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Nartuo's POV

Sakura let go of my wrist and backed away from us a few steps. Suddenly pain seemed to blossom from my temple as Uchi- no Sasuke punched me. I growled and tore out of his grip ripping my t-shirt in the process.

I understood what was going on. We would punish each other for what we let Itachi do. We both deserved it I thought as I buried a punch underneath Sasuke's ribs.

Sasuke's POV

Suddenly it felt like my chest wouldn't expand to take in more air. The punch had been right to my solar plexus and I could feel my lungs stop for a second. Too bad for the dobe that my adrenaline was pulsing through my veins like a freight train and made my need for action stronger than my pain. I quickly flung my fist out from my hip hitting him under the jaw.

I could feel my anger boil, Shisui died for this boy. Shisui stepped up to be a decent human being while this kid sat by and did nothing. This kid didn't save Shisui. Then Shisui died. And no one did anything to stop Itachi. No one.

It didn't matter that I didn't do anything either. It didn't matter, it was all his fault! All his fault! It had to be. It couldn't be my fault, and Itachi was untouchable. Shisui needed justice and I would give it to him. I grabbed him by the back of his shirt in order to gain leverage as I pulled my fist back for another gut punch.

But Uzumaki used my connection to his shirt to his advantage. His elbows and arms came in to guard his stomach and ribs as he twisted, catching my hand in his collar. In the second it took to untangle my hand from his twisted collar he had already hit me twice in my floating rib. Fire burned in my lungs as I gasped in pain and I quickly retaliated with a kick to the knee.

My lungs hurt and my vision was starting to blur as my lungs failed to gather the needed air. I could feel a pulse in my head as if my heart was beating against my temples. We were now about two yards apart. My arms were wrapped around my chest as if that was all that was holding it together. It sure felt that way. Naruto had his weight all on his right leg as he held his injured one protectively off the ground and behind him. I could see steel in his eyes and the same conviction that drove me forward with another attack even as my world started to tilt.

Sakura's POV

I couldn't believe how stupid these two boys were being. How could they fight one another when there was another enemy out there? I could see that both were in pain and that neither was going to back down. When I saw Uchiha wobble and the way Naruto was standing I thought that maybe they would back down. I started to walk towards them hoping that I could placate them. When I was only two feet away from Naruto they charged at each other. They impacted with a crack and Naruto's one good leg crumpled and they fell in a heap.

I waited for them to get up but they didn't move. I stepped closer a strong sense of fear was raising and I feared that maybe they had died.

"Mmm ge'roff me bastard!"

"Naruto? Are you okay?" Instantly the feelings of panic abated as I could hear Naruto start to shuffle underneath Uchiha.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not okay! My knee hurts like hell and it feels like I did a face plant off of a flying skate board!"

It was okay. He sounded like himself again, not the panicky scared boy or the resolute one of a few minutes before. "Is that all?"

I could hear him start to growl. "Yeah, that's all. But I think the bastard is unconscious."

I rushed over to the heap-o-boys and gently started to extract Uchiha from Naruto. He didn't look good, he was pale and his face was drawn in pain.

Naruto started to sit up. "Ugh. My face hurts."

"Naruto, he's not breathing well!" the panic was back with a vengeance.

"Shit! Move!" Naruto shoved me aside as he ribbed Uchiha's shirt apart.

Already black and blue bruises were forming on his left lower ribs.

"Sakura! What do I do?" Naruto was starting to panic as he gently touched the protruding rib under the bruise.

"Use my cell phone and call Ino! She has a personal physician on staff." I started the CPR procedure that was drilled into me during health class. In the background I could hear Naruto yelling directions to Ino and I prayed that for once she would just listen. I was so afraid as I started the chest compressions. I felt as if his ribs were fragile things that I would accidently snap.

In the back of my head I was desperately trying to remember if I was doing the right thing. Health class was a long time ago. What if I was doing the wrong thing? What if I was only hurting him worse? He may be a total scum bag rapist in training but I didn't want him to die. I never wanted to see another dead body again.

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