My Drug

So, today in conflict resolution class, instead of writing a book report (which actually was on Boogiepop and Others), I wrote this story here. I know it sucks, but hey, I enjoyed writing it. One or two people said it was good, so… Yeah.

So, here it is. The Evil Couple.

Disclaimer: I do not own Boogiepop and Others or any character from said novel.

In the Manticore's POV. Hope it's not too OOC.


Saotome-kun, you are my prince. Before I met you, I was nothing more than an animal, killing to eat so I could survive. But on that rainy day, inside that tea-ceremony room when I first saw you, you said things that made perfect sense to me, things that would help me blend into human society, and something far more important than that ever will be…

Human society. The very thing we wish to rebuild, using my abilities and your wonderful mind. Without you, I would have never thought of rebuilding human society with myself at its center, I would have never thought to create that drug, which would make those ignorant humans so dependant on it that they would become our slaves.

Saotome-kun, I love being with you, hearing you speak, about our plans, about me. I love you. Though we promised not even to make eye contact in public, that doesn't mean I don't think about you. The only thing I think about besides you is our scheme, which boils back down to you. You are nothing like the other humans, in my eyes, and soon the entire world's, you are a genius.

However, the way you caught my heart was just telling me that you loved me, which not only saved your life, but earned you a place at the head of the world with me, my beloved Saotome-kun. Those three words meant the world to me. Not once had I heard those words. Before, I had only been a failed experiment, something to erase. No, not any more. Not with your words, not with your company. You gave me a reason for my existence, a cause, which was our scheme to rule the world.

Saotome-kun, most would have been repulsed by a creature like me; they would have been terrified by even the idea of a man-eater. You were not. You cared for my needs, while being careful to hide our tracks.

Most would have found your true self, which you carefully mask with that 'nice-guy' exterior, somewhat frightening, too. Someone with such a beautiful disregard for the lives of other humans, someone who can say what you say to me, which shows your love (also to be considered screwed-up by humans), with such a calm, caring voice would be shunned in that foolish society we must rebuild, together. Saotome-kun, you are my prince.


Saotome-kun, you died for me. You saved my life by giving up your own, by protecting me from Echoes' attack with your frail human body. Why, Saotome-kun? Because you loved me? I sorely wish you hadn't sacrificed yourself. Saotome-kun, I don't mean to sound ungrateful… but….

Without you, I cannot live. I am once more a failed experiment, once more an animal which kills to eat. Saotome-kun, no one can fill your place. You were my dear prince, my reason to live. I had become addicted to you.

Saotome-kun, you are my drug.


Done. I hope you liked it! Now, review, or I will hunt you down and give the Manticore your address!