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Once upon a time lived a Princess and her brave Knight. They were very happy together, but one day the Princess was imprisoned by a wicked man when her Knight was far, far away. With the aid of his friends, the Knight came back, defeated the wicked man, and he and his Princess lived happily after.

So maybe the Knight and the Princess were ogres, maybe the villain of the piece was really Prince Charming. It's still the same old story. Everyone gets their happily ever after, and there is peace and prosperity for all.

Well. Sort of.

Peace, certainly. But since the ending of our story I have been anything but prosperous. I thrive on chaos, the thrill of combat, to live and die by the sword. Peace has taken that from me: my life no longer has any purpose. So I am leaving. To find a land where chaos and war still rule, to live on my wits and my blade as I have always done. A peaceful life holds no appeal for me, and a land at peace has no use for an assassin.

I am alone, the city at my back and a new road at my feet, accompanied by nothing more than my boots, my hat, and my sword. The way it was. The way it should be. I know not what awaits me. Danger, certainly. Perhaps even death. But I have never been afraid to die. I do not care what lies ahead, as long as I can face it with a sword and a predatory smile. As long as there is blood and fear and the thrill of battle. As long as it isn't a happy ending.

I don't want happily ever after.