, as she recognized the person behind her.

"What?" She questioned in shock, before growling in anger, "You don't play fair."

Naruto looked at Kakashi as he held the kunai at Hotara's throat before looking back at Hotara herself. "We're shinobi, not warriors, we don't play fair."

With that statement her life ended as Kakashi slit her throat in a clean swift motion. Naruto emotionlessly watched as Hotara fell to the ground lifelessly.

Kakashi sighed, "We'll get her head later for the bounty. For now let's focus on clearing out this camp."

Naruto nodded soundlessly, death still made him rather uncomfortable, but he would worry about that later. Naruto then noticed the corpses of the fifty samurai behind Kakashi.

"Well I guess that's it for the samurai of the camp." Naruto commented, right before the world faded away to reveal a familiar, but different one.

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